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Every pet owner wants the best pet supplies for their pets, whether it be food, toys, or a bed. With pets comes responsibilities only pet owners can understand. Like humans, pets also need some must-have products such as food, water bowls, treats, supplements, bathroom essentials, grooming supplies, odor remover, pet collar, leashes, harness, pet toys, crate, litter box, and bed.

These pet supplies are available at all pet shops. If you are looking to purchase pet supplies, you can visit the premium pet supply store Kennebunkport which offers high-quality pet food and other products at highly affordable rates. Whether you own a dog, a cat, or any other animal, pet stores offer a comprehensive range of pet products so you can choose premium pet supplies for your pet at affordable rates.

Before owning a pet, make sure you have all the pet essentials; otherwise, you have to run to a pet shop at night. In this post, we will enlist 12 pet essentials that every pet owner should know about. Let’s begin!

Pet Food

The first must-have pet product on the list is pet food. When it comes to pet food, never compromise on food quality. Always purchase high-quality and healthy food for your pet. Whether you choose raw food, semi-moist, kibble/dry, home-cooked, or canned, make sure the pet you have purchased contains all the essential nutrients your pet needs. Remember that puppies and kittens need different food from adult dogs and cats.

Food and Water Bowl

The next must-have pet product is the food and water floor because you need something to keep the food and water for your pet. Most people opt for plastic food bowls due to their low cost and maintenance. But plastic bowls promote the growth of bacteria, and dogs tend to chew the bowl while eating. The next option is ceramic bowls, but they can break easily.

Therefore, it is recommended to use stainless steel bowls for your pets. If you own a large breed dog, you should purchase raised feeding bowls for your pet as it makes the drinking process easier and reduces the chances of bloating. If you are a traveler, you need to buy collapsible feeding bowls for your dogs to eat or drink water on the go.

Pet Supplements

Most pet owners don’t know how vital pet supplements are for the health of their pets. Pet foods contain essential nutrients, but still, your pets need extra doses via dietary supplements, especially dogs. Because dogs tend to develop osteomalacia due to vitamin D and calcium deficiency, it is recommended to provide calcium supplements to dogs to boost their overall health and well-being.


There are hundreds of pet treats available on the market, but you need to choose the best one for your pet. During training, treats can help your pets go a long way. Pet treats come in various shapes and colors to fulfill your pet’s needs.

Grooming Essentials

Every pet need grooming, whether a cat or a dog, especially with long fur. Overgrown hair makes it difficult for pet owners to clean or bathe their pets. Therefore, grooming supplies are specially designed to clean and groom the pets.

Some of the pet essentials are pet brushes, combs, shampoo, conditioner, trimmer, wipes, eyes, and ear cleaning kits, blow dryer, nail clipper, dental supplies, and grooming shears. It is recommended to regularly brush the pelts of your pet to keep them smooth and clean.

Furthermore, if you don’t have plenty of time to bathe your pet regularly, you can purchase an odor remover and wipes to clean your pet. Pet wipes remove all the dust, allergens, and odor from your pets. A premium pet supply store is a one-stop-shop for all your pet requirements.

Bathroom Essentials

Only pet owners can understand how difficult it is to bathe their pets. But bathing essentials can make this process a little easier. Some of the bathing essentials are towels, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, and a dental kit. Bathing is essential to remove the stains and odors from your pets. Furthermore, it prevents your pet coat from matting caused by knots and dense tangles.

Stain and Odor Removers

After the potty, your pets can stink if the poop is not properly cleaned. Therefore, it is important to potty train your pets to understand that they have to clean themselves up after using the litter box. If you are a dog owner, then you will experience the smell of urine, drool or vomit.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase stains and odor removers for your pet. Odor remover not only removes the bad odor but also kills the bacteria. Some premium pet shops offer stains and odor removers to remove your pets’ poop and urine smell.

Pet Collars and Tags

Whether you own a cat or a dog, a pet collar is a must-have pet product. A pet collar comes with a tag that contains the name of its owner and his address and contact number. In case your pet runs away or gets lost, the pet collar will help your pet find its way back home.

Many pet shops are offering customized pet collars to get the best collar for your pet. Before purchasing a pet collar, make sure the pet collar has a quick release fastener to prevent choking. Besides this, it must be comfortable for your pet.

Leash and Harness

If your pet loves to go for a walk, you need to purchase a leash and harness, especially if you own a dog. Because dogs tend to pull on their leashes, which can injure the trachea. Therefore, a harness is essential along with the leash to provide more security and reduce the chances the injury.

Pet Toys

Whether you have a dog or a cat, you need to purchase pet toys to stimulate their minds. Playing is a rewarding experience for most pets, and pet toys are a must-have for all pets. Some pets, such as cats, love playing with wool balls, whereas dogs love playing with frisbees, balls, and stuffed toys. Before purchasing pet toys, make sure it doesn’t contain any toxic chemical that can harm your pet.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are some must-have pet supplies that every pet owner needs, such as pet food, toys, dental supplies, grooming essentials, bathing essentials, and many others. Before owning a pet, make sure you have all the pet essentials. Many premium pet stores are offering high-quality pet supplies at affordable rates.

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