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If you are looking to rent an Angular JS developer, here are 10 qualities you ought to explore when evaluating candidates.

1) Portfolio A portfolio is just evidence of your work.

A portfolio is simply evidence of your work. Having both an online and paper version of your portfolio is useful because you can show off both digital and physical samples. An online portfolio should display any major projects you’ve worked on and samples of other work—for example, if you’re applying for a job in graphic design or web development, you might izmit escort
include a variety of past projects or finished websites that you’ve built. If you’re applying for a writing position, then links to published articles are ideal. If there isn’t much information about your current employer available online (or if they don’t have much of a social media presence), make sure you mention what kinds of things they typically post about—this will help give recruiters an idea of what kind of company it is and whether it would be a good fit for you.

2) Open source contributions

Showing your dedication and passion through open source contributions demonstrates your ability to solve problems on your own. Passionate developers don’t need hand-holding. They go out of their way and fix things they don’t necessarily have ownership over. Look for this kind of initiative as it pertains to JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, EmberJS, BackboneJS, etc. If you can see a candidate has contributed to an open-source project, consider asking them about it in an interview. Their responses will give you insight into how passionate they are about development. It also gives you something to follow up with should you decide to move forward with them.

3) Experience with Single Page Applications

A SPA uses Ajax and/or JavaScript to load only a part of a webpage on demand. It makes use of JavaScript or CSS3 transitions or animations to form effects rather than loading pages from top to bottom. This approach allows users to interact with information faster as they don’t should sit up for additional content to be loaded. It also saves bandwidth since only small amounts of information are transferred between client and server.

4) Unit testing experience

Because JavaScript is an interpreted language, errors might not appear until run time. Therefore, it’s important that your developer knows how to test her code and is familiar with unit testing tools such as Karma or Jasmine. The sooner she finds issues in her code (and their potential solutions), the easier it will be for you to catch and correct them before they kemer escort
cause issues in your production environment. Test early, test often!

How do you find out if a candidate has experience with one of these frameworks? Check references from previous employers or ask about open source projects on which he may have worked.

Good command of both technical and business terminology: When your developer communicates about design choices with non-technical team members, everyone needs to be on the same page. If she uses jargon that confuses or scares people off, she’ll have trouble getting buy-in from stakeholders. If she has difficulty explaining why certain features are necessary or how they will benefit users, it could lead to wasted time and money. The best developers can explain their ideas in terms that anyone can understand without dumbing down their explanation or using industry jargon as if it were common knowledge.

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field: While not all developers need an advanced degree (or even an undergraduate degree), many employers prefer candidates who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field such as information systems management or electrical engineering.

5) Ability to estimate time well

A great programmer is always able to come up with a solid estimate of how long any new feature will take to implement. This is not only important in terms of productivity but will also help you calculate your bottom line—if you’re on budget and hitting deadlines, you know where your extra cash goes. However, if you hire someone who consistently underestimates or overestimates their time estimates, it can throw off your entire project plan. If you work well with developers who are honest about their capabilities, then you should ask them for an estimated timeline before starting a project. If they consistently miss deadlines, find another candidate.

6) Cultural fit

You want to figure out with someone who shares your values and approaches to coding. That said, if you’re trying to find an ardent Angular JS developer then you would like someone experienced with using it in addition. The simplest developers are specialists. They know their framework better than anyone else because they use it on every project. This experience is what makes them more valuable than others working in other languages or frameworks. To confirm that before you hire Angular JS developer, he or she has lots of experience with it. If not, there are also some steep learning curves along the way.

7) Expertise with AngularJS best practices

Learning AngularJS takes time and practice. To create truly efficient applications, you’ll need to learn best practices, such as using modules, using directives in conjunction with CSS, and applying dependency injection. Interview a potential hire on their experience in these areas. Ask them how they go about testing their code, which tools they use to monitor performance and find bugs, and more. A good developer will have made a point of learning these best practices—or at least have experience implementing them in another language or framework. You should feel confident that they are capable of handling your unique needs.

8) Knowledge of current web standards

There are several web standards that matter when considering any form of development work. These standards include HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Hiring someone who is accustomed to these languages will facilitate your making sure that your site operates smoothly and performs well on most browsers. After all, users want their browser to load quickly and be ready to access any information they have in seconds—not minutes or hours. If you hire someone who understands current web standards, he or she will be able to confirm your site is functional, secure, and accessible to everyone.

9) Technical abilities

Angular JS developer experts should know every nook and cranny of Google’s front-end framework. At a minimum, he or she should have experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Web Components, and LESS; but even more advanced skills like Node.js and Electron are huge pluses that may cause you to desire you bought far more than your money’s worth in terms of talent and skill. As I say d 

10) Good communicator

You don’t want your web app developer communicating through hand gestures and grunts. Communicating effectively will ensure that you’re both on board with how things are going, why they’re going that way, and what should be done next. An excellent communicator will know how to express those ideas in ways that make sense and inspire confidence. If you find yourself wondering if your developer understands what you mean, then it’s time to clarify. And if you can’t get clarification, move on. It’s better to hire someone who communicates clearly than one who doesn’t communicate at all.

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