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If you are attentive in visiting some wow and new place, catch a flight and flash to Tegucigalpa.

This place is amazing for many visitors nestled in Honduras. Tegucigalpa is not as general as other cities in Honduras but will confidently not let you disappoint. It is a slighter worth visiting and an imminent tourist destination. You will be astonished to see some of the single things to do and places you can discover at this hidden destination.

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Get ready to explore striking locations in the city:

Parque Nacional La Tigra

La Tigra National Park is ideal for spending your weekends or holidays and getting distressed while enjoying walking the trails. Come here to feel the pure air breathe of the city and away from the hustle and bustle, traffic, and hectic pace of the city. 

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Museo Para La Identidad Nacional or MIN

Museo Para La Identidad Nacional is a characteristic and roomy museum exhibiting the historic past of Honduras built-in 1502. This museum proposals a great place to take the family for a walk or spend time throughout weekends. Have a tour of this museum featuring Virtual Copan 3D tour, which is one of the most interesting geographies. This museum is a must-watchable and recommended to both local audiences and vacationers and explores the numerous ethnic groups and the discovery of Honduras. 

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Parque Central

Parque central is the conference point and famous landmark of the city snuggled in the main square of Tegucigalpa and around Honduras. This central park is always hurried in-crowd. There are three chief interests:

  • A stylish memorial since the XIX century
  • The equestrian statue of previous president Francisco Morazan
  • The colonial Cathedral was all enclosed with trees 

Iglesia de la Merced

Iglesia de la Merced is a representative representation of devotion for the Hondurans’ spiritual fervor. This sacred place is agreeably renewed, clean and tidy, and masses are noiseless and respectful devoted to correct religious services.

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Iglesia de San Francisco

Iglesia de San Francisco is the Church in Tegucigalpa and is one of the firstborn religious constructions in Honduras, which was made in 1592. The Church has been in faultless condition till today, where the Holy masses are famous every Sunday. Visit the Church during Easter or Semana Santa (Holy Week), where demonstrations start from its building and have a tour of the city to have a heavenly feeling. 

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The Church of the Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception Church is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the city that offers a divine and peaceful feeling. This well-known religious structure represents a characteristic colonial architecture, influenced by Spain to Honduras. This Church has the inheritances to the city and provides a beautiful cathedral for worshipping the Lord. 

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Iglesia de san Sebastián

Iglesia de San Sebastian is located in Comayagua which is a nunnery old cathedral in Tegucigalpa. The Cathedral is located about 90 kilometers from the outskirts of Tegucigalpa and is one of the most spectacular places in the city. The spectacular architecture of the Cathedral allures many inhabitants every day and makes it worth visiting. Watch out for the traditional bells brought from Spain and are nearly 200 years ago, and make sure you see the important bell and climb the tower. 

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