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We are sure that you must be aware of the history and evolution of these jackets. Most of us are also aware of the materials these bombers come in and the variety of available colors. However, being a men’s bomber jacket owner, you might come across the problem of not knowing how to style your outwear.

If you can relate to this feeling of not knowing how to style your bomber to match the moment, then this article is for you!

We are here to solve your problems. You do not have to worry about how to put together an outfit with your bomber jacket for men for a night out.  So, get ready to get all your questions answered! Let’s dive headfirst into the world of fashion so you can come out looking like the handsome model you are!

What are you waiting for? Keep reading!

How to Put Together an Outfit?

Understanding Color Palettes

Before you start styling your bombers, you need to learn to put together different colors. When pairing an outfit, always go for shades of the same spectrum or a slight contrast. Do not opt for funky colors with neutrals because they do not always look good. However, you can do that if you want to make a statement.

Neutrals and Monochromes

If you are a fan of modern contemporary looks, then neutrals and monochromes are the best options to go with. You can easily pair neutral colors like brown and grey with your outfit to raise it to the next level.

You can also go full full-on monochrome. These colors can provide you with a level of sophistication like no other. This is perfect for you if you like minimalistic dressing with not a funky color range. These colors do not just suit a particular age range, so you do not have to worry about your age while dressing.

Statement Colors and Textures

Another thing to consider when pairing outfits are the bright and bold colors with different textures. If you like going bold and bright colors like red, fuchsia, violet, and royal blue, do not make you shy, then go for it! However, be careful while wearing these. If you want to opt for a bright color for your bomber, try to wear a light color or white inside.

This will give your outfit the pop you are looking for. You can even go for embroidered bomber jackets if you like something funky. You should also be careful while pairing different textures. For example, a woolen inner would go much better with a suede bomber instead of a leather bomber. Try not to pair the same kind of material for inner and outerwear.

Styling Your Bomber

Now, let’s see how you can style your favorite bomber in new and trendy ways. We have some of the most amazing combinations and outfits that we have put together that you can use for your nights out!

  1. The Basic Look

The first look we have for you is your casual everyday look. To pull this off, you can put together an outfit with your nylon or polyester bomber. You would ask, why this? The reason to choose this jacket is that they are made of very lightweight material and perfect evening wear.

They are also resistant to wrinkles, stretches, and shrinks. This makes them very easy to carry and durable. You can pick out a white t-shirt with khaki or blue, straight jeans, and complete your look with a sage green or brown bomber. Put on some white or stripped sneakers, and you will look perfect for a casual day out. You can also add sunglasses if it’s bright and sunny outside.

  1. Wearing the Winter Layers

If it’s cold and chilly outside, then opting for a woolen jacket should be your go-to. These jackets are perfect to wear during the winters as they will not only keep you cozy and warm but will make you look stylish as well.

You can put together a great outfit using these bombers. Try to go for darker colors as they complement the cold outside. Jackets in colors like dark brown, navy blue, dark green, or black bomber jacket men are a good pick. If you want, you can layer up with an off-white turtleneck ribbed pullover with black jeans.

It would look great if you wore a navy blue and white woolen bomber with this outfit. If you with a shearling jacket, that would be great! Lastly, add brown suede boots to give your look the final touch!

  1. Looking Handsome in Classic Suede

Suede is the perfect jacket for a night out. One of its kind, the suede bomber jacket is genuinely stylish and would give you a look that is the ideal blend of the modern contemporary look and the traditional classic. These bombers can be paired beautifully with your outfit to provide you with the ultimate night look.

They will look great if you opt for neutrals or monochrome in wear. You can go in an all-black outfit, like a black button-down shirt and chinos, and complete the outfit with a brown or khaki suede jacket.

On the other hand, if you like going with lighter colors, pair your khaki chinos with an off-white button-down and a black or brown suede jacket. You will look like an ultimate vision at night!

  1. A Get-together Style

For a casual get-together style, you can pick out your favorite nylon bomber jacket for men and pair it with a white t-shirt or a button-down shirt and blue jeans. You can add a pair of sneakers or if you want to glam it up a bit, then choose loafers. This will come together as the perfect party wear.

  1. The Evening Look

If you are going out for the night, not just to a friend’s outing, but to a party. Then you need to dress up a bit and put in the extra effort for the glam. To pull off the perfect evening look, you can pick out the timeless and classic leather jacket. Yes! Your leather bomber jacket men need to come out of the closet.

You can wear a nice dark-colored button-down shirt or a ribbed turtle neck, anything you like better. Then pair it with straight pants or chinos. You can add your black leather jacket to the mix to complete your outfit. To finish off, you can either go for lace-up shoes or classic suede loafers.

This will give you a classy and modern look if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit. Then you can also opt for those shoes that come with a jewel on top of the shoe. You will look great in this men’s bomber jacket because you can do everything but never go wrong with a leather jacket!

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