It’s the time of week once again, when we select a letter of the alphabet and search for all the well-known and obscure auto brands that have names beginning with that exact letter. Have we ever picked “O” before? It’s highly unlikely.

Can you think of at least a handful of car brands that begin in “O”? This may sound simple however, it’s actually difficult than you’d believe. We welcome you to assist us by leaving a comment below if there’s more you can tell us about In the meantime, here’s a complete list of cars that begin with O which might catch you off guard or not. It’s entertaining.

A question is what number of automobiles have you seen and even seen in actual use? Different people have different requirements that is why there is a constantly increasing demand for cars. Without further delay this is the list of cars that start with the letter O:

Making the right decision in buying a vehicle, pursuing your passion and establishing a plan for your business or simply expanding your horizons are only possible with accurate and complete details about each automobile brand along with its history and the products it offers. This is made easier by sources which collect, retrieve and verify the information. Given that the story of the automobile started over a century and one-half years back, it doesn’t aid in preserving data that is older in time. We find ourselves increasingly confronted with the reality that much of the details about the people who were at the beginning of the automobile industry has been slowly disappearing and being buried in scraps of old photographs, newspapers, and postcards.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
Oreca 07 LMP2Oreca 07 LMP2

The company is based within Russelsheim, Hesse, Germany, Opel was founded in 1862, by Adam Opel and at that time , the company was focused on the production of sewing machines. The first German automakers was purchased from General Motors in 1931 and Opel is currently under the management by Groupe PSA and Stellantis.

There are many excellent automobiles and models created by Opel Their range is vast, however they weren’t able to make it into the United States. There are a variety of automobile brands across the globe that carry Opel’s experience and focus on particulars.

For Northern America, Canada, Mexico and China, Opel sells its vehicles under the Buick brand. However, in Australia as well as New Zealand Holden is the name to remember. The British are familiar with Vauxhall automobiles. This is why Vauxhall is a major supplier of automobiles and parts across around 60 different countries in the world that makes it the most well-known car manufacturer beginning with the letter O.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
1972 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

Between the years 1897-2004, Oldsmobile made history and made a number of different models and vehicle types. Most of them were in favour the interests of General Motors. Oldsmobile has produced more than 35 million vehicles through the decades.

The American automobile maker stood out from the crowd when it tested groundbreaking design and technology, and it is a good idea to consider the Oldsmobile Aerotech. The high-speed car was developed to make waves in the world and set records for speed a few decades ago , and it did.

With the assistance from the assistance of an Indy 500 driver, this project was able to achieve the rate of 267mph (around 435 km/h) in the early 1980s. Does this sound impressive? what? In the years prior to its death, Oldsmobile was the oldest known American automobile brand, and also one of the oldest automobile businesses around.

Did you consider that Oldsmobile was the first automobile manufacturer to create a fully automated transmission? It was in 1940. The brand may be gone now, however we would like to see someone decide to bring the brand back in the future.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
VW Golf GTI By Oettinger

Oettinger Sport Systems – if you’re looking for tuning your car Some of you may recognize this name. This business is all about aesthetics and performance and that’s why they’ve been called the top tuners of Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda cars for quite some time.

In Friedrichsdorf, Germany, Oettinger is focused on providing everything you require to turn your VW-group car into something that people can discuss. The company offers a variety of products including engine tuning kits to sleek aerodynamic designs along with cool alloy wheels and sports suspensions, sports exhaust systems, and a variety of accessories and interior components.

Whatever you want This company has the answer. Check them out even if they’re not a car maker as such!

Old Yeller

Car Brands That Start With ''O''
Old Yeller II

Max along with Ina Balchowsky came together and shared their inventive talents to create their own Old Yeller race car back in 1959. The international sports car that was later dubbed”the Old Yeller II took on the challenge of competing in every major international competitions. This Old Yeller was all about the speed and intensity, but the overall design was unfinished.

But a 330-hp Nailhead Buick 401 engine aimed to compensate for that, and could go from the quickest time from 0-60 miles per hour in under four seconds. Remember it was 1959. As you might imagine that it was the Old Yeller II went on to create racing history.

Olsbergs MSE

Car Brands That Start With ''O''
Olsbergs MSE Rallycross car

The former rally champion also Swedish winner Andreas Eriksson had a crazy idea in 2005. That was the time when Olsbergs MSE began to take shape. Olsbergs is an auto-racing team and race car manufacturer that is focused on high-performance vehicles.

