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With the sudden boom in online shopping in recent years and the exponential growth during the pandemic, businesses often look for ways to ship and deliver their goods to their customers without hassle. As business owners, we understand that you want your product to reach your client safely. You also want your brand name to shine through once it reaches your customer’s doorstep. An excellent way to accomplish your business needs is by using clear plastic envelopes. Plastic envelopes are a great business, especially for those with an online presence. But how can one choose the right plastic envelopes? In this blog, we have gathered all the information you need to choose the suitable poly mailer envelopes for your brand. 

Benefits of Poly Mailer Envelopes 

Plastic shipping envelopes are becoming increasingly popular. This is because these clear plastic envelopes provide numerous benefits. Before we explain how to pick the right one for your brands, here are some benefits of these plastic shipping envelopes.

  • These plastic envelopes are lightweight. Because of that, they do not contribute to the overall weight of the shipment.
  • They are cost-effective. Plastic envelopes are surprisingly cheap. Unlike other materials, buying them in bulks does not cost you a hand and a leg.
  • Clear plastic envelopes are highly durable. Packaging stuff like clothes would keep them safe from wear and tear.
  • These envelopes are also super water-resistant. As mentioned earlier, it will protect the products until they reach the doorstep of your customers 

Other than that, these mailer envelopes also provide ease of packaging, reducing the overall hassle of packing the products the right way. 

How to Choose the Right One 

Once you know the benefits these poly mailer envelopes provide, it is not very hard to choose the right one for your brand. There are just a few things that you should look out for.

  • Make sure that the plastic envelopes you are planning to buy for your business are according to the size of the product. Having too big or too small may not give the finesse of proper packaging.
  • You can customize your brand’s logo on clear envelopes to increase brand awareness. This would reduce the need to double wrap your product.
  •  Ensure that the plastic envelopes you intend to buy are from an authentic manufacturer. A good plastic envelope manufacturer will assist you in purchasing the right envelope for your product.
  •  You can even decide whether to go for transparent or opaque poly mailers depending on the products that you sell.

If you are unsure about what plastic envelopes are right for you, contact us today. We are here to provide you with packaging material that fits your business and product needs.

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