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If you are in the market for new flooring, rubber flooring is worth looking at. Rubber flooring is changing the way floors are designed and installed in homes across America. Here are 10 reasons why you should make the upgrade to rubber flooring:

1. Safety

When it comes to safety, there is nothing better than a rubber flooring. Its cushiony nature absorbs more of the impact that would normally cause injury if your child were to fall on wood or tile floors. You can have peace of mind knowing that with your children running around all day playing with toys…on top of their two feet. Rubber floors will help reduce many common injuries caused by falls.

2. Slip Resistant

To go along with being safer, rubber floors are also incredibly slip-resistant. Rubber is an unstable surface, this means that if you were to pour some water on it. The water would begin to bead up and roll off. This same concept applies when someone has on their shoes or socks. The rubber flooring helps provide a cushion that will prevent injuries caused by slipping or sliding across your flooring.

3. Eco Friendly

Throughout their life cycle, rubber flooring is more eco-friendly than traditional floorings like hardwood or tiles. They are made of 100% recycled rubber tires which makes them environmentally safe for everyone including you and your family. In addition to being completely recyclable at the end of their life cycle…something hardwood cannot claim.

4. Comfort

Many homeowners choose rubber flooring for their homes because they feel it is more comfortable than traditional floors. Rubber flooring provides a cushion from impact from walking or falling on your floors. Which can prevent injuries to you and your family. Many people have found they now use their basement as an additional living space with the increased comfort level of rubber floors.

5. Noise Cancelling

Rubber floors are known as noise-canceling flooring because of their ability to absorb sound vibrations caused by everyday activity in your home. If you have a high-traffic household where footfalls happen often. Then a rubber floor is probably a good choice for you because it absorbs those sounds and helps reduce reverberation throughout the house at all times of day not just when there’s no one home.

6. Hygienic

What this means is that rubber floors like Safe-T-Floor can be easily cleaned and maintained with very little effort. Because the surface of the flooring is porous and allows for airflow. You will notice your house stays cleaner longer because there’s less moisture build-up under your flooring which helps prevent mold and other bacteria from growing underneath it.

7. Fire Retardant

According to the EPA, all residential carpet produced since 1975 should be considered a fire retardant…this is important to know when considering what type of flooring you want in your home or business. Although rubber flooring is not technically “carpet,” it does have many similar properties including fire safety precautions simply by adding a fire retardant additive to the rubber when it’s being poured. This will help protect your home or business if there is ever a fire. And the rubber floors in your house help slow down the spread of flames throughout your home like a traditional carpet might.

8. Slip Resistant

Rubber flooring comes in many different styles and textures and there are several different ways to add slip-resistant properties to them. Without having to add additional additives that would otherwise make them overly slick. Putting Teflon tape around staircase railing, door jambs, along countertops will all give you added safety when walking across these hardscape surfaces. Especially important when you’re carrying something such as a tray full of drinks or food items.

9. Aesthetic

With so many different rubber floor installation patterns you can choose from. It’s easy to find one that will match the design of your home or business. Rubber flooring is also available in a variety of colors and textures so you’re sure to be able to find something that works with the style of your property…even if you want a more modern-looking space. Rubber flooring has an option for every taste and preference.

10. Easy Installation

No matter which kind of rubber flooring you decide on, know that they are incredibly easy to install and maintain, unlike traditional hardwood floors. Depending on what type of subfloor you have underneath there may not even need to be any additional preparation work before installing your rubber flooring. Making this process nearly effortless compared to the time and effort put into installing traditional hardwood floors.

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