It is located close to close to the Swedish capital city of Stockholm located close to Stockholm, the Olsbergs MSE headquarters serves as the center of operations for the entire team. This building covers more than 2,000 square meters of fabrication, design, and chassis-building equipment. In addition, in addition to developing race cars The team was also able to participate at FIA Worlds Championship Rallycross events.

Take a look at Ford Olsbergs MSE racer and the wild vibes it sent out. Engineers and mechanics have the ability to work on 14 vehicles simultaneously in the hq. the office, an in-house gym, a cafeteria that resembles a restaurant and a relaxing lounge keep guests and employees happy in all times.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
2004 Orca C113

In 2003 in 2003, in 2003, the Rene and Ralph Beck company was founded in Ebenholz, Vaduz, Liechtenstein to build sports automobiles. They developed and built Orca 113, the Orca 113 platform and the Beck LM800 prototype. It was the Orca 113 was available in three variants. It was produced in seven models three C113 coupes and 2 R113 Concept versions and a roadster version C113 roadster two SC7 (exclusive model). The production stopped in 2007. The Beck LM 800 was the only vehicle manufactured by the company. It had the Audi Twin Turbo V8 engine.

Liechtenstein is a small but captivating place where myths fill our minds with awe. It is unlikely you’ve ever imagined the possibility of a car manufacturer there. Do the words Orca Engineering ring an alarm to any of you?

The company is based in Liechtenstein This sports car manufacturer was established in the year 1818 by Rene Beck 18 years ago and was designed to be ingenuous – and it is. Its Orca 113 Platform was designed to allow three different versions however its plans to build vehicles in 198 haven’t achieved yet.

However, car enthusiasts from across the globe are beginning to recognize the uniqueness of this brand and its unique vision of the auto industry.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
2009 Oreca FLM-09

ORECA (Organization Exploitation Competitive Automobiles) was initially an French racing team formed in the year 1973 under the leadership of Hugues de Chaunac. Since 2007, the brand has begun to become an automaker for sports cars. Courage Competition prototypes were created from its foundation. The first vehicle of this brand is the Oreca 01 LMP1 class. In 2009 The FLM09 model was designed to compete in Formula Le Mans. In 2015 and in 2017, two models, the Oreca 05 and Oreca 07 were launched and Oreca 07 were released, respectively. A modified version of the former was known as the Acura ARX-05, participated in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

French are known for leaving their mark in the automotive world, and especially the race circuit. It’s so easy to find at least three vehicles that have French origin that have taken the racing world to the streets over the many years. It is always interesting to learn about a different team or racing organization that has invest its efforts into the sport.

From 1973 onward, ORECA has been an acclaimed French racecar manufacturer which has enjoyed a remarkable results in various motorsport levels. It has established itself as a respected designer of sports prototypes, Groupe Oreca is one name that you must think of when thinking about performance-oriented vehicles.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''

Officine Specializzate, Costruzione Automobili or more commonly O.S.C.A. – was founded around 1947, through the Maserati brothers. The Italian race and sport automobile manufacturer was the genuine thing, at the very most between 1947 and 1967.

The company quickly gained recognition as the most renowned producer of race cars, and their involvement in racing on the Formula One circuit and their amazing cars couldn’t be missed in the 1950s.

It is located situated in San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna The shop may not quite reach the same status of the company that is home based was – a.k.a. Maserati However, this doesn’t mean that it didn’t fly beneath our radar.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
Osella Corse Racecar

Osella Engineering was an Italian racing team created by Vincenzo Ozella, nicknamed ‘Enzo’. The team started racing throughout the 1960s, in Abarth, Italy. In 1975, at its workshop, the company built its own version of the Osella FA2 chassis. It was it was then sold a year later. The following development Osella FA3 as a subject to be sold, did not prove an immediate success. In the end, the direction of production for the sports team was cut off. The team began to lead the way and was not reinstated from 1980 until 1990.

Vincenzo “Enzo” Osella was the genius responsible for Osella Engineering, an Italian race car maker based in Italy. The company is most well-known for its work in the development of racing vehicles specifically to race in mountain terrain. Osella finished second at the 1997 World Championship for Sports Cars with the Osella PA5 BMW.

Osella tried to take over Formula Two in 1976. Formula Two world in 1976 however financial difficulties caused him to withdraw before the season’s end.

