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Mistake 1: Incorrect table size

When choosing a dining group, take into account the fact that its size should be calculated for the number of family members who permanently reside in the apartment. If you only receive guests on holidays. Then you will not need a large table for a meal and six chairs. For area measurement, get the help of an online square footage calculator.

If the family is large and friends and relatives often drop into you, then larger furniture will be required. The ideal solution would be a transforming table, which can change its size depending on your wishes. There are folding, folding, sliding models to choose from. 

Also in the modern market, there are popular copies that can be hidden in a closet or wall. These options save precious room space, which is especially important if you have a small apartment. In addition, the transformable furniture looks beautiful and practical. 

Mistake 2: No passages are provided

If the dining area is located in the living room, then do not place the table close to the sofa and armchairs, otherwise, you risk getting stubborn stains on the furniture. And since cleaning upholstery is now difficult and expensive, it is better not to take risks and not hope that guests and family members will be as careful as possible with food and drinks. 

If there is a bar counter dangerously close to the sofa, then it is better to equip it with special bumpers. As the saying goes: “God takes care of him.” At least, in this case, you will be calm that the furniture will not be damaged by spilled coffee or wine.

In addition, you should not place the dining table next to the kitchen set, as this can block access to the refrigerator, cabinet, or other furniture. 

Tip: So that you do not stumble over bulky furniture that stands right in the aisle, think about buying a sliding table: when folded, its width is about one meter. If you expand it, then a large company of six or eight people can easily fit behind it.

Mistake 3: round table and stationary chairs

Although round table models are now very popular among users, complete with chairs, they take up a lot of space. If the room is spacious, then you can quite afford to purchase such a copy. But if there is not enough space in the room, then give up the idea of ​​buying a round table.

There are many more possible variations among square and rectangular models. According to your requirements and wishes, you can find a sliding or folding table. By the way, if you decide to buy a folding copy, then do not take stationary chairs in the kit. 

Usually, they are very bulky and take up valuable square meters. It is best to opt for folding or stackable chairs, which will save space in the room and make it visually larger.

Mistake 4: Not Enough Light

When decorating the dining area, keep in mind that the table should not be “at the back” of the room. This option is only possible if there is no more free space for it. The ideal solution is to place a table and chairs next to a window so that you can enjoy the beautiful view and natural light during the day. 

In addition, a chandelier or any other lamps should be located above the dining group, so that this area can always be separately illuminated. Designers advise paying attention to options with dimming – smooth adjustment. 

This feature is especially useful at night when everyone is asleep and you do not want to light up the bright lights in the dining room.

Mistake 5: TV in the dining area

The main mistake that apartment owners can make when decorating a dining area is to place a TV next to it. According to medical indications, you cannot eat and watch TV at the same time, as this is unhealthy. Food is much less digestible and you don’t feel full even if you eat a double serving. 

During lunch, you need to devote time to family and communication with her. And not be distracted by news, reality shows, and other television programs.

And if you have a studio apartment or you just decided to combine the kitchen with the living room. Well, you will install a separate TV in each space, right?

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