With digitization, entertainment online has become center-stage. Globally, there are 4.95 billion people using the internet. Music is an important part of life for a lot of people across the globe. This is why the online music streaming industry has been generating massive revenue over the last few years. USD 12,831.2 million was generated in 2019 globally and it is projected to generate USD 24,711.3 million in 2027. Audio streaming platforms not only provide a one-stop shop for the music lovers to listen to music, but also a global platform for artists who want to showcase their music. Artists can get live and direct data on how their music is performing on the audio streaming platform. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of developing a music streaming app development in detail.

Advantages of developing a music streaming app

  1. Offer a variety of music to your audience

You don’t have to limit your offerings to a specific genre, industry, artist or geography. You can cater to a global audience by offering music in different languages by different artists, bands and production houses. The vast your collection of music is, the more your audience will return to your audio streaming solution to listen to it and increase the usage of your app. There are several other benefits such as your users being loyal to your music app and returning to it for all their music needs, referring your app to other music lovers, etc.

  1. Download music files offline

Users of music streaming applications or website can download song tracks onto their devices to play them offline. When you build your own music streaming app, you can provide your users multiple options such as downloading music tracks, marking favorite tracks within the app, creating playlists, curating playlists based on frequently played songs, recommending similar music based on the user history on the app.

  1. Convenient for new artists to launch their career

Newbies get a free global platform to showcase their talent without having to invest in their launch. All the artist has to do is create world-class music that the public will enjoy, upload it on any online audio streaming app and see the performance of their music track from their artist dashboard. Online audio streaming has eliminated the need for newbie artists to hunt down music companies/production houses or producers to get a chance to showcase their music to the world.

  1. Personalization

When you create a music streaming app, you compete with a thousand other businesses who have launched their app in the market. Everyone wants to have a bigger piece of the pie. To stay ahead of the cut-throat competition and gain an edge over your competitors, it is essential to build a relationship with your audience and users. Personalization is the answer to this. Users want products and services personalized to their tastes. You can personalize user experience for individual users on your app using the features provided by the white-label music streaming solution.

  1. Providing ad-free music

People are tired of having to deal with unwanted ads while watching/listening to their favorite content on the internet. When you build a music streaming app, you can initially offer all the music hosted on your app for free to your users to garner a user base.

  1. Discover fresh music content

When you create your own music streaming app, you can constantly add fresh music content to your library that is not yet made available on other platforms. This will keep your users hooked to your music streaming app and return for discovering fresh content all the time.

  1. Prevent piracy

When you build a music streaming app, you provide original music content to your users. Since the audience has access to music rightfully, they don’t have to look out for ways to download or listen to music from unauthorized platforms and promote piracy. Pirated music has been a long-time concern and music streaming apps are eliminating it ensuring that music artists don’t face damages due to leaked music tracks and get paid for what their talent is worth.

  1. Easy distribution

Since all the audio content is hosted, saved and streamed on one music streaming platform, it is easy to distribute the content. All that the users have to do is download the app on their device and have an active internet connection to access the music content on the music streaming platform.

  1. Revenue generation for artists

As an audio streaming platform, you can generate revenue by placing relevant and highly targeted ads on your app. You can also offer paid subscriptions for users to access premium content on your platform. It can be monthly, quarterly, or annual plans. The revenue received from these sources can then be used to pay most popular artists on your platform. This will not only encourage new talent to be showcased on your platform but also make you a market leader.

  1. Artists gain popularity

Music streaming platforms are where the people get to explore other music releases of the artists. You can do this by creating several playlists for different music artists and bands, and displaying relevant music content to your users so they can discover more artists on your platform. This way, music artists will gain more popularity.

  1. Multiple channel subscriptions not required

Users are not required to subscribe individually to several music artists on the music streaming platform. One subscription will give the users access to all the content on the platform. Users can explore the platform based on the artists, new releases, frequently played, hot tracks, moods and music style.


Now that you know the myriad benefits of developing a music streaming app, you can cash on it. The easiest way to start your own music streaming app is by using a white-label audio streaming solution provider. This will not only help you launch your platform within a few days but also enable you to provide a highly customized and personalized experience to your users. If you are an artist, utilize music streaming platforms to list your music and reach out to the world.


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