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Looking for a program that gives you exposure to multiple perspectives, learning through experience, researching, balancing academic work with co-curricular activities etc.? Then IB Diploma is the one  you should choose to gain a high level of personal growth and key 21st century skills.

Earning an IB diploma from a top IB School in Dubai will help you to take on special academic challenges and explore beyond the school curriculum.

The IB (International baccalaureate) diploma is a 2 year program that is open to students for the age group of 16 to 19 years. It’s rigorous, stimulating, inspiring, and it allows students to know what they’re capable of. For those who choose IB from an India International School , they are sure to gain many benefits, skills and a high level of confidence that will be helpful to move forward in their life.

Curriculum in an IB School In Dubai

The IB Diploma programme has 3 core components (TOK, EE, CAS) along with 6 subject groups where students have to take 3-4 higher level subjects and 3 standard level subjects.

  • The first and major requirement of India International School is that students have to write a lengthy 4000-word essay (EE) based on independent research. 
  • Second requirement is that students have to take a Theory of Knowledge (TOK)course which requires critical thinking and epistemology. 
  • Third requirement is that students have to participate in a number of extracurricular activities (CAS).

Students have to choose subjects from 6 core subjects (at least 3 but not more than 4 subjects at a higher level, and the remaining at a standard level).

  • Language and Literature
  • English A: Literature Higher Level
  • English A: Literature Standard Level
  • English A: Language and Literature Standard Level
  • English A: Language and Literature Higher Level


  • Language Acquisition
  • French ab initio Standard Level
  • Spanish ab initio Standard Level
  • French B Standard Level
  • Tamil B Standard Level
  • Hindi B Higher Level
  • Hindi B Standard Level


  • Individuals and Societies
  • Business Management Higher Level
  • Economics Standard Level
  • History Standard Level
  • Business Management Standard Level
  • Environmental Systems and Societies Standard Level
  • Psychology Standard Level
  • Economics Higher Level
  • History Higher Level
  • Psychology Higher Level


  • Sciences
  • Biology Higher Level
  • Biology Standard Level
  • Chemistry Higher Level
  • Chemistry Standard Level
  • Computer Science Higher Level
  • Computer Science Standard Level
  • Design Technology Standard Level
  • Design Technology Higher Level
  • Physics Standard Level
  • Physics Higher Level


  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Higher Level
  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Standard Level
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation Higher Level
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation Standard Level


  • Arts
  • Film Standard Level
  • Film Higher Level
  • Visual Arts Standard Level
  • Standard Level
  • Visual Arts Higher Level

Note:-If you are confused about the IB subjects then the best way to sort this query is ask your IB teachers, counsellors or research in school websites to find the detailed information.

IB Assessments in an India International School

Some IB subjects are assessed by teachers (Internal assessments) and some by external examiners (External assessments). Assessment varies from subject to subject as some subjects have exams while some have projects such as Visual Arts and Theatre, while History subjects require essay writing, whereas, some subjects require short answers. So, it is best to choose as per your strengths and weaknesses.

IB School Dubai provides a grace period where students can take their time to understand each subject and figure out if they want to stick to it or switch.

Bonus Tips

  • List subjects as per their HL/SL assessment, create a SWOT (Strength, weakness opportunities and threats) analysis of each subject which will help you to choose subjects wisely.
  • In order to ensure you get into any university, you will have to choose a combination of subjects  that are challenging enough but don’t stress you.
  • IB Diploma requires a great deal of commitment level so make sure you dedicate your time.
  • Give yourself more time to get your hands on the subject, do not judge right in the beginning.
  • Research, Awareness and Preparation is most important in clearing your IBDP.

Earning IB Diploma from IB School Dubai is an asset in a different number of ways

  1. Clearing the IB diploma from an  India International School means you are better at critical thinking, analyzing and understanding the information.
  2. Students holding an IB diploma have higher acceptance rates in top universities compared to other students who have studied under other boards.
  3. IB school students have a greater chance of being granted scholarships.
  4. IB Diploma is interdisciplinary which develops students into international-minded individuals who have the habit of lifelong learning.
  5. IB School Dubai students are taught to be independent, explore new things, figure out solutions or ideas to solve circumstances or situations.
  6. In the IB diploma program students get to explore concepts that have local as well as global significance. 
  7. IB Diploma students acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of various fields
  8. Students of an India International School understand, evaluate a variety of perceptions and grow.
  9. IB Students grow as principled individuals, known for their integrity,honesty, and respect for individuals.
  10. IB diploma helps students to be creative and imaginative and know how to deal with everyday problems and dilemmas.
  11. IB diploma opens the door of various opportunities in personal and professional life. 
  12. Students gain critical thinking skills, learn to be curious and solve complex problems.
  13. IB encourages students to actively participate in community services under (CAS) where they can learn beyond academics.
  14. IB Diploma teaches students to learn through experience and take action in the service of others and turn into  well-rounded, motivated, engaged individuals.
  15. Students pursue their own interests and gain various skills through projects, community service, sports, and other co-curricular activities. 
  16. IB Diploma prepares students to question, reflect, research, write and present what they have learned.


The IB Diploma from an  India International School  is a renowned qualification to seek a broad and challenging curriculum that helps students to develop all the skills needed for success. IB diploma is not just a degree, it is a complete package for the overall development of students.

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