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How many times have you taken out blankets, comforters, and duvets, only to stare in horror? A lot, we suppose. That is one of the reasons why you are here. If you don’t want unsightly molds, bugs, dust, and stains, you must store them properly.
Most people are used to cramping and folding the winter bedding, into small storage boxes or under the cupboard, without any afterthought. The result next winter will be evident as given above. If you are one of them, it is time to re-think your strategy.

You will read about the best ways to store your blankets and comforters.

Wash Bedding Before Storage

It would be best to remember that you cannot treat your blankets and comforters like you treat other fabrics. The end-of-bed blanket storage option is the most convenient for many, as it is within close reach. Moreover, it offers a great seating option as well. However, you need to clean the bedding of dirt and oils before stowing them. If you cannot decide about the detergent or washing instructions, then get them laundered by professionals.
Vintage beddings need to be fluffed up and shaken well in sunlight to keep them airy. You can also try a bed comforter rack, and this is for all those who have heirlooms passed down from their forefathers. If you want to show off the beautiful colors and patterns to onlookers, these are the best options. Tuck them into any corner of your bedroom or living room.
They are great furniture accents as well. Many sleek styles are available in metal and wood today. You should wash them in cold water if you are doing it yourself. Dry them on low, medium heat, and quickly take them out of the dryer. That will spare them from unsightly wrinkles. Air dry them for best upkeep.

Avoid Closed Spaces

Apart from the blanket storage rack, you have plenty of other options if you want to keep them out of sight. However, most of you mistake storing them in closed spaces that do not allow air to pass through. Your storage space must be cool and dry. Moreover, you have to keep them away from moisture. Avoid storing your winter bedding in the basement or garage. These are the dampest places inside the house. Think out of the box and create a few if you lack storage spaces. The bedside tray is another great option that is airy and moisture-free.
You can also think about more creative ways to store them. Under the bed, storage is the best so far as they remain out of sight. And you get to free up additional space elsewhere. Storage baskets and shelf baskets will do just fine. There are other options, like the bedside organizer tray. Most of them look similar to magazine holders. You can fold your bedding and keep them, like books and magazines.
Moreover, they are portable. If you need to put them out of sight, you can hide them or shove them behind furniture or curtains. Closed spaces lead to moisture and mold formation. So, this is what you need to do, to avoid it.

Folding Tips for Storage Convenience

It would be best if you learned how to fold your bedding correctly. It will also take up less space. Some comforters and blankets can be bulky, making them hard to fold. You cannot keep them stacked as well. So, the next best option is to roll them up. Ideally, you can stack such pieces on the top shelves of your wardrobe that are hard to reach. You will not need them for a while, right.
If you have extra space in the attic, you can try storing the heavy comforters and blankets based on their weight. The thick and heavy ones should go to the bottom. And, the lighter blankets and comforters should be on top. Moreover, you can try separate cases to store them. In the case of a bedside organizer tray, you can roll them or fold them and slide them in.
Folding them and storing them in linen, cotton, and vacuum bags is also suitable for your bedding. Plastic trash bags are best avoided as they are not airtight, and the moisture can get in and lead to mildew.

De-odorize them

If you have no choice but to store your bedding in a damp and closed area, you can take some measures. It would be best if you run a dehumidifier through the space. Place dryer sheets in between. They can absorb the excess moisture. Mix some baking soda and a few drops of essential oil, and keep the mix in a jar inside the space. Cedar chests and chips can also keep your bedding odor-free. Moreover, when you take them out of the sun again, hang them in the sun for some time.
These storage tips for blankets and comforters can keep them in excellent condition throughout summers. So, try them out. And, you will not be staring at unsightly bedding after the summers are on their way out.

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