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Set your impression with a perfect suit!

When we talk about a smart look, wearing a suit impacts overall personality. The suit helps you to shine over the crowd. But for a perfect look, a custom suit tailor is the right choice.

Don’t have any idea how to get a well-fitted suit for you? If so, this article is for you!

Well, we have listed down some of the essential steps you must follow to get a perfectly fitted suit. Make sure you read them before visiting a fabric store.

7 Points To Consider Before Getting An Outfit

1. What Is The Event?

Now, the very first thing you need to clear in your mind is what is the occasion? Is it your engagement or wedding? Or your friend’s wedding? Suit for work meetings? Or for all events?

Well, people often buy a suit suitable for all occasions until or unless it’s their wedding or engagement. So, start with figuring out the event you will buy an outfit for.

2. Set Your Budget

Before you enter the market, set the budget range for a suit. It means you need to decide the amount you will spend on an outfit.

For example, if it’s your wedding, then the suit’s budget should be one-fourth of your salary. It includes your other accessories such as; a shirt, belt, tie, bow, and shoes.

The price of cloth also depends on the material or quality.

3. Decide Which Type Of Suit You Want?

You have three choices; ‘bespoke,’ ‘off the rack,’ and ‘custom.’

Bespoke- It means you give exact specifications to the tailor. Here you suggest tailoring your requirements, and they listen to you. Generally, bespoke tailoring is a piece of art that is perfectly fitted on your body.

Custom- Custom-made suits are made to measure, which means the outfit is made on your fittings and measurements. You can choose any of the skilled tailors for the custom-fit suit.

Off the rack- It is a ready-made suit. You will find these suits hanging on over the rack and choose the best one to buy. For some people, ready-made suits are a good choice. Especially those people who have to choose a suit within a short time.

We would suggest you select a custom suit tailor instead of a ready-made store. It is because a tailored suit is perfectly fitted for any occasion.

4. Choose Color

You get a range of colours when choosing the best one. If you are confused, then navy blue, grey, and solid black colours are the safest bets. No need to randomly choose any colour for being the spotlight. These three solid colours suit almost everyone. You can wear denim shirts, heck, shirt-and-tie combo, and even your crisp T-shirts.

To look different, you can buy a custom made suit for special occasions. We would suggest you not take risks by randomly choosing a suit colour. You can go for ivory or check print suits. Furthermore, maroon and bottle green colours are also trending these days.

5. Fabric

Once you have set your budget, choose the right fabric. For instance, you can find a suit with 100% wool which is great in quality. It is one of the expensive materials; you can see the blends – 30%, 50%, or 70% wool.

If you want to spend $500 to $1000, then you can get 100% wool. Also, you can see ‘super’ wools like Super 120, Super 100, Super 80, and much more. Every brand has different ”Supers.” So the higher the number of Super the more luxurious drape and tighter the yarn is.

Any material named super will have a fine quality. That is why you don’t have to pay extra money for Super 220 rather than a Super 100.

6. Matching Shirt

Make sure your waistcoat and trousers are made of the same suit material. This will make your outfit look great by all means. Even the smallest details on your clothing work well.

If you want to create a formal look, white is a classic and basic colour. White makes the most formal look that is easy to contrast and matches every suit type. However, light blue, lavender, and pink are acceptable colours for any occasion or particular outfit.

Make sure your custom suit tailor makes the clean and fine neck area for a shirt. When you wear a necktie, the collar area becomes the main attraction. If you have a classic collar, it will work with every type of necktie knot.

Now coming to the cuffs of the shirt, it should be a single or two buttons. Your shirt should appear decent for a formal look.

7. Matching Shoes

One of the classic shoe colours is black, which goes with every outfit. You can go for Oxford’s shoe style if your dress is formal. It has closed lacing with a sleek and simple design. It means the main or front part covers the quarters (back part), creating a smooth and clean look.

Well, if you don’t like black, then there are other options such as; burgundy Oxford or dark brown is good to go for a less formal look. Moreover, you could opt for a brown Derby, which looks more casual because it consists of an open lacing system.

If you want to create a casual look, then a Sneakers undersuit is the best choice for guys. Further, you can choose Loafers, but it will also give you casual attire.

Bonus Tips

1. Make sure you choose the right neckwear, whether a bow or a tie.
2. Choose your watch ring or chain as per your outfit style (casual or formal).
3. Trim your nails, beard, groom facial hair, and rejuvenate skin (facial or other skin massages).


We hope this guide will help you to stick to the best CBD tailor or boutique in your locality. If you follow these tips, it will be easier to get a perfect suit for a special event.

Moreover, you have choices like go for a ready-made suit or buy a custom made suit. We would highly recommend going for custom made because it will be the same as your measurements. Also, make sure to select an experienced and known tailor so that they won’t ruin your look on your big day with minor stitching errors.

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