Carpet cleaning and pest control services seem like such an overlooked opportunity. There seems to be so much unnecessary work and effort put into making sure we have a clean, dust-free environment – yet we neglect the biggest asset of them all – our carpets.

We mustn’t just simply vacuum and call it a day – we need to be able to identify and remove all of the elements that cause those unsightly stains from those carpets. We also need to make sure that those nasty unwanted pests are under control as well. Those little pests can make life miserable if they’re left to their own devices! In this article, we are going to give you some simple tips about carpet cleaning as well as give you effective pest control options enlisted by Arlington Carpet Cleaning VA.

Whether you need Pest Control or not?

One of the common symptoms of a pest problem is the damage caused to carpet and rug fibers. If you are seeing some small bare patch on the carpet or have seen moth larvae, eggs kind of stuff then it’s time to have pest control. You may also be getting physical signs including itching, rashes from fleas and bedbugs. 

Why get your carpets cleaned professionally?

You may be able to find a lot of DIY cleaning ideas and solutions online for carpet cleaning. Yet, it is not necessary that they may work effectively or you may have all the necessary equipment. It is possible that your efforts may not end up giving you the right result. Perhaps, it is advisable to opt for professional cleaning services to get a deep cleaning and enhance the longevity of your carpets. 

Nowadays, ‘Hot Water Extraction’ or HWE is one of the most effective ways of pest control while deep cleaning. It is more impactful than a vacuum cleaning. As vacuum cleaning can pick up insects but HWE tends to exert them with enough temperature to even kill their eggs. HWE doesn’t require a lot of detergents simultaneously, it is environment friendly and safe for pets or children. 

Types of Carpet Pests

Carpet pets are commonly termed textile pests. Enlisted below are some of the carpet pests. 


If you have pets in your house then having fleas is common. With the help of HWE’s high temperature combined with immense pressure, you will be able to clean the base of the carpet fibers while killing fleas and their eggs. 

Carpet Beetles & Moths

Even though moths and beetles don’t eat fabrics, their larvae do. Most adult beetles tend to lay their eggs in closets, air ducts, furniture, baseboards, and similar areas. 

Once hatched the larvae stay in a dark undisturbed area and they are to feed upon organic material for survival. Pet urine, debris, and soil are the perfect breeding grounds for them. 


Bedbugs can enter your home from anywhere including bringing second-hand furniture to your home without checking them. Sometimes, they are resistant to insecticides which makes it notoriously hard to remove them. Opting for carpet cleaning services like Arlington Carpet Cleaning VA can be an effective choice. 

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