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Under the current technological revolution, the mobile app development industry is undergoing a change at a lightning speed. Earlier, there used to be a more product-centric approach when it came to app design and development. But now, companies are increasingly becoming are more customer-centric.

A customer-centric approach is the need of the hour if you wish to expand your business, increase your sales and want more brand recognition.

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Advantages of having a customer-centric approach to your business

When you adopt a customer-centric business approach, you start seeing the worth of your products and the services you offer through your client’s eyes. This is a major advantage, as this helps you pinpoint and solve the problems your business might run into, prioritising the customer’s demands.

This approach also helps you understand the market trends better. Stressing on client feedback, allowing clients to recommend adjustments and reaching out to them are all hallmarks of a customer-centric business approach.

As your business grows, the need for a mobile or web app increases. At some point in time, it becomes essential to hire dedicated mobile app developers to grow your business further. When looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers, if you are actively embracing the customer-centric approach, it is best to hire dedicated angular js developers.

Here is a quick breakdown of why this might be a necessity.

What exactly is Angular JS?

Simply said, Angular JS is a Javascript framework and a front-end development tool that is used to develop mobile and web apps. Angular JS allows easy development of a web or mobile application by integrating numerous HTML codes.

Angular JS wins over other frameworks when it comes to developing a client-centric web or mobile app. This framework allows developers to create dynamic and easy-to-use mobile and web apps.

Why should you hire Angular developers?

So, why should you hire Angular developers and what exactly do they do? Angular developers work on the front-end user interface as well as the back-end or business end to create dynamic web applications suitable to the customer’s needs.

The popularity of Angular JS has only grown with tech advancements because of how customer-friendly this framework is. However, it is also difficult to find Angular Development Services and hire an angular developer who is skilled and understand the market.

When looking to hire dedicated angular js developers, keep these points in mind:

  • The developer should have experience working with HTML and CSS.
  • Developer understands Typescript and Javascript as these are Angular’s recommended languages.
  • The developer should understand the web services used in the system and build complete components and models from it.
  • The developer is proficient in API and REST architecture.

Some non-negotiable soft skills include paying attention to detail, being creative, and being a good communicator.

Some Reasons to Hire Angular JS Developers

Here are some of the points to think about when deciding to hire a dedicated angular JS developer.

Getting high performance

Angular JS is a framework that lets you create high functioning and feature-filled web apps. Angular JS is also popular because it develops applications quickly. It has some unique features like routing, form validation, data binding, directives, filters and more, that help you create efficient web applications faster.

Another attractive feature of the Angular JS framework is its ability to quickly recognise and correct errors, and an efficient IDE that helps developers quickly catch and correct errors, and make any suitable changes.
The command-line interface allows faster coding and implementation of these components within a short period of time.

A highly interactive user interface

Angular JS gives the freedom and flexibility to developers to create an attractive interface based on customer preferences. Developers can create interactive and easy-to-navigate interfaces that clients will find easier to work with and have a more fulfilling experience.

Since Angular JS applications are lightweight, developers can fill them with as many features as the clients desire. So, to design a lightweight and customer-friendly application, an Angular JS developer is your best bet.

Code reusability

This is one of the most crucial reasons to hire an Angular JS developer. Both the developer and the company hiring him can benefit from this. A code can be stored and reused in future by the developer, and this cuts down on the time as well as the cost of app development.

Developers can simply do minor changes and use the same code over and over again, without having to reprogram. So, when you hire angular JS developers, you ensure that your app is made quickly and at a lower cost.

Testing an app in Angular JS

Testing an application before launching it in the market is an important and non-negotiable step that ensures your app’s future success. An expert and dedicated Angular JS developer will easily find and mend glitches in your app, as Angular JS makes it easier to pinpoint such issues. This, too, cuts down on the hassle and cost of developing an app for your company.

Two-Way data-binding

This ensures that whatever changes the developer makes are incorporate quickly into the app. This feature in Angular JS enables the developer to make changes quickly in the app. If something in the app interface is modifie, it reflects on the user interface, and vice versa.

Maximised Community Support

Angular JS is support by Google. So developers can rely on a larger community of expert developers if they face an issue or have to solve a complicated glitch.

This community of professionals have the solution to every problem, be it a coding-related issue or front end issue.


When it comes to streamlining stored data, filters play a key role. Angular JS offers several filters like OrderBy, Uppercase, Lowercase etc. Filters are ideal when your app’s intention is to display large volumes of data to the client.

An easy to use framework

Angular JS is consider one of the best frameworks of Javascript as it is easy to learn and simple to work with. Developers can build feature-rich good apps with less coding quickly. This boosts productivity and also saves on time. This is why hiring Angular Development services to develop your company’s app cuts down on cost and time, and delivers the best possible result.

Speedier SPA and DOM Manipulation

Angular JS offers a seamless workflow to developers with its various SPA features. Developers can cut down on coding time by offering an interactive interface to clients using SPA features. Angular JS, being quick and seamless, provides the best user experience.

MVC and MVVM architecture integration

Developers can save time by splitting the website framework into MVC architecture. In this way, developers can deliver the work before the deadline and maintain the schedule.

Cost of Hiring an Angular JS developer

You can either hire an app development company or avail the services of freelance angular development services to build your website. Based on an individual’s experience and location, you can be charge around $10-$150 per hour. If you choose to hire someone full-time, they can charge you up to $20,000.

The Bottom Line

As businesses become more customer-centric and start prioritising customers, Angular JS has emerged as one of the most trusted frameworks for web app development. Both companies and developers find this framework attractive as it is easy to use, cuts down on coding time, and helps to build a customer-friendly user interface. Over time, this popularity is only set to grow.

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