movers in al Nahda DubaiSometimes packing is more stressful than the actual move itself. While some people may be comfortable in handling everything on their own, we understand that other people may require assistance with packing. If this is the case for you, are able to assist and assist you. In the end, we’re experts to create making the perfect package.

We provide a range of additional packing services that meet your requirements. Look over our packing options and choose which one is best for you.


Select the level of packing assistance you require. There’s an additional package available to suit everyone! If you’re unsure which one you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and assist to select the appropriate package.


  • We’ll take care of everything
  • Complete packing and packing services as well as supplies for your entire house
  • You can also get unpacking assistance at the new location

This package add-on is designed ideal for people who hate packing. There’s no need to do anything! We’ll arrive and load all your belongings into our specially made moving boxes. We’ve got you covered with boxes, tape, papers and so on. You can relax and drink your cup of coffee. The best moving day of my life!


  • Our most-requested add-on packing service
  • Specialized packing solutions for pots, dishes pans, and all the small accessories
  • Extra care is needed for dishes and breakables
  • We’ll load everything, apart from your kitchen sink!

Of all the rooms in your house the kitchen is always the one that has the largest number of items. Do you have trouble figuring out what to put in the dishes, pots, wine glasses, coffee mugs and small gadgets all seem like a lot of tasks? Let us do it for you! Your valuables are safe with us.


  • Ideal for awkward or large objects
  • Perfect for rooms with unique antiques or items
  • We’ll bring the boxes you’ll need and assist you in packing the items you need or rooms.

It’s likely that you have most of the packing taken care of However, there are two or three objects that you’re not quite sure how to handle or have a space that you’re not sure about. This is the extra packing service you need. All you need to do is let us know what you would like packed. It’s as easy as that.


  • Included in all our moving packs
  • Place your hanging objects in your closet. We’ll just those things or rooms
  • We’ll also put them up in the new space you’ve just moved into.

Whatever level of help with packing you pick You’ll never have to think about your closets! Let us take care of your wardrobe. In a single swoop, we’ll walk through every room and gather the hanging items you’ve got carefully pack them into our wardrobe boxes that are convenient and secure them for your new residence. This is a fantastic time-saver. It’s only one of numerous ways we can help you move!


Our mission statement says it all: we would like to move you not just your boxes. Movers in al Nahda Dubai ready to do what it takes to make the process of moving more enjoyable. If it’s packing your entire house with us, or simply moving a few tiny objects, we’re there to assist. If you’re not a fan of moving, you’ll love us!

Be aware that if you choose to tackle the majority (or the majority) or all your packing, you can offer moving boxes and other packing supplies. Contact us and tell us what you require. If you’re moving to us nearly enjoyable!

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