Okay, how many times did you ask yourself, “Are we alone?” Do you think we are the only intelligent beings who are wondering about others being out there? Well, our Galaxy consists of seven hundred billion stars. This makes it entirely possible that we are likely to have planets revolving around them. If this was not enough to intrigue you, then the scientist has discovered that we have around a trillion galaxies in the Universe. To prove their points, the scientist has come up with SETI, a technology dedicated to search extra-terrestrial intelligence in the Universe.

We are nothing but a tiny speck in this whole expansive Universe. Astounding as it is, we and all the particles that make everything is only 4% of the Universe’s matter. The Universe’s major mass component was only discover in 1988, dark energy, and it comprises 70% of the Universe. However, nobody has the slightest idea about what this is.

If you are someone who feels you are the most essential and unique being in this entire Universe, you are in for some disappointments. Well, technically, we are all important, but once you have discovered these seven facts, you will realize you are just a tiny piece of a giant puzzle. So keep reading to find out some of the heart-stirring evidence about our Universe.

7 Staggering Reality Scoop That Will Open Your Minds To A New Universe

  1. The Heart Of Every Galaxy Is A Supermassive Black Hole

Active galaxies can pump 100 times more light than any typical galaxy. The discovery of Quasars in 1963 made it clear that the light that we in the night sky is not because of the stars. But it comes from the heart of every Galaxy that is even smaller than the Solar System. All galaxies, including our Milky Way, have a black hole. Here are some essential facts about the Black Hole:

  • You cannot see a Blackhole directly as it is not black in colour. But it is because light cannot escape from that same region.
  • The death of prominent stars creates black Holes as they cannot escape a star’s gravity. This created an overwhelming pressure to maintain its shape.
  • Cygnus X-1 was the first Blackhole discover, and it was not until the use of X-Ray astronomy.

However, there are still some unsolved questions that remain in astrophysics regarding this.

  • The Temperature Is Same Everywhere

Weird to imagine that the heat of the Big Bang fireball can bottled up around us today. It is even more bizarre to imagine that the temperature of -2.725 degrees is essentially the same throughout the Universe. If you go in reverse and imagine cosmic expansion running backwards, you will discover some parts of the sky were not in contact when the radiation of the fireball broke free. Learn some interesting facts about the temperature of the Universe:

  • The Universe today is 10 times hotter than it was 10 billion years ago. Previously, it was around 200,000 Celsius, but now it is approximately 2 million degrees Celsius.
  • The temperature keeps rising due to the warming up of cosmic waves as the heat of the galaxies is unable to fly out.
  • There was not enough time for heat to travel between all parts of the sky, and hence temperature could not equalize since the birth of the Universe.
  • Most Part Of The Universe Is Invisible

By case study help it is enough to tickle our consciousness to discover that only a tiny fraction of the Universe is visible to us. For example, it is only about 4.9% of the Universe that contains atoms. This is what makes us the stars and the galaxies. The rest, 95%, is mysterious and invisible. All of these comprise enigmatic dark energy and dark matter. While dark matters keep the galaxies together, dark energy pushes them away, thereby expanding the Universe. So take a look into why most of the Universe is invisible to us:

  • Scientists not able to figure out what dark matter is mainly made of.
  • A serious hypothesis observes that it is exotic materials that do not interact with light, making everything invisible.
  • Scientists are trying to launch a Euclid space mission that will try to sniff out the truth of the dark matter and dark energy from the Universe.
  • The Universe Did Not Exist Forever

The Universe was born as a result of the Big Bang explosion. However, it is not always there until only 13.82 billion years ago when the matter, energy, time and space came under a massive blast the Universe was form. The giant fireball kept on expanding, and the cooling debris eventually concentrated on becoming galaxies. This is how great islands of stars came into being. Here’s a sneak peek of the origination of our Universe:

  • There wasn’t a precise location where the Big Bang started. Instead, it happened simultaneously everywhere 13.8 billion years ago.
  • Scientists are still unable to explain the situation before the initial singularity when the Universe came into being.
  • The Big Bang theory provides the best possible explanation for the existence of hydrogen and helium in the Universe.
  • Our Universe Is Completely Organized

Can you visualize your study desk just before the night of your exams? It looks like a crime scene making everything a mess. Talking about the Universe, even if it has a hundred thousand billion stars, it is still organized. Our Solar System is connected to the Milky Way Galaxy, and it revolves around the centre of it. Just like this, there are other solar systems in the Galaxy. Here are some fun facts about the galaxies:

  • The Milky Way Galaxy is connected to other galaxies into a group. This is what scientists have discovered ages ago.
  • These groups travel across the Universe to form a galaxy cluster that is further grouped together to form superclusters.
  • These superclusters are then in motion throughout the Universe.
  • The Sun Produces Only One Third Of the Neutrinos

Did you know how many neutrinos pass your thumbnail every second? Well, astonishingly, it is about 100 billion. These neutrinos come from the heart of the sun. However, there has been a large discrepancy in the flux of the solar neutrinos. The problems were first discovered in the 1960s and were resolved in 2002. Here is what you should know about solar neutrinos:

  • Solar neutrinos are by-products of nuclear reactions generated by sunlight.  
  • They are ghostly subatomic particles that exist in a weird quantum of superposition.
  • They travel from the sun and flip between an electron neutrino, a tau neutrino and a muon neutrino. This is why a scientist can only pick up one third of their exact number.
  • Not All planetary Systems Are Similar To Ours.

As already mentioned, there are millions of stars in the Universe that make it possible for more different planets to exist. However, scientists are not keen on invoking our interestsin anything special happening in the Universe. This is because special is improbable as compared to typical. Scientists have discovered more than 3,200 different stars with planets orbiting around them. Yet, it is only our planetary system that is officially called the Solar System. This is enough to make us go bonkers, but let us look into something else that can create a headache:

  • The Discovery of super-compact planetary systems revolving around Mercury has come into being.
  • There are also planets with elliptical orbits similar to comets and also planets that orbit the wrong way.
  • Jupiter’s mass planets migrated inwards, and nobody knows about the unusualness of this.

Final Thoughts

Our Universe still holds massive secrets at its heart. Unfortunately, it is impossible to discover all of it once. Moreover, it took us 3 billion years to grow from single cells to complex life. Thus, we are still unsure what more it is there to unravel once we continue digging. However, these 7 facts can still suffice your interest and give a new perspective on how you look at things.

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