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Monalisa Barua Mehta, a young woman from the North East, was one of India’s most decorated athletes. She was given the prestigious Arjuna Award for her outstanding achievements on the national stage and was a proud representative of her country at the Asian Games and in sports. Just like any other Indian, Monalisa Baruah was born on the 7th of December. 

At the age of 11, she started playing table tennis and her family supported her to develop her career in this sport. In 1986, the paddler was invited to the Indian Railways Sports Promotion Board’s tournament. 

She gained national attention by defeating her relative Minati Sarma in the final match of the said tournament. Mithu, a girl from Assam, has just become the World Billiards champion. This comes as no surprise to her family or friends back home. She herself was surprised to see she had won a silver medal during school days when she took part in the School Games.

In 1976, when Monalisa was just a free spirit, she won her maiden National Sub Junior title. This title would pave the path for her to win the title of Junior and Senior National Champions in 1979 and 1985 respectively. From winning the Padmawati trophy on five consecutive occasions since 1975 to playing a crucial role in the team’s victory, Monalisa is keen on spreading cheer at all corners of our great nation. 

Monalisa Baruah was one of the best athletes India has ever produced. Monalisa started her sports career as a javelin thrower before shifting to table tennis and then rising to become the best in the beylikdüzü escort sport.

Mithu Barua is one of India’s best-known table tennis players. In 1984, she was the country’s top women’s singles player, and she represented India in events such as the Asian Games, World Championships and South Asian Federation Games. 

In 1987 she became an Arjuna awardee, and that year she married another leading table tennis player, Kamalesh Mehta. Currently, Mithu Barua works for the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) as a general manager, and she continues to be involved with the Table Tennis Federation of India.

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