The bun is an amazing and versatile hairstyle that you can do on different occasions. Based on the style of bun, it can be perfect while doing household chores and also help you to embrace a polished look. If you have long and thick hair, then bun will look perfect on you. No matter what kind of bun style you choose, but it is one of the perfect hairstyles which you can easily do in no time. There are different types and styles of bun. You need to collect a few accessories for creating a bun such as a hair fork. Here, we are going to talk about the steps involved in creating a messy bun. Want to create a beautifully messy bun quickly? Read and understand the following tips:

Prepare Your Hair

First of all, get ready for your hair for the messy bun. Comb your hair to get rid of knots and tangles in your hair. While brushing your hair, you should do a partition of hair so that you can properly remove the knots.

Pull Back Your Hair

You should pull back your hair after properly brushing. Now, grab your hair in one hand and hold it in the position where you want to create the bun. If you do not as all your hair pulled back, then you can leave a few strands in the front for framing your face. If you want to create a sophisticated mod look, then we recommend you pull your hair high. To attain professional visual appeal, you should bring your hair to the centre of the backside of your head. But to create a messy bun, you should pull your hair to the nape of the neck.

People who want to embrace a playful look must create the bun at the off-centre location. But off-centre location works well when your bun is either too low or too high.

To create a messy bun, you do not need to brush your hair properly. Little brushing your hair would be enough to create the perfect messy bun. While pulling your hair back to create a messy bun, you should not leave hair strands in the front.

Wrap A Hair Tie

Now, secure your pulled-back hair at the specific position with the help of the hair tie. You should wrap the hair tie at least three times to get the right fit. While wrapping the hair tie for the third time, do not pull your hair all the way through the tie. We recommend you leave at least ½ of your hair hanging in the bottom. It will create a loop in your ponytail.

Get Right Size Hair Fork

Once you have secured the position of the hair tie, then the next hair accessory you need is a hair fork. The hair forks are available in different styles and sizes such as hair fork for thin hair and for thick hair. This hair accessory will help you to easily create the bun without facing any hurdle. Well, you can also create a messy bun by using the bobby pin. But bobby pins can damage your hair when you will try to pull these pins out. Therefore, a hair fork is a right option for creating a messy bun.

Create A Messy Bun

After securing your hair with a string tie, your hair is now left in the large loop. A tail of hair is sticking out which needs to be wrapped to create a bun. Pick the tail and start wrapping it around the base of the hair tie. Continue wrapping it until your hair tail is completely wrapped around the base. Finally, secure the bun with the help of a hair fork. If you have thick hair, then use hair fork for thick hair.

Fix Hair Fork

To fix the bun by using the hair fork, you should horizontally insert the fork inside the bun. Apply pressure on the hair fork so that it completely enters inside the bun. The biggest benefit of using the hair fork is that it will not apply pressure on your head, keep your bun secure, and is easy to pull out without causing damage to your hair.

Finishing Touch

Finally, use hairspray and spritz a little bit on your bun. The hairspray will prevent your hair from unwanted frizz and keep your bun secured at its position. Want to make your bun look more attractive? You can decorate it with various amazing hair accessories. A small scintillating hair accessory newt the bun will add extra details to it.


These are seven different steps that you need to follow while creating the messy bun. Precisely implement these steps to get the beautiful bun for any occasion. You can create this bun at home without the need for a hairstylist.

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