In the early 1980s, Osella was the beneficiary of factory Alfa Romeo engines, both in naturally-aspirated (1983-84) and turbo (1984-88) versions, and looking to win Formula One titles. They were heavy and insecure, the cars were no match for the racing. In 1990 after ten years of Formula One and still without any significant sponsorship, Enzo Osella sold shares of his team to the Metalwork mogul Gabriele Rumi.

The brand participated in at least 132 Grands Prix races between 1980 between 1980 and 1990. After achieving the success it did in such a competitive atmosphere, the brand is present today in Verolengo which is where the employees construct race cars designed for hill climbing and other races.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
1910 Overland Automobile Model 42

It was the Overland Automobile Company of America was established in 1903 by Claude Cox in 1903 at Terre Haute in Indiana, United States. After the move into Indianapolis, Indiana founder in 1908, he sold his company to John North Willys, who changed the company’s name to Willys-Overland by 1912. It was in the year 1910 that the firm came up with its famous Overland 42 model, based on the same model Milton Reeves would create his eight-wheeler Reeves Octo-Auto. The Overlands were manufactured until 1926, at which point the Willys Whippet took over the Overlands.

The Overland Automobile Company was an American automobile maker. One of the first automakers The company was established around 1903 Claude Cox, a graduate of Rose Polytechnic Institute, while working for the Standard Wheel Company of Terre Haute, Indiana.

As fortune would have it the year 1905 saw Cox moves his company, the Overland Automobile Company to Indianapolis, Indiana and three years later Overland Motors was purchased by John North Willys. By 1912, the firm was known as Willys-Overland.

There were some models that merit mention for example, Model 13, but the unique Overland was created in 1911, when Milton Reeves modified a 1910 model, resulting in with an 8-wheel Reeves Octo-Auto. In 1926 Overlands ended and was completed.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
Ogle SX1000 Competition Coupe

Ogle Design was a small British design firm that was involved in the area of automotive design. It was established by David Ogle in 1954 in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, to manufacture household and industrial equipment that gained the trust of the public. The brand was established in 1959 and was able to take on the design of vehicles. Its factories began making cars and light-duty trucks. Following the death of the SX1000, the car’s designer, in 1962 SX1000, SX1000 was discontinued in 1962. the new executive decided to end production of cars.

In 1954, the company was founded in 1954 by David Ogle after leaving Murphy Radio, Ogle Design is an British automobile manufacturing company which is known mostly for its distinctive designs, however initially, it was about household and industrial items.

The company’s first client of note was Bush Radio. Ogle was given the task of designing two products that were the TR82 radio as well as the SRP31D record player. It is located at Letchworth, Hertfordshire, this brand is also famous for a range of vehicles created from 1959 to 1962.

It was 1962 when David Ogle was unfortunately killed in a collision that involved the SX1000 automobiles and that was the moment when production of cars stopped. Tom Karen became Managing Director and Carl Olsen joined the team as the senior designer of the product.

By 1965, the staff had risen and the brand was associated in Reliant as well as a myriad of other conceptual designs, including the highly fake Robin model. Did you not know that Lucas Electric Taxi, one of the first electric vehicles has also been given the Ogle seal of approval?

It’s also interesting that the same company was approached by the makers of the film ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ in 1976 with the intention that Ogle could design Luke Skywalker’s famous Landspeeder as well as that of the movie’s Y-Fighter. It’s amazing! Even today, the British business remains in operation, making their mark on a variety of designs ranging from phones to radios and even boats.


Car Brands That Start With ''O''
1928 OM Tipo

Italian motor manufacturer OM Carrelli Elevatori S.p.A. is a company that dates as far back as 1917 and is situated within Milan, Italy. It manufactures automobiles with the under the name OM Pimespo. Up until 1933, it was an unincorporated company. The first model of the brand came in it was the Tipo S305 of 1918, modelled on an Italian Zust. In 1923, the legendary Om 665 Superba was built. It was in the year 1968 that the business was bought by FIAT and was renamed FIAT Carrelli Elevatori. In 2002, the company was removed from it’s oath with FIAT and focused on the manufacturing of top-quality equipment for handling materials.

Final Words

It’s a matter of which of these brands are familiar to you and what about their activities and amazing accomplishments? Yes, I’ve discovered a few things when researching for this article , and I was more intrigued by the background of the auto industry. What are they going to do in the near future? We’ll never know however I’ll conduct some research as I try to guess about the future. Are you interested in joining?

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