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Shower curtains are one of the most commonly used items in bathrooms around the world. A shower curtains can help prolong the life of your bathroom’s wallpaper and paint, prevent electrical problems with your light switch. Keep excess moisture off your floors and furniture, create privacy while you bathe, protect your window from water damage, stop mold on tiles or walls, and reduce noise in an adjacent room. Did you ever think about how many things a shower curtains does for you throughout the day?

Shower Curtains
Shower Curtains

If so, below are 10 more reasons to use a shower curtain in your home!

1. Stop Water From Leaking Into Your Floor

A leaky floor can result in expensive repairs that won’t come cheap. Using a shower curtain will help keep water in the shower where it belongs, rather than flowing onto your floor. If you don’t want to splurge for an actual curtain just yet, though, consider using a clear shower liner instead.

2. Keep Towels Dry and Fresh

Why use extra towels when you could just dry yourself off with the one that’s already hanging in the bathroom? Whether or not this is possible depends on how much space your bathroom affords you. If there aren’t any shelves or cabinets near your shower, however, drying yourself can become difficult without a towel rack to hang your towel from. This is why keeping your towel close by makes sense! By keeping it up off the floor so it can dry faster and keeping it away from mildew-causing dampness, you can keep your towel clean and dry for longer.

3. Reduce the Amount of Mildew in Your Bathroom

Mildew is not what you want, especially if your bathroom shares a wall with another room or an outside hallway. A shower curtain will prevent mildew on tiles or walls from forming by blocking out excess moisture that collects on the adjacent surfaces to the shower. If you already have some mold growing on your wall though, don’t panic! Instead of looking for new house decorations, simply cut out a shower curtain long enough to cover the affected area and tape it into place with clear tape. This will stop any future growth without having to repaint or remove the bathroom.

4. Help Keep Your Shower Cleaner

Once you’ve used your shower, the combination of shampoo, soap, and water quickly forms hard-to-remove stains on surfaces throughout the bathroom. Since these stains are usually white, they’re usually less noticeable on dark shower curtains than on walls or doors. This will help keep your shower looking fresh and clean so it can serve its intended purpose for longer!

5. Give Your Bathroom a More Contemporary Feel

Showers are becoming more popular in 2017 than ever before. Part of this is because showers provide an excellent means to relax after a long day at work or school. You could even have a secret phone call or text message conversation from your bathtub under cover of running water! Because showers have been becoming more common, though, bathroom designers are using shower curtains to give houses a more modern or contemporary feel by matching the patterns of their shower curtains with the wallpaper in the room.

6. Erase Unsightly Stains on Your Bathtub

Stubborn stains can ruin even the nicest tubs! If you don’t want to splurge for a new one, however, you might be surprised at how easily your old bathtub can look like new just by installing a shower curtains that serves as its liner. By covering up any stained areas and protecting them from molding spores, this simple step will restore your bathtub’s appearance so it can remain an integral part of your home for longer.

7. Protect Your Wallpaper From Watermarks

If your wallpaper is starting to look a little worn out and it’s not collection-worthy, consider protecting it with a shower curtains instead. By preventing water from making contact with the wall, you can keep your wallpaper looking fresh and new so it won’t have to be replaced as often.

8. Add Privacy to Your Shower Area

Showers are an excellent place for those long, relaxed conversations that we all enjoy having with our family and friends once in a while. Unfortunately, though, these intimate talks sometimes continue into the bathroom as well! Even if you’re alone when you’re inside, others outside might still be able to hear your voice or even make out words through the door – especially if they put their ear against it. A shower curtain will solve this problem by blocking your voice from traveling through the door. It’ll also help keep those staring eyes hidden from view as well!

9. Maximize Your Shower Space

A lot of modern homes have small bathrooms and tiny bathtubs. If you’re tired of feeling cramped up in your bathroom, however, make sure to invest in a nice shower curtain like this incredible Disney Frozen one here! By adding a couple of inches on all sides, you can make it feel like you’ve increased the size of your entire room. This is especially useful if your bathroom also doubles as another bedroom or playroom for children because it’ll be able to hold all their toys and still remain tidy and organized without feeling cluttered or cramped.

10. Hide Unsightly Bathroom Accessories

Many bathrooms have a beautiful set of bath towels or even a nice towel rack, but they have an equally ugly toilet paper holder and/or a tacky shower caddy hanging from the ceiling instead. Fortunately, a well-chosen shower curtain can be the perfect addition to your bathroom that will help hide these old accessories without making you feel embarrassed whenever you enter your own bathroom! No matter what color your shower curtain is or which themed pattern you choose, you can rest assured knowing it’ll cover up those unsightly items perfectly every time!

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