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Research says 34% of marketers are going to add hybrid events to their portfolio shortly. Furthermore, approx 62% of event organisers are going to keep their virtual audience even if a live event starts all over the world.

If we talk about Singapore, a survey commissioned by the Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS) and the STB (Singapore Tourism Board) stated that approx 91% of event organisers are showing interest in hybrid events. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that the event industry is shifting from virtual events towards hybrid events in Singapore. However, planning and implementing a successful hybrid program isn’t easy. 

So, here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 7 hybrid event ideas that you can adopt for your next event. Let’s have a look.

Top 7 Ideas For A Successful Hybrid Event 

Basically, the combo of an in-person event and a virtual event is known as a hybrid event. It allows people to attend the event in person as well as virtually. And the best part is audiences can enjoy the whole event by sitting in their comfort zone or even while travelling. 

Now, let’s have a look over the best ideas that would help you to create a successful hybrid event in Singapore or another location. 

1. What your audience wants

The prior aim of any event is to provide value to attendees. That is why you need to know what your attendees exactly want in an event.

You can attain more and more audiences only if you get an understanding of attendee priorities. For this, you need to do a survey on both virtual and in-person audiences. Also, you can create a poll on any social media platform about your next hybrid event in Singapore. 

When you are combining virtual and in-person events, remember you need to impress both the audience in the promotion. For example, you can tell your virtual guests how to log in and how to process for attending an event in your promotional content. Make sure the promotion of an event has to be clear for both audiences.

2. Consider digital audience first 

Do you know it’s hard to engage your virtual audience in an event? They can get bored easily, so make digital attendees your priority.

You need to keep yourself focused on short sessions in an event to help grab the attention of attendees. Also, it supports the in-room attendees in shortening the overall length of a program.

If the event timing is 7 AM to 7 PM for in-person attendees, then consider shortening it down by 9 AM to 5 PM for hybrid events. In the meantime, you can organise activities, network gatherings, or meals for in-person attendees. But remember, conduct these activities either in starting or at the end of an event. Your virtual audience will save their time and won’t feel bored in between an event.

3. Venue 

Digital fatigue, connectivity issues, and distractions are some basic errors your participants may experience in a hybrid event. That is why you need to manage these things with the help of a perfect venue or event area.

For creating a successful hybrid event in Singapore, you need to choose the right venue. It must have high-speed internet, a technical team, tools, and other important things to manage technical issues in between an event.

These things will help your virtual audience to enjoy a full event without any distractions or connectivity issues. The innovative tool provided by the venue can make your hybrid event successful.

4. Good host 

A good host can change the environment of the whole event. They can make the event interesting with their credible research and informative content. For example, you are organising a corporate event in Singapore, then your audience will be employees. So, here the host needs to present authentic information to attendees. While choosing the host, check their expertise and ask if they can host for a hybrid event or not. Moreover, hosting a physical event isn’t too tough but managing a hybrid event’s audience is a challenging task.

5. Flexible registration 

Make the event registration flexible and convenient. As you know, the travel registration is changing with time so allow online registration for the in-person audience too. Following this will allow your in-person attendees to register at their convenience. The flexibility for registering should be provided to virtual as well as in-person attendees.

Moreover, make sure to make an easy-registration process because the complex one can piss off the participants. So try to make the registration form short and informative.  

6. Triple check the system 

As you know, you have both an online and offline audience, so make sure you check all the arrangements. Not only check, we highly recommend you to double and triple check your systems. Check out the microphone, video quality, camera angles, internet connectivity, and so on. 

Your digital attendees would not like any glitches or interruptions during the ongoing event. Moreover, you need to make sure the sound arrangements are good for in-person attendees too. 

7. Consider the reasonable price 

Whether it’s a hybrid event or an in-person event, ticket prices are always one of the priorities for the audience. So, don’t hike the price for tickets just because it is a hybrid event. 

Don’t discriminate between your online or offline attendees, and keep the ticket price somehow the same for both. It can vary a little; you can’t double the price for registration.

Deciding on ticket price is considered a small portion of the whole event. The main thing is you need to sell those tickets. Remember, your audiences get attracted to the reasonable ticket pricing. So make it affordable for your target audiences. 

Final Words 

Hybrid events have a bright future, and it plays an important role in shaping event companies’ future. Moreover, the technology of hybrid events becomes advanced on a regular basis.

So are you ready to conduct social or corporate events in Singapore? We hope this guide will help you to do the same. Don’t forget to implement these 7 tips for a successful hybrid event. 

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