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MySQL and MSSQL servers are widely used in a company database system. MySQL is a free rational database management system (RDMS) whereas MSSQL is a Microsoft-developed RDBMS. Companies can select between numerous MSSQL Server editions to fit their requirements and budgets. Every programmer and database administrator should think first between MySQL and MSSQL servers before deciding to choose the right RDBMS as per their requirement. Many SQL Server Training Institute in Noida helps you to get more information about this training.

Difference Between MySQL and MSSQL Server

Native Compatibility-:  SQL Server was created just for the Windows operating system by Microsoft. Microsoft has newly created RDBMS functional on both Mac OS X and Linux. This gives businesses the possibility of handling the database system on three separate platforms. Whereas, MySQL can run smoothly on numerous in-demand operating systems, like Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Support-: Both MySQL and MSSQL endorse numerous programming languages. MySQL also maintains other languages like TCL, Scheme, etc. Because MySQL is so flexible in its support for programming languages, it’s famous among many creator communities. Integration is easier if you operate MySQL for PHP and MSSQL for Windows projects.

MyISAM and InnoDB-: These engines are configurations for MySQL which permit a creator to operate a collection of design and programming activities. MSSQL doesn’t let you set different engines when you begin a database.

Cost-efficiency-: MySQL is free, although you’ll have to pay for help if you need it. MSSQL is more costly to operate because you’ll need permissions for the server handling the software.

IDE tools-: MySQL and MSSQL both have IDE tools. Respectively utilize tools like, Enterprise Manager and Management Studio are the tools that permit you to join with the server and handle configurations for architecture, security, and table design.

Backup-: The RDBMS delivers a tool to secure the database while details are backing up. This characteristic minimizes the possibility of data corruption appearing while changing between MySQL versions or editions. Whereas in, MS it doesn’t block the database during data backup, this feature allows us to restore mass and backup a large amount of data with less effort.


In Brief, both platforms support Windows and Linux. They both offer high-performance speed. They both are suitable for small-scale and large-scale industries. There are many SQL Server Training institutes in Delhi that help you to get detailed knowledge about this particular training course.

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