Getting started in the cloud can be daunting, especially knowing what you should use and how much it could cost. Cloud cost optimization has become more critical because of rising prices in the cloud. For organizations with large infrastructures, reducing spending on the cloud means saving millions of dollars for their organizations. It’s where cloud cost optimization practices enter the picture. This blog will shed light on the 5 proven practices that can help optimise your cloud server cost in India.

How do you maximize the value of your cloud investment and reduce cost? Cloud cost optimization is required to take advantage of the cloud’s ability to scale and adapt and take advantage of the cloud provider’s deep discounting.

Cloud Cost Optimization- What is it?

Cost optimization refers to reducing your total cloud costs by identifying mismanaged resources, reducing waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and sizing computation services to scale. Resources such as virtual machines or storage often go unused by users leaving organizations with unnecessary monthly bills. Cloud cost optimization means that you are buying only what you need.

A significant expense of any company is their cloud server costs. With limitless scalability, organizations can pay only for the resources they use. However, not all organizations can manage their cloud computing costs well due to lack of monitoring, improper configuration of their cloud infrastructure, and inefficient processes.

If you are not actively managing your cloud spend or lack visibility into your cloud cost optimization program, you are paying more than you should.

5 Best Practices to Reduce Cloud Server Cost in India

Cloud computing provides a lot of benefits to organizations. Many organizations are leveraging the cloud to help reduce their IT budgets, find new ways to collaborate, access the latest technology without the upfront costs, and achieve higher levels of agility. Mostly all these services cost high. If you want to migrate to the cloud, but are worried about the high cloud server cost in India, then don’t worry. By following some practices, it’s easy to reduce the cloud server cost. Check out the 5 best practices given below for cloud cost optimization.

1.  Identify Unused Resources

For many organizations, the high cloud server cost in India is no less than a pain to support. But it’s easy to optimize the cost if you know the number of resources you aren’t using, but paying for them. Fixing the problem of unused resources is more of a hassle than it may seem at first glance. With several thousands of running servers on their systems, companies are unable to limit the use of specific resources effectively.

If you can configure schedules to automate your efforts, then half of your task is done. It’s an effective strategy for server asset management in the cloud. If trigger events, coupled with some scripts that scan storage attached to instances & find any extra storage on running instances. There are no excuses for missing out on this cost reduction opportunity!

2.  Consolidate Idle Resources

The more computing instances there are, the higher the cost for the enterprise. Running idle computing resources is counter to an enterprise achieving its goals of faster time to market, faster time to revenue, faster time to break even, etc. Cloud computing has become an effective alternative to conventional on-premise infrastructure solutions. However, the cloud comprises many idle resources that waste money through idle cycles or instances that are not being utilized efficiently.

Monitoring utilization and shutting down unused instances is a best practice you should put in place to save cost.

3.  Make Use of Heat Maps

One solution for managing the dynamic nature of cloud computing is resource optimization. While cloud servers offer dynamic scalability, managing resource use can be challenging. Resource optimization involves techniques for maximizing resource efficiency through automatic scaling, and heat maps are an important mechanism for resource optimization.

Heat maps can be an excellent problem solver, as they provide actionable data about the server load and performance. The reduced complexity enables them to work faster and be cheaper and more scalable.

4.  Right Size Your Computing Tools

At some point, almost every IT department has to face the dilemma of how to right-size the number of cloud servers they are operating. This decision often comes after monitoring usage data and cloud billing reports. Cloud tools will show you an easy way to right-size your cloud applications by running resource usage analysis over time. These tools make it easy to run capacity planning reports and utilize them for right-sizing your computing resources. Nowadays, even small businesses can afford server virtualization tools to aid in reducing their cloud server costs in India.

5.  Prefer Using Spot Instances

Cloud computing is relatively new, but that doesn’t mean that it’s free instantly. Cloud providers set the price, and that price usually increases as the demand for computing power increases. That’s where Spot Instances come in. They are essentially computing power available ‘at auction’ on AWS or Azure. The ability to buy computing at a lower rate makes Spot Instances an attractive alternative to Reserved Instances (RIs).


When evaluating cloud providers offering affordable server costs in India, one of the most prominent factors to consider is the server hourly rate, i.e. how much they charge for cloud hosting and cloud storage services. While your applications and data are unique, standardizing on one or more core services that apply to all applications may simplify the overall cloud cost optimization process.

If you are planning for Cloud Migration, your IT team will likely face unique challenges requiring unique solutions. Do you want to prepare yourself for these challenges? Do you need any further help with optimizing your cloud server cost in India? If so, then consult Go4hosting experts. They will help you understand where your resources are over-provisioned and help you with the best practices to migrate off outdated data centers and hardware.

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