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Without its spectacular neon signs, Las Vegas will be truly unidentifiable. Ranging from the multicolored hot-air balloon of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on the Strip to the amazing electric blue martini glass along with the neon green olive above Fremont Street, these phosphorescent signs with their sheer brilliance infuse much more than just a dash of color to the city night.

The history of neon signs dates back to 1898 when British scientists discovered them. In 1910, the French engineer Georges Claude patented a lamp that uses an electrified tube of the element and launched neon gas signs to companies of the United States.

These blinking and buzzing tubes quickly gained popularity in the world of outdoor advertising by the mid 20th century.

What makes neon signs even more outstanding is that these signs are completely handmade. They are a remarkable product of pure talent artistry patience, and skills. And, though they may have experienced a sharp decline in the past six decades, these wonderful creations are once again making a comeback with a BANG!

In today’s blog post, we will walk you through some of the coolest neon signs worldwide. Here, we have compiled signage that will enable you to take a round-the-world tour of the most dazzling examples, from neon clown selling liquor of Los Angeles, California, to the dynamic Skipping Girl Neon of Abbotsford.

Let’s get started!

10 Illuminated Neon Signs From Around The World

  • The EAR Inn

Situated in the historic James Brown House, the Ear Inn is considered one of the ancient drinking bars in New York City. The neon sign that comes with the building says BAR. The business management has simply painted out some glass on the B to form the letter E. It is one of the oldest places in New York City and the coolest place to meet your besties over a beer and burger.

Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The fantastic ‘Welcome To Fabulous Las Vega’s sign is a landmark of Las Vegas, Nevada. Located in the mid of the road, this huge neon sign is a famous marker point for travelers coming from the Westside.

This legendary neon attraction is available round the clock a day for social media connoisseurs, tourists, newlyweds any time of the year to captivate lifetime moments.

  • The White Stag of Portland

Since it was installed in 1940, the White Stag overlooking Portland’s Burnside Bridge has been advertised for numerous organizations. Originally, it was animated to look like it was filling up with sugar to advertise White Satin Sugar.

Now, though the sign went dark for several years and came close to being dismantled, it became such a beloved symbol of the city that it was never dim for long. Presently, Portland city owns the sign, and the lettering reads- Portland, Oregon.

  • Public Market Center Sign

Pike Place Market, a public market situated in Seattle, Washington, traces its history back to the early 1900, which is why its brilliant historical importance stands strong.

Popular for being subject to multiple postcards, backgrounds of sensational selfies, and more, the Public Market Center neon sign shines bright at this unique historical tourist spot. However, it just doesn’t stop there- numerous businesses within the Pike Place Market also account for the splendid and memorable neon signage too.

  • Leon’s Frozen Custard of Milwaukee

It is popularly known that this vintage burger and custard standing at 3131 S. 27th St. started in 1942, was the model for Al’s Diner in the TV show Happy Days. While other local eateries dispute this famous fact, this Milwaukee landmark with its radiating strips of neon under the carports and its magnified roadside marquee is worth visiting just for the signage- through the malts are burgers are a delicious bonus.

  • Circus Liquor of California

The dazzling Circus Liquor sign of Los Angeles in California is a classic. The sign shows a 32-foot neon clown selling wine and liquor and is considered a landmark of North Hollywood. Some even consider the clown to be nightmare-inducing. However, it is half-century-old signage, making it a testament to the long life of neon signs.

  • The Pink Elephant Car Wash of Seattle

Believed to be the most photographed attraction in Seattle, this famous rotating sign is situated a block away from the Space Needle, in the mid of Seattle. It was launched in 1951 and has become a celebrated landmark.

The car wash establishment also offers exemplary full-service car washes to its patrons, making it a Puget Sound tradition.

  • The Winking Owl of Barcelona

Not so far from one of the most admired landmarks of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia is another top-notch attraction- a textless sign popularly known as the Winking Owl. The sign rests on the top of the building in the form of a giant owl with yellow and saucer-like eyes.

First installed in the 1960s by the Rotulos Roura, it was advertised to cut down light pollution. However, the owl had become such an indelible symbol of the city that a special exception was made for it.

  • Skipping Girl Of Abbotsford

Situated in Abbotsford of Melbourne, the Skipping Girl was one of the first dynamic neons of Australia. The vibrant and colorful metal structure is outlined with brilliant neon tubing that exhibits a girl skipping the rope.

As you pass in your car through the sign at night, you can even watch the outlines of the jump rope illuminating in subsequent positions, offering the illusion of the jump rope in motion.

  • Moulin Rouge Of Paris

This distinguished historical cabaret first started in 1889 and has been a smash hit ever since. From celebrities to royalty, notable personalities could not resist the charms of this marvelous place. Even today, its iconic red neon windmill continues to attract patrons and guests in the heart of the red-light district of Paris. What’s more, even after 100 years, the Moulin Rouge is still celebrating and living the celebrated Parisian life.

  • Vegas Vic of Las Vegas

Undeniably, Las Vegas is the neon capital sign of the world. There is one sign in particular– Vegas Vic, which is one of the most recognizable neon signs in the world. This amazing neon sign made its debut outside The Pioneer Club in 1951.  One of the most astounding facts of this cowboy-shaped sign is that it could wave and would audibly welcome the visitors with a friendly ‘Howdy Pardner.’

Now, even though The Pioneer Club closed in the ’90s, Vic continues to greet the tourists of the world.

Well, that’s all for today! Now, you are well-acquainted with 11 iconic neon signs worldwide that haven’t just cut through the noise but have also become beloved symbols of their hometowns. Hope you enjoyed reading!

If you know any other dazzling neon signs that we have missed out on, please feel free to give a shutout in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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