If you are looking for some enchanting place to spend your weekend break this winter, then the city of Liberia would be faultless for you. Plana short trip to this city which is well-known for many various charming spots for tourists.

Come to this city housing captivating destinations in the city where the freed strives are founded. Also, this city has the smoothest of trips which have been erected on the dimmer histories of the 18th and 19th centuries.

You will adore this city famous for an indicated newfound liberation for the returned victims of the Slave Trade.

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Below are the well-known spots in the city which are worth watching:


Monrovia is the main spot in the city and is the most urbane spot to visit. Come to this enjoyable place which also offers lodgings to more than one million Liberians and provides a site that is a source of energy. So, folks reach this site to look out for the echoing bush taxis around the center. These are kept fluctuating over the pot-holed roads making an astonishing picture to capture. Come to this place to spend one entire day here.

Sapo National Park

Sapo National Park is recognized as a famous park that attracts a huge influx of visitors. This enormous park has one of the highest mammal biodiversity counts which is the most well-known of Liberia’s duo of national parks. This popular tourist station has no comparison like this park anywhere in the world. You will find this park is strained in 1,804 square kilometers and is located in the terrain of the Upper Guinean Rainforest.

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Robertsport is an idyllic place for long-haired wave riders with board wax. Visit this site which is inserted in the forefront of the country’s new tourism drive. This seashore area is the king of all Liberia’s surfing spots. So, friends, make a tour to this beach area where tons of flocks join to love channel-surfing troupes and to enjoy water sports doings.


Buchanan is inserted along with the seaside city of Buchanan and is at the south out of the capital at Monrovia. This offers a well-known beach which takes a three-hour drive by echoing bush taxi. Drop into this renowned spot to capture a good impression of the part of West Africa to the coastal character.


Gbarnga is a peaceful place for past hidden history and the still well-kept-up rich heritage. Come to this budding forest of inland Liberia which is an alternative famous attraction in extensive ramshackle towns. You will find at this forest, far-reaching mud plains are found which is the regional capital of Bong County. This site also housings more than 100-year-old Cuttington University.


Visitors will find the manufacturing outpost of Harbel straddling the meanders of the Farmington River, just a stone’s throwback from the Atlantic coast, where Marshall and the monkey-dotted seashores of the option towns south out of Monrovia make their home. Well-known primarily as the home of the largest rubber estate in the world, Harbel is engulfed by swathes of rubber tree forests, many of which bear the acquainted corporate name of Bridgestone tires. The town is also recognized as the site of the Roberts International Airport – the main admittance point to the northwest of the nation.

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Gola National Forest

The Gola National Forest is the original term for the Lofa-Mano National Park: a great dash of primordial rainforest that sprawls out along the northern border of the country with Sierra Leone. One of the densest outstanding tracts of Upper Guinean woodland in the region, the area has the whole thing you’d expect of an actual West African wilderness. Yep, you can expect green canopies and outwardly endless stretches of colossal tree trunks and boughs, hidden fern fields where interesting dragonflies flit between the flowers, vacillation chimpanzees, rare pygmy hippopotamus – the list goes on!

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Bushrod Island

The island of Bushrod gets its designation from one of the few American politicians that encouraged the resettlement of slaves on the continent back in the 1800s. But that’s about as deep as the erstwhile representative, Bushrod Washington’s, inspiration runs in this mangrove-fringed port town on the advantage of the Atlantic. Today, roads of tooting vehicles track in and out of the jetties and docks, the ramshackle slums of New Kru Town stretch close to the shoreline, and there’s ineffaceable energy of life throughout.


Tourists will only make a beeline for the ocean-side reaches of laid-back Marshall for two reasons. The first is its modicum of unfilled beaches, each sponsored by verdant pockets of the palm forest and mangrove swamps, and perfect for relishing some truly intrepid encampment on the Liberian coast. They were rescued from research labs during the civil war, and now are predominantly fond of swinging in the boughs, teasing travelers, and catapulting fresh fruit from their branches at transitory boats – you’ve been cautioned!


Visit Zwedru which is a worth watching tourist destination with your family or friends. Come to this site which is packed with just 23,000 people making Zwedru their home, and an enormous seven-hour drive unraveling the spot from the country’s capital on the coast, this far-flung county bench might not seem like the superlative place to add to that Liberia itinerary. However, Zwedru has several thought-provoking features that you simply won’t find in the more trodden reaches of the west.

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Have a happy trip ahead!

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