Each product that you sell on Amazon, eBay, or elsewhere will be assigned a unique identifier that identifies it as an individual product. 

It can be difficult to keep track of all the names you use – ASIN, ISBN, and SKU. eDesk can help you track your inventory regardless of the product identifier.

What is a Barcode?

The series of vertical black stripes on the product are barcodes. However, it also has a technical name: Global Trade Number (GTIN). 

This scannable symbol provides all information unique to that product. In the olden days, it was easy to manually write a sign for a product and call that a day. 

Barcodes were needed to facilitate global commerce and the proliferation of products. 

Barcodes allowed inventories to be organized so that errors could be reduced, money was saved, and regulations were enforced.

There is more than one barcode or GTIN. This can make it difficult to organize your inventory, especially when you deal with multiple suppliers around the globe. 

There are many types of GTINs. Let’s dive in to see which ones you can distinguish.

International Standard Book Number

An International Standard Book Number is the code that is attached to CDs, DVDs, and books on Amazon. 

These numbers are essential to be able to sell the items on Amazon or list your self-published books there. There are many ways to get them.

Bowker is the most important company that issues ISBNs. Amazon can give you an ISBN. 

However, if they do, it only works with them. No matter if you use Bowker, Amazon, or any other party, your ISBN cannot be modified after publication. 

This is because it is associated with the book’s trim size, title, and author name.

Universal Product Codes

UPC Codes (Amazon UPC), an identification system, are primarily used in the United States of America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

However, other countries also use them. This 12-digit number scans products at points of sale. It was created by scanning grocery items in supermarkets.

It’s now used to identify all retail products and can be subdivided according to label type. 

A UPC is one way to identify products on Amazon. Amazon UPC codes will be searched first to determine if there is a match. If not, a new product detail page will be created.

European Article Number

European Article Numbers (EAN) are a type of UPC that can also be used to scan products at the point of sale. This can be used on Amazon. 

However, it must not be attached to any invalid product EAN listings. Otherwise, it could be removed from your account and you may face suspension or removal.

Japanese Article Number

The Japanese Article Number (JAN), a barcode, was created in 1978. It is compatible with EANs. This meant that it had to have a flag number attached (either 49/45). 

It is a 9-digit number (seven digits plus flag code) that works on Amazon in the same way as UPCs and ISBNs and EANs.

Amazon Identification Number

Because it is Amazon’s unique barcode system, the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), might be the one that you are most familiar with. 

It is a 10-digit alphanumeric number that uniquely identifies products on Amazon.

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