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AdvancedMD medical billing software is identified as a pioneer among its kind for the past 10 years or more. It is hardly surprising when you consider the support it is providing to clinicians and administrators over the years. This software has helped practices automate their process to a large extent. And it proved to be of tremendous help to revenue capture and process optimization. Practices were able to considerably bring down their manual workforce. At the same time, the claims sent out are acing in quality and accuracy. Quite a fantastic combination!

Features of the practice management suite and billing software

Let’s have a brief overview of AdvancedMD software functionalities and how they aid in enhancing productivity over the time.

Application programming interface facility-

 This software allows integration of data and workflow with other applications, which is a big time saver. For instance, the EHR functionality can be integrated to the billing application so that the patient’s data freely flows into the billing software. With this, further coding and charge capture process is pure bliss. This not only saves time by eliminating repeated data entry but also ensures accuracy and exactness of documented data.

Appointment scheduler functionality-

 The front office scheduling dashboard is quite remarkable in efficiency and ease. On a single platform, it lists out the convenient time slots, available providers, availability of technicians and diagnostic or treatment machineries, unoccupied rooms and more. With just a few mouse clicks, all these can be evaluated and schedule a suitable appointment. This way, there is no confusion, no overlapping of appointments or delays in care.

EHR integration-

AdvancedMD EHR software is a state-of-the-art functionality which every physician dots on. With a built-in library of CPT/ICD codes and disease conditions, the provider can select the appropriate codes right during patient encounter. It also has e-prescribing options for easy medicine refills and lab tests. Now the provider can access the patient’s medical data from anywhere through their personal devices and provide the necessary instructions for care.

Billing and invoicing- 

Since everything is documented and processed in an automated manner, the bill generation is faster and easier than before. There is clarity and detail on every bill for the advantage of the patient and insurance payer. This way, the patient is going to receive a detailed and comprehensive billing invoice with payment breakdowns and treatment charges clearly mentioned. There is no room for ambiguity and confusion.

Batch processing-

 The dashboard is designed in such a way that actions can be conduced with a single mouse click and it applies to the entire batch. Meaning, all the claims to be sent out in a day can be done with a single click for despatch at the end of the day. 

Account receivables functionality-

 The dashboard displaying account receivables is awe-inspiring with its efficiency and ease at understanding the status of claims. With this view, it is very easy to identify the aging account receivables, track the status of claims, at which stage the payment is stuck and from which insurance payer. With this information, it is very easy for the staff to take the necessary actions to resolve any possible issues for faster payment collection.

Billing portal facility-

AdvancedMD has come up with a patient billing portal that provides electronic billing statements and e-payment options. Now this one has all the convenient options to make self-payments for each visit. This way, practices have saved a lot of money from sending out pages and pages of paper bills. And patients are better satisfied with the elaborate bills that project clarity. This feature also has dunning management facility to ensure payment is received.

Practice management-

 This software is a lifer save for the front desk staff and the healthcare staff. Right from scheduling, everything runs well coordinated and smooth for all. There is room to post cancellations, reschedules, treatment space allotment and provider selection. Additionally, staff can send internal messages to every department for corresponding important instructions about treatments for a particular patient. 

Patient check out functionality-

Since the workflow is integrated on a common platform, the front desk staff and patient checkout process is well connected. By the time the patient is done with their treatment part and ready to leave, the integrated dashboard will be populated with all the necessary data for check out. It will show the payment information on how much the patient owes, how much co-pay was collected and when to schedule the next visit. The staff can duly inform the patient on their financial liabilities and treatment follow up further. 

User management–

At an administrative level, AdvancedMD helps the practices disclose the financial information on a controlled manner. It is programmed in a manner, one can set the staff view on statics as well as financial information categorically. This way the important data on revenue transactions stay undisclosed and protected from general viewership.

Apart from the above, there are a number of user-friendly functionalities available from AdvancedMD. Not only they keep upgrading the functionalities for bettering the process, also provide educational support on how to use them. This way they continue being the best friend of the new age healthcare provider.

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