2022 is an exciting year for global trade. From great technological advancements to far-reaching supply chain challenges, over the past 12 months, business owners and marketers have consistently paid attention. There is no end to the excitement now. Keeping up with new trends and staying ahead of the times is more important than ever. The explosive growth of professional eCommerce developers over the past year is a global trend that we are following closely. As 2022 draws to a close, we take a look at the data and reflect on what trends we can expect in this space. Here are the top 5 e-commerce trends for 2022!

1. Sustainability or Bankruptcy

As we have seen world leaders stranded at recent climate summits, consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable brands. Their message is clear. A bleak future awaits them if companies continue to engage in unsustainable practices.

This is especially true for the young audience where the focus on sustainability will become a marketing trend and will certainly be one of the trends in e-commerce in 2022.

Monthly searches for “sustainability” have exploded over the past five years. In the United States, searches increased from 49,500 in December 2016 to 135,000 in November 2022. Overall, the increase from 164,500 to 724,000 has been even more impressive.

Many brands are moving away from plastic, especially when it comes to packaging. Other companies are starting to include product information about where the material comes from and how to recycle it.

Companies are also starting to share information about their carbon dioxide emissions with consumers. For example, Mastercard launched a new carbon footprint calculator for banks.

This trend represents a shift in consumers’ sensitivity to the environment and presents significant opportunities for e-commerce developer businesses leading the transition to sustainability.

2. Upcycled, Retro, Used … Reuse of Electricity

Closely related to the previous section, upcycling, vintage, occasion (sometimes called exclusive) are gaining popularity, and there is no doubt that this will influence the trend of e-commerce in 2022.

A business focused on second-hand goods has flourished in recent years. Poshmark and Depop are the two main platforms that focus on used clothing and are growing strongly.

Additionally, retailers selling new products are expanding their inventory to include used items. Zalando and Ikea are already using the parts, and many other companies are offering recycling incentives.

Electronics-focused companies such as Apple and Bestbuy also have refurbished merchandise offerings and provide consumers with a wide range of options in the shopping experience.

Professional eCommerce developers specialists can capitalize on this trend by offering similar options and attracting customers by considering vendors with improved products.

3. Say Hello to Encryption

Cryptocurrencies have long been seen as replacing banks and fiat currencies, but their adoption has been delayed due to challenges such as volatility and difficulty in use. Nevertheless, the wind seems to be changing.

Major cryptocurrency trading websites and platforms have seen spikes in traffic over the past few years. In fact, the industry’s top three traffics will more than triple by 2022.

The rise of decentralized finance affects a variety of markets. Even some big banks and payment platforms, such as PayPal and Visa, include cryptocurrencies in their products.

Likewise, many governments create their own cryptocurrencies, but others, like the government of El Salvador, accept it as an official payment method.

However, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, is much more useful in e-commerce developers than exchanging money. For example, transactions made through the blockchain are recorded as permanent and immutable, demonstrating the journey of products through the supply chain and giving buyers great confidence.

For those focusing on eCommerce developer, familiarity with blockchain and cryptocurrencies should point to an era where these technologies are becoming more mainstream.

4. The Continuous Delivery Revolution

Courier services are growing rapidly. Since the beginning of fashion, companies began to meet consumer demand for fast and convenient delivery, but the efforts still have not reached consumer demand.

Millennials and younger generations like Gen Z are driving the need for flexibility and shorter delivery times, and businesses continue to innovate to meet these demands. For example, recent partnerships between delivery services and retailers, such as the partnership between Ulta Beauty and Doordash, are expanding same-day delivery options.

When it comes to more personalized delivery options, labor becomes a major hurdle. Working conditions for delivery and logistics workers are often low wages and lack of benefits. As the pandemic continues to develop, there is an oversupply of these things.

Despite these obstacles, the express industry has professional eCommerce developers who experienced strong growth. For example, think of food delivery services like Doordash, Ubereats, Grubhub, etc. Although these companies have experienced steady growth since 2017, note the significant profits that have been maintained since April 2021.

Highly optimized supply chains, tiered distributions, and software-assisted distributions are already revolutionary in the messaging industry and tend to be envisioned in 2022.


In addition to these trends, there are several proposals to further strengthen e-commerce activity in 2022.

Analyze the market to discover industry trends. To take advantage of some of the trends above, you first need to recognize how they relate to your business and whether you can use them. By constantly researching the market and its audience, you can develop a better strategy.

Research competition. To be successful in any business, you have to look to your competition. What creative trends do they introduce? What innovations are they doing? What are the character-defining elements? Insight into these issues can help position your business for success.

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