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The Hawaiian Islands are the 50th U.S. state of Hawaii. The islands are located in the Pacific Ocean at a distance of 3,850 km from the mainland. These are the most remote islands in the world. To get here is a feat. But for decades, this feat has been accomplished by a huge number of tourists. Palm trees, beaches, turquoise water, and a tropical climate — what else do you need for a magical vacation?

Tourists and locals can get from one island to another by air or water. The best way to explore the island is to rent a car. Do not even count on public transport – it will not take you to the best sights. Tours with local guides are expensive and limit your freedom at the same time. You can rent a car at the airport, which is very convenient. In some places, you can rent a car only if you are 25 years old. But there is an interesting fact about the age to rent a car in Hawaii. If you are 21, it’s not a problem to do it here. Car rental Honolulu under 25 will be happy to help you. 


Kauai is Hawaii’s most secluded spot for lounging in the sun. The lush rainforests, amazing botanical gardens, and white sands of the beach create a paradisiacal setting in which it’s easy to relax and unwind. 

But you can’t get bored on Kauai, which is full of activities for adrenaline junkies. Canoeing down the Hanalei River to beautiful Secret Falls, which lurks deep in the tropics, can be a thrilling adventure. 

If you like nightclubs, Kauai will probably disappoint you. After sunset, the island literally falls asleep. People usually come to Kauai to lie under the hot sun on the sandy shore and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

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Maui is an island with active entertainment available day and night. It has the widest selection of hotels, including luxury and upscale accommodations. Recently, the island has gained a reputation as the most expensive tourist resort in Hawaii. But don’t think Maui is only accessible to the rich. Here you’ll find accommodations of any class, even for low-budget vacations

One of the most notable places on Maui is the road to Hana. Driving along this highway is like traveling through a fairy tale forest. You can see numerous waterfalls, emerald bays, and beautiful sandy beaches all around you. The underwater world of the Molokini Crater is not inferior in beauty. There are thousands of tropical fish, sea animals, and blooming corals, filling the environment with bright colors.

Foodies and connoisseurs of gastronomic tourism will love it here. Maui’s best eateries offer a huge variety of amazing dishes. Local cafes and restaurants use freshly caught fish, vegetables, and fruits picked just before serving. 

Maui offers exciting hiking and snorkeling, beautiful beaches, and excellent cuisine.


This island is the third largest (1,538 square kilometers) in the island chain of the Hawaiian archipelago. It is home to roughly 80% of the population and the state capital, Honolulu. You can rent a car to drive comfortably to any corner of the island. 

If you’re in the mood for nightlife and like to have fun with other people, head to Oahu. Trendy nightclubs and bars are open every day of the week. The Waikiki suburb of Honolulu is a true center for outdoor activities and a home for energetic vacationers. 

If you want to learn how to surf, you’ll never be in a better place to learn how to surf. Just a few minutes and you’re on board. Flights to Oahu are usually the cheapest, and accommodations are easy to find. Once you arrive, you can catch a ride to the capital. Contact Honolulu car rental under 25 to rent a car. 

Hawaii, or the Big Island

If you’re looking for white sandy beaches, tropical forests, waterfalls, bright exotic flowers, and majestic birds – you’re over here! The Big Island is an opportunity to plunge into the depths of Hawaiian culture and get close to the wildlife. Turtles, whales, and dolphins live here in untold numbers. 

The Big Island has all the same entertainment as the other islands, though on a smaller scale. One more peculiarity worth paying attention to: there are very few petrol stations on the island. So don’t risk going far away with an empty tank. 


This is the fifth-largest island in the state. It has no developed resort infrastructure. The richness of Molokai is in the pristine nature. On this island, you must visit the Palm Coast, which is striking with coastal cliffs at over 1200 meters high. It is considered one of the most beautiful coastlines in Hawaii. You can see a particularly impressive panorama of the coast from a helicopter.

There is also the beautiful Halawa Valley. It is an amazing corner of the island, with beautiful beaches in the bay, and trails through the green valley into the mountains to picturesque waterfalls. The valley is home to a tropical flower farm.


The state’s sixth-largest island goes by another name, Pineapple Island; plantations of this tropical plant not so long ago occupied a significant area. The small island has little to offer: diving, whale watching, dolphin watching in the open sea, golf on the beautiful golf courses, horseback riding, and archery.

Visit the Garden of the Gods, a unique stone garden in a canyon that has been honed by nature for thousands of years. Nature has created whimsical shapes and hills, painting the garden in unusual colors. And don’t overlook Hulopoe Bay. On the coast of the bay are the best beaches on the island. Here you can watch dolphins swimming near the shore. You will have to travel around the island by rental car or cab. If you’re under 25, and you’re worried about how old to rent a car in Hawaii, be cool about it.

Hawaii deserves to be crossed halfway around the world for it. So take your family for a vacation trip, pack your bags, and go on an unforgettable trip!

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