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Hot water extraction is the term used when hot water is consumable in industrial and home carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction can work alone or even in combination with cold water extraction to have better  Upholstery Cleaning in Aspen Hill. Sometimes you will hear the words “steam cleaning” or “chemical cleaning” mixed into the conversation about hot water extraction, but many times these terms are slightly different from one another.

This method involves combining hot water and gentle cleansers including detergent with a piece of specialized equipment. Further, the mixture pours on carpet fibers at a high pressure that helps in dislodging dirt particles, enabling the carpet to clean easily and rapidly. The equipment used in this approach has a powerful vacuum system that can lift and remove dirt from carpets while dislodging 95% of the moisture.

Hot water extraction may seem a little intimidating, but it’s a great way to get a fresh start with your carpets. Hot water extraction using a chemical-free cleaning system that gets out most types of spots and stains. Understanding hot water extraction will help you understand HWE in detail.



Hot water extraction is a self-cleaning process that will make your carpet look new for years to come. It also reduces the carpet from getting dirtier because of heavy traffic and it’s the cheaper way to clean your carpet. Now that doesn’t mean that you should stop vacuuming, you should still vacuum once a week, but hot water extraction will eliminate all that deep down dirt and grime. Here are the benefits of using a Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Process.

1) Deep down dirt and grime is easily removable from your carpet​

2) Durability of Carpet Fiber increases as it conditions the carpet fiber.

3) Reduces fading 7x more than carpets cleaned with a commercial spotter

4) Removes odors from your carpet


There are a lot of services that rent out HWE machines at a low cost, but it is advisable to try to opt for a professional cleaner rather than taking the matters into your own hands. As rented equipment may not be powerful enough to clean the carpet and sometimes leave an unpleasant yet damp odor behind. In addition, they also have weaker suction processes. Leading to an ineffective cleaning process and unsatisfied results in the end. You can save your time and investment by hiring a professional cleaner. Their years of experience and certification make them highly qualified in delivering the exact results that you are looking for and sometimes may even surpass your expectations.


Think of your carpet like a sponge. Every day, you vacuum up dry debris from the floor, but over time it becomes saturated with water from spills and leaks from the air conditioning unit or broken pipes. To dry out a wet carpet, you have to get all of the moisture out of the fibers. Hot water extraction will help to lift dirt and contaminants from your carpets while getting rid of moisture. This is the best way to keep your carpets clean for years.

Some people assume that you need to hire a carpet cleaning service in 2 or 3 years. But, in reality, you should get your rugs and carpet cleaned at least every six months. This also depends upon how often the carpet is in usage and the surroundings. If you live in a higher traffic area then you may need to get your carpet cleaned more often. Yet, it is advisable to get your carpet cleaned once a year for maintaining its sustainability and colors. In addition, Upholstery Cleaning will prevent the fiber from getting dull.

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