With the regular practice of Vrischikasana or Scorpion Pose, we can keep our bodies mentally and physically healthy and fit.

Regular practice of yoga asanas is helpful in reducing physical as well as mental challenges. To stay physically and mentally healthy and fit, the regular practice of Yoga Asanas must be included in your daily routine. Vrischikasana is one such yoga asana, with regular practice of which you can get all the unique benefits from stomach problems to facial beauty. Although its practice is a bit difficult, after antalya escort practicing Vrischikasana regularly, it can also become very easy for you. How to practice Vrischikasana, one of the advanced Ashtanga postures? What precautions should be taken while practicing it and what are the benefits of its regular practice? So let’s learn about all these things.

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Vrischikasana or Scorpion Pose

Scorpion Pose, one of the advanced postures of Ashtanga yoga, is a difficult yoga asana, whose regular practice benefits the body in many problems. Vrischikasana is a combination of a backbend and forearm balance pose and balance, flexibility, and hand strength are essential to perform this yoga posture or asana with ease. In this asana, the body has to be moved in the scorpion pose, and so it is also called Vrischikasana or The Scorpion Pose. Experts suggest that this asana should be practiced in the morning. This should be done only on an empty stomach and it must be kept in mind that there should be a gap of at least 10 hours between the practice of this asana and the meal. This asana is considered extremely beneficial for the stomach as well as the problems of nerves, endocrine glands, and aging.

How to practice Vrischikasana?

Vrischikasana is an advanced pose of Ashtanga yoga, so a trainer or yoga expert is needed to practice it in the beginning. You can practice it by following these steps, but if you are new to its practice, then definitely take the help of a yoga instructor or expert.

  1. Stand on the ground by laying a yoga mat or mat.
  2. Keep your hands and knees on the ground.
  3. Place the hands on the ground till the elbow and hold the elbow of the left hand with the right hand and the elbow of the right hand with the left hand.
  4. Now keep in mind that the distance between your hands is equal to the distance between the shoulders.
  5. Now keeping the balance of the body, raise the hips upwards.
  6. Now raise both the knees above the ground and come in a posture like a headstand.
  7. Keeping the toes facing out, move the feet towards the head.
  8. After staying in this position for about 20 to 30 seconds, comfortably move both your feet towards the ground and come back to the earlier position.
  9. If you are not used to the headstand, then you can take the support of the wall to do this.
  10. Come to the normal position and keep the body in a relaxed position for some time.

Precautions While Doing Vrischikasana:

People beginning the practice of yoga asanas should not practice Vrischikasana, this asana is only recommended for habitual people. There is a possibility of injury by practicing it alone, so doing it alone should also be avoided. There are some things that are important to keep in mind while practicing this asana.

  • Newbies should not practice this asana.
  • Initially, it should be practiced under the supervision of a trainer or expert.
  • Do not practice it in problems related to back or spinal cord, hip injury, vertigo, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.
  • Women should not practice it during pregnancy and menstruation.

Benefits of Vrischikasana:

Regular practice of Vrischikasana strengthens the back, torso, legs, and shoulders. Its regular practice is beneficial in many problems related to the stomach. Along with keeping the body strong, its practice is also beneficial in keeping the feet toned. These are the benefits of practicing Vrischikasana regularly.

  1. Very beneficial in stomach-related problems, its regular practice helps in reducing belly fat.
  2. Regular practice of this asana is useful in improving the stamina of the body.
  3. Extremely beneficial in strengthening the arms, legs, and back.
  4. Very beneficial for hip muscles like the psoas, gluteus maximus, adductor, etc.
  5. Its regular practice is beneficial to keep the legs strong and well-toned.
  6. Extremely beneficial for the lungs: Regular practice of this asana helps in expanding the diaphragm of the chest.
  7. Its regular practice increases the blood pressure in your brain, which improves memory and concentration.
  8. This asana is very beneficial in making the spine, shoulders, and upper arm flexible.
  9. Its regular practice is considered useful to relieve anxiety and stress.
  10. Regular practice of this asana is beneficial for improving the functioning of thyroid glands.
  11. Its regular practice benefits in enhancing the beauty of the face and reducing wrinkles.
  12. Its practice is beneficial in the problem related to the neck, by practicing Vrischikasana, the risk of spondylitis can be reduced.
  13. Regular practice of this asana is considered very beneficial in hair-related problems like graying of hair and fall etc.
  14. Regular practice of this asana also gives benefits in diseases related to urine.
  15. Regular practice of Vrischikasana helps in activating and balancing the Sahasrara Chakra, Ajna Chakra, Vishuddha Chakra, and Anahata Chakra.

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Regular practice of Vrischikasana provides strength and flexibility to the body. Its regular practice is considered very useful for the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Regular practice of this asana is beneficial in reducing mental feelings like anger, pride, hatred, intolerance, and jealousy. We hope you liked this information, necessary precautions should be followed while practicing Vrischikasana. In the starting, practice it only under the supervision of an expert or trainer.

Continuous yoga practice leads to better health benefits. Hope you liked this article and now you have understood well about this yoga posture.

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