Hailed as the ‘King of Ayurvedic Herbs’, Ashwagandha works well in reducing anxiety and stress. Ashwagandha tablets may also significantly enhance strength, promote glucose metabolism and boost testosterone levels.

Roots of ashwagandha have a horsey smell (in Sanskrit, ashva translate to “horse” and gandha translate to “smell”) and hence the name. It is said to confer the virility and strength of a horse. Different parts of the plant are used differently, but an extract of its roots is most commonly used in supplements.

Commonly known as “Indian Ginseng” or “Indian Winter cherry”, Ashwagandha can be consumed in powder form by mixing it with ghee, water, or honey. This remedy is extremely effective in healing. There are many more benefits Neuherbs Ashwagandha.

Ayurveda classifies this herb as Vajikara – something which promotes healthy functioning and Bhalya – something which increases strength. Also, it has anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects. Further, this herb seems to lower cortisol levels. Ashwagandha also lowers fatigue, insomnia, and the symptoms of depression.

Ashwagandha tablets may lead to a small decrease in blood pressure, blood glucose, and bad cholesterol. Also, it increases good cholesterol. Additionally, it may significantly boost sperm quality and testosterone in infertile men.

These amazing benefits of Ashwagandha highlight why it’s highly recommended even by Ayurveda. Read about some more in detail below –

Reduces anxiety

Ashwagandha is categorized as an adaptogen which implies that it aids the body to adapt to stress. This herb can improve brain function and help combat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Lowers Inflammation

There are many benefits Neuherbs Ashwagandha. one such benefit is addressing ongoing or additional inflammation. This herb has proven to be effective in lowering inflammation.

Promotes heart health

Ashwagandha works magically for the heart. It helps in treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chest pain and many other heart diseases. Adding ashwagandha powder to your diet aids in preserving a healthy heart.

Cures acne

Ashwagandha root possesses both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which safeguard the skin from acne or infections. Ashwagandha tablets also increase the collagen in the skin which averts it from aging. If you suffer from acne, you must this ancient herb. This anti-acne remedy heals blackheads and pimples, decreases scars, enhances skin tone and repairs inflammation.

Treats Cancer

A compound in ashwagandha, called withaferin helps induce apoptosis. It is the process of killing cancer cells. It also averts the development of new cancer cells in many ways. Further, withaferin is believed to boost the development of reactive oxygen species (ROS) within cancer cells. This eventually disrupts their functioning.

Benefits Neuherbs Ashwagandha also pinpoints that it may help cure many types of cancer, including lung, breast, brain, colon and ovarian. Withaferin alone or in combination with an anti-cancer drug has proven a significant decrease in tumor growth. The treatment is also believed to cure the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

For combating infections and increasing immunity

Ashwagandha is one of the many ingredients famous for healing fever, combating infections and boosting immunity. It is also popular for its numerous benefits for health and skin. Ashwagandha as a main ingredient in many skincare products calms and soothes sensitive or inflamed skin. Hence, it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

Lowers symptoms of depression

Ashwagandha tablets help in alleviating depression.

Increase testosterone and boost fertility in men

Ashwagandha supplements have powerful effects on reproductive health and testosterone levels. This herb has shown an increased sperm count and motility in infertile men. It also leads to a significant boost in testosterone levels. Furthermore, the herb had increased antioxidant levels in their blood and promoted better sperm quality.

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