In the practice, best divorce lawyers often come into contact with people whose family life has not worked out. Often, already stressful situations are exacerbating by conflicts from which children suffer. Today we will tell you how a family divorce lawyer helps to minimize the moral and material damage caused by the divorce process. Because divorce lawyers in Sydney are the best in the business and will never let you go through that difficult time.

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In terms of family law, what does a divorce lawyer do?

From start to completion, a divorce lawyer aids with the legal aspects of the divorce process, both in court and in pre-trial hearings.

This expert has extensive knowledge not only of the law but also of the psychology of family relationships, making his involvement in the solution of the problem not only desirable but also vital.

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What legal services does a divorce lawyer provide:

  • construction of numerous scenarios for the end of the conflict and formulation of a defense strategy;
  • assistance in determining the value of the joint property and its division;
  • collection and compilation of all kinds of documents;
  • protection of the principal’s legitimate interests in the courts, even when he is not present;
  • providing legal advice, details of which can be found in one of the articles in our magazine;
  • appeal against court decisions in higher instances.

These are only a few of a divorce lawyer’s fundamental services. Each of them consists of many legally significant actions, the sequence, and essence of which are clear only to a specialist.

The help of a lawyer is not always necessary – sometimes it is enough to get competent legal advice to achieve the desired result.

These are only a few of a divorce lawyer’s fundamental services. Each one is made up of a series of legally relevant actions, the sequence, and essence of which can only be deduced by a professional.

A lawyer’s assistance is not always requiring; in certain cases, excellent legal counsel is sufficient to obtain the desired outcome.


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When the services of a divorce lawyer are needed – an overview of the TOP 3 main reasons.

If, after several years of family life, the spouses decide to disperse without any claims to each other, then they can do this simply by contacting the registry office – provided that they do not have minor children.

However, there are times when a streamlined method isn’t appropriate and you’ll need the help of a divorce lawyer. Consider the key causes of such occurrences.

Reason 1. Lack of consent to the divorce of one of the spouses.

When it comes to their future cohabitation, spouses do not always agree. One of them frequently “takes a stand” and refuses to be divorcing regardless of the circumstances. In this scenario, the lawyer’s job is to persuade the other party that legal expenditures are pointless and that the issue may be resolved peacefully.

If an agreement cannot be reaching, the lawyer assists in the start and conduct of the trial. His job is to persuade the judge that the principal’s claims against his spouse are justified and that preserving marital connections is impossible.

Reason 2. There are minor children present.

Since in the divorce process the state primarily protects the interests of children, if there are children in the family, only the judge makes a decision on divorce. In this regard, concerns concerning minors’ future placement may arise. Parents frequently disagree about who their children will live with and make claims against one another.

A family law attorney’s activities are described in one of our past publications. Thanks to his knowledge, such a specialist can competently understand the situation and provide the judge with a reasonable conclusion about the possibility of raising a child by one or another parent.

Reason 3. Evasion of one of the spouses from the divorce procedure.

This is another reason why registry offices cannot divorce spouses. One of them makes every effort to avoid appearing in court, not only at the registry office.

In this scenario, the lawyer assists in the preparation of paperwork, the filing of a divorce petition with the court, and, if required, the tracking down of the “evader.” When persuasion fails, the lawyer takes all necessary steps to ensure that the judge can make a decision without the presence of the opposing party.

There are five easy rules to follow when choosing a divorce lawyer.

If the spouses during a divorce do not have any special claims against each other, then the entire divorce process goes smoothly. Otherwise, retaining the services of a lawyer is recommending.

Having a divorce lawyer is strongly advised in the following situations:

  • lack of consent on the placement of children;
  • there is no agreement on the division of property in a divorce;
  • the existence of general credit institution debt liabilities

In order to have a better chance of a successful outcome for you in these cases, you must be able to choose an intelligent lawyer. How to do it – read on.

  • Choose a lawyer with a narrow specialization
  • Don’t chase savings
  • Carefully study the lawyer’s reputation
  • Choose a lawyer who shares his thoughts on the chosen strategy with you

Do not cooperate with lawyers who guarantee you a positive outcome

How to submit a divorce application to the other party?

If you do not know where the other person is, you must take reasonable steps to locate them, and you can always ask the court to deliver statements in a different form. For example:

  • If you know that a person is still in contact with his brother or sister, or with some other family member, and you have done everything possible to find him, but could not find the address, then you can always ask court permission to deliver the application through this family member.
  • You can make the same request if you have an email address or if you found him or her on Facebook.
  • You can always call a lawyer for help. A Sydney divorce lawyer will give you advice.

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