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What is a Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform provided by Google. Originally known as Google AdWords, the search engine company changed its service name to Google Ads in 2018. The operation is basically the same. When users search for a keyword, the search results are displayed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These results may include paid ads that target that keyword. For example, there is the result of the word “Fitness boss”.

Google AdWords Fitness Trainer Results. You can see that all ads are more than SERPs. For bold ads at the top of the post, they are similar to the results of organic research. This is a good advertiser because Google’s first score usually receives the most traffic for the search query.

However, you must secure the upper sites needed to buy Google ads. After all, there will be many other marketing employees who are in front of the same keyword via Google Ads. Let’s see how Google Ad works exactly by PPC company to understand these rankings.

How does Google ads work?

Google Ad works under CLIC payment template (PPC). In other words, the marketing specialist can set specific keywords in Google and make offers to keywords. This is also aimed at the keyword.

The offer that you make is the “Maximum Supply” –or You intend to pay the display.

If the maximum offer is $ 4 and Google determines that your costs are $ 2 of two clicks, you will receive this advertisement placement. 4 If you know it is more than 4 USD, you will not receive an ad placement. You can also set a maximum daily budget for your ad. You never spend more than a certain amount per day on this ad, which gives you a better idea of ​​how much your digital ad campaign will cost.

Marketers have three options for their offers:

  • Cost per click (CPC). How much do you pay when a user clicks on your ad?
  • Cost per thousand (CPM). The amount to pay for 1000 ad impressions.
  • Cost per commitment (CPE). The amount you pay when a user takes a specific action on your ad (subscribing to a list, watching a video, etc.).
    Google then gets the bid and associates it with an ad rating called a Quality Score. According to Google:

The number of score is between 1 and 10 and 10 is the highest score. The higher your score, the better you are classified, the more you have to spend.

The amount of your offer and your quality indicator creates your screen – your display appears on the search results page.

If the user looks at the displays, click on the small frequency marketing staff (Pipper-Click).

The idea is that if more users click on the marketing display are probably (for example, executives and purchases). Now that you know how Google Ads works, let’s take a look at the different types of Google Ads you can use for your campaigns.

Types of Google Ads

Google offers a number of different campaign types that you can use.

  • search campaign
  • display campaign
  • buying campaign
  • video campaign
  • app campaign

Now let’s take a look at each campaign type, how they work and which ones you should choose.

search campaign

Ads from search campaigns appear as text ads on the results page for your keywords.

For example, here’s an ad for a search network campaign for the keyword “laptop”.

Keyword log for campaigns

This is probably the most famous advertisement. Appears on search results pages with a black “ad” icon next to the URL. As you can see, the only types of text-based search networks are not advertised. You can also view ads on Google Shopping. Brings us.

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Purchase campaign

Commercial campaigns can advertise visually products.

This ad can be viewed as an image on the search results page.

Buy Campaign Search Results

And can appear in Google Shopping:

Google Shopping Search results

If you have a real product, Google commercial ads can be a qualified advantage by displaying the product directly to the customer.

View campaign

The display network uses the Vasti partners of the Google website that display ads on a variety of websites on the Internet. And they will appear in different ways. First of all, your ad can be viewed on the next third-party website. View the website of third parties campaign

You can also view video ads such as pre-roll before YouTube video. Advertising as a pre-roll for YouTube videos Google can advertisify your ad on the Gmail e-mail platform.

Finally, you can view the announcement with the Google App Network app.

Advertising with Google App Network

Some benefits of using Display networks have their access. If you reach more than 90% of all internet users with Google partners with more than 2 million websites, your ad probably is most common for you.

Style is flexible in style of his style. Your ad can be poison, text, video or image. However, they do not arrive without their disadvantages. Your ads can appear on the websites you do not want or do not want or you do not want to do before videos that do not want to be connected to their brand. This was no longer clear in recent years compared to the different ads of YouTube.

If you pay attention to where you can use ads, the display network can be a great place for the prospects of Garner, there is a Startup development company that can help you with that.

Video campaign.

These are opinions that appear before YouTube videos in the form of pre-rolls. Certificate of advertising from video. However, Google provides an option to determine video ads specifically, not advertising network display. It is perfect if you have a good idea of ​​the video you want to test.

Videos are available under a variety of stereotypes. There is an unbelievable video ad above. There is an ad even offline.  Contact the video My research announcement you can find on the search results page for a specific basis. Search Results. There are a variety of overlap and banners that you can see above. To learn more about this, see our article on YouTube ads.

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