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The logo is used by companies and individuals and it is the most common visual identity. Logo design has been constantly evolving since the first logo was ever designed and implemented in an organization. Today, we witness new types of logos with different purposes and objectives.

Let’s take a look at some of the major types of logos that exist today:

Classic logo

Classic Logo, as the name suggests is a logo design that has been around since the beginning of designing logos. It is simple and minimalistic. The use of this type of Logo might seem outdated, but it can still be used with proper recycling and degradation seems.

This type is most popular with companies that have been around for a long time, the Logo is then designed to reflect that history.

Emblem logo

An Emblem Logo tends to have more symbolic representation rather than just being a text/symbol signifier. There are many symbols within this Logo that can be used as an identifier of what the company does or who they are. This type of Logo is very popular and can be seen around any corner of the world.

Emblem Logo should always be accompanied by a text Logo as well because this type might feel it lacking at times. This Logo will seem incomplete to certain individuals and they may not understand what or who the logo represents without knowing more information about them.

Character logo

This Logo can be seen in the form of an illustration. This sort of Logo is very popular with companies that are targeting younger audiences. It adds a fun element to the Logo and brings it to life. This Logotype will continue to exist because there are many companies that have been using this Logo for years, so it is here to stay.

With the use of this Logo, companies hope to attract people or bring more attention to themselves with a Logo that is more interesting and unique than others. This Logo helps companies appeal and tend to their younger audiences and business partners.

Letter logo

This Logotype involves using text as the Logo rather than anything else. This Logotype is very popular with many individuals and companies as well. Many companies use this Logo because it is simple and can be recognized by anyone and everyone.

Being the simplest Logotype, Letter Logo works very well for certain companies that have a long history of success or that have been around for a while before other Logotypes were even created. This Logotype is a classic Logo that will never go out of style!

Behavior logo

This Logotype includes behavior as the Logo, such as dancing Logo or running Logo, etc. This might seem bizarre and unique at first glance but this Logo has been used by many companies around the world as well.

Logo might be just Logo to some but Logo actually affects the way how people perceive your business or company. A logo that is talking or moving can make it more interesting and attractive to certain individuals, especially those who like for example dancing Logo. This type of Logo will continue to exist because this Logo puts emphasis on what your company does rather than what you are.

Combination logo

This Logotype is when two or more Logotypes are combined to form a single Logo. This Logo might seem like the best out there because it will work well with different audiences and business partners, but this Logo can also be the hardest Logo to create since many factors need to be taken into consideration during Logo design.

Logo design is the cornerstone of every business. The logo is your company’s face and it should be made accordingly. So that people can recognize you by your logo. The Logo design has evolved a lot in the past few years with the advent of new technologies and ideas. Logo makers are also working on the latest trends like flat design to create impressive logos for businesses. The Logo plays a pivotal role in strengthening your brand and giving it a personality. The logo is something that you carry with you wherever you go. Thus it should be made according to the business requirements and needs.

Logo design tips for beginners

There are a few basic design tips that every graphic designer should keep in mind while designing logos for businesses:

Logo size:

The Logo size can be easily determined by considering the size of your business card.

You have to keep in mind that the logo should be printed on a business card as well as on other promotional items like letterheads, brochures, and banners.

A Logo design can also increase your brand value as it is being viewed from various sources.

A Logo designers use simple ideas and concept that are easy to remember and sticks around for a longer period of time.

Logo size can vary from business to business and according to the necessity and requirement of your business.

Logo colors:

The Logo designing services is all about using colors as it is one way through which logos grab the attention of viewers. Logo colors should be attractive so that people notice them easily. Business logo color scheme should be selected according to the mood of your business. Logo colors should speak about you and your services. It should also give an idea to customers about what they can expect from you. The color choices are limited only to designers’ imagination as logos may appear in various colors depending upon their purpose. Logo designing is all about uniqueness so you can choose any color of your choice.

Logo layout should also be in compliance with business card size and room available. Their colors are a very important part of logo design process as it speaks about the company’s personality. You can choose any color that goes well with your business. Make sure that you don’t use too many colors to avoid confusion among viewers. Logo colors are also important as far as brand recognition is concerned. Logo color schemes should be consistent throughout the business advertising. A logo should create a visual identity for your business it can easily be done with appropriate use of colors.

The Logo design will present you in front of your customers with its sheer brilliance so make sure that it contains an attractive color scheme.

Their colors should be related to your business so that they can grab the attention of viewers easily and they don’t get confused with the color scheme.

The Logo design is all about grabbing attention so use colors accordingly.

Logo text:

A Logo text plays an important part in logo designing as it adds more detail to your logo.

The logo text is also important as it represents your brand name so make sure that you use the right Logo font.

Logo designers now focus more on typography Logo design with the help of the latest Logo fonts.

Logo in a Nutshell

In Logo design, what matters the most is the Logo’s ability to capture the audience and business partner’s focus and attention. The logo should also be memorable to people so they can easily recall when seeing your Logo again in the future. The logo needs to use colors that are right for the Logo. A Logo should be simple enough to understand yet meaningful at the same time. The logo is not only a Logo anymore. The logo has evolved over time with different types of Logos emerging. A Logo will always remain as people’s memory of your company or business that you work for.

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