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One of the largest and most advanced EHR solutions on the market today is Athenahealth’s. The reason why they’ve been so successful? It all comes down to one thing: Their pursuit for a medical record software that just works, with no bugs in its feature set whatsoever! What makes this even more impressive is how well it integrates into other healthcare gadgets like apps or wearables; not only does it provide everything necessary but also removes any needlessly complicated interface. 

How is Athena EMR Different From Other EMRs? 

Athena EMR is a company that has been disrupting the industry. They are technology-driven and understand basic needs for physicians, but also offer innovative solutions with awards such as KLAS to show off their excellence in this area of focus. Offering an extensive range of products/services athena healthcare helps medical practices deliver optimal information without distraction so they can provide reliable care every time – which makes them known amongst other specialty EHRs who offer customized service based on your specialty’s requirements. 

Athena Pricing 

Athenahealth pricing can be confusing, especially for newbies. The athenaOne bundle is a great solution because it includes practice management and care coordination all in one package-no more spreadsheets or painful negotiations with providers! But make sure you compare prices across other EHR suites before making your decision so that there are no unpleasant surprises when the bill comes due 

Athena pricing might seem like an overwhelming task when looking into healthcare IT solutions. However, if one has enough blessings then we would recommend checking out what they offer through their excellent customer service team. You won’t regret taking advantage of these services. 

Athenahealth had their act together soon after through leadership from Veritas Capital and Evergreen Coast Capital who are both affiliates of hedge fund Elliott Management, which helped them reignite growth rates not seen since before these developments occurred. 

Athenahealth Pros And Cons 

Understanding the benefits of athenahealth is a must for any business owner. There are many advantages to this service, but there can also be some risks if not done properly or researched thoroughly enough beforehand. As an athenahealth customer, you may find yourself wondering what the pros and cons are. Let’s take a look at both sides of this argument to see if they outweigh each other for your needs, 


  • Athenahealth Pro provides an innovative and disruptive healthcare experience for customers, who oftentimes are seeking solutions that the industry has failed to provide. 
  • Cost management by giving you more control over your budget.  
  • Our mobile app makes it easy for employees on the go, so you don’t have to carry large amounts of paper files around everywhere. 
  • You can also access lab reports right from home without having them sent via courier as well. 
  • Through the athenahealth Marketplace, they offer a plethora of 3rd party applications that can be seamlessly integrated. This is done through their marketplace which has more than 100 apps available for users to choose from. 
  • Practice management is a difficult task that can be costly to both patient care and your bottom line. With low up-front costs, athenahealth offers Practice Management solutions for all types of practices. 


  • In the interest of your practice’s bottom line, make sure that you research what their billing system is actually capable of before signing up for it. There have been reports from other practices that utilize Athenahealth services about some potentially concerning vulnerabilities in its robustness and performance so be cautious when considering this option as well. 
  • Despite not realizing any cost savings, many companies choose to outsource their billing services. 
  • Most long-term patients have accumulated multiple entries, most of which are old resolved issues that shouldn’t appear on their current report anyway. 
  • In order to make a purchase from AthenaHealth, you need their billing software which requires more work than is described when they are trying to convince people. 
  • This makes it difficult for the busy physician who needs to complete lots of paperwork in a timely manner – leading many people to double document their work instead (paper copy then on the computer). 


The goal of Athena Health is to decrease the amount of time spent on screens, which in turn will help provide better care. The company’s EMR provides these benefits through features and prices that allow clinicians more room for other tasks while still providing them with necessary information about their patient’s health status or progress throughout treatment. 

Athenahealth’s Practice Management solution is a strong selling point for the company and has shown results in improving practices. The rate at which they can resolve claims on average, as well as by what percentage of times it takes less than 15 minutes to complete one claim with this software (32% quicker), shows how beneficial these programs could potentially be if implemented correctly. 

Athena is able to make a medication list from your pharmacy purchase history. This aids in compiling comprehensive lists quickly, especially when you don’t know what medicines are on the patients’ drugs regimen or if they’re off-label prescriptions that aren’t recorded by their doctor’s office yet–and this module only gives out five medications at once! The downside?. However, sometimes additions won’t have enough lines already filled out because some people just write things down incorrectly. 

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