You’re obviously familiar with an ordinary photo booth, but what about a selfie mirror booth? A mirror photo booth isn’t just any photo booth. It is a device that actually looks like a large selfie mirror. But in reality, the mirror surface is actually a camera with an LED menu. Let’s just say, it is a more modern selfie camera.

Now, doesn’t adding a selfie mirror booth for Halloween seem fun and exciting? Of course, it does. In this article, we’re going to tell you all about the benefits of having a mirror selfie for Halloween:

More fun than an ordinary photo booth

Come on, who doesn’t like capturing memorable pictures on holidays with your family and friends. 

A selfie mirror booth does just that, in addition to an extra layer of fun and thrill. Not only is this a more modern way of capturing your pictures, but a selfie mirror booth also features a touch screen, fun graphics, voice prompts, and even features that let you add numerous fun emojis and stickers. 

The colorful graphics and animations in this selfie booth will give a totally magical feel this Halloween. Trust us, no one would resist this selfie mirror booth this holiday season!


Another great benefit of a mirror selfie booth is that this photo booth is able to fit in in any environment and surrounding pretty well. Whether it’s Halloween, Easter, Christmas, or even a wedding, this exciting selfie mirror booth will be ready to work for any purpose and event.  Just add some photo booth props for Halloween to your selfie mirror booth this season, and you’re all set to get scary on.

See yourself before your pictures are captured

The reason why most individuals prefer selfies is that you’re able to see how you’re looking before you actually capture it. This is exactly what a selfie mirror booth does. Therefore, with this mirror booth, you will be able to see the picture before taking the actual photo. Try different poses, and just click when you’re satisfied!

Easy to use

You must be wondering if using this modern photo booth might be a little tech-savvy to use. But, here’s where you’re wrong. A selfie mirror booth is extremely easy and convenient to use. This means even small children and seniors can have fun with it!

Moreover, the best part about a selfie mirror booth is that it doesn’t really require input from your side. 

Wherever you rent out or hire a mirror selfie booth from, the company will make sure it is placed probably at your Halloween venue. Thus, you don’t even need to spend time installing this photo booth. Just relax, and let it do the magic this Halloween.

Impressive picture quality

You would definitely be blown away by the quality of the final picture that will be captured in this selfie mirror booth. Because this modern photo booth is incorporated with the latest technology, you’ll be provided with far better camera results than your ordinary photo booth. Who doesn’t want high-definition photos to hold on to memories for a lifetime? 

Entertain guests of all ages

Seniors or kids, it doesn’t matter what age, as any age group would get intrigued by this out-of-the-ordinary selfie mirror booth. 

The mirror booth is going to entertain all of your family and other guests this Halloween, and they really won’t be able to resist themselves from taking random and fun pictures. Trust us, your guests will certainly leave their smartphones and get intrigued by the booth and props this season. 


Using modern technology means higher efficiency. The same is the case with selfie mirror booths. With these types of photo booths, you and your guests will be able to get their digital prints on the spot when the picture is captured. 

Thus, you’ll get to see how the picture actually turned out there and then! Also, you won’t really need to go through the hassle of waiting for days till the pictures develop and then parcel them to your guests. 

With a selfie mirror booths, you can easily and promptly send the picture copies through email or text message. How cool and convenient is this? Because anyway, who wouldn’t want pictures to remember the best Halloween you’ll be hosting this year?

The camera will bring out the best in you

Another reason we prefer using a selfie camera is that we can add filters in order to bring out our best features and look more flawless. 

What if we tell you a selfie mirror booths can do just that! Because this selfie mirror booths runs on SLR camera technology, it helps smooth out any imperfections and brings out the best of its subjects. Now you’ll get flawless and exciting pictures of yourself with your loved ones which you can post on social media for others to see!

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