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Australia is such a vast and untamed continent filled with numerous places that allure people to explore them. For a family outgoing, probably the best and most exciting way to explore the luscious, wild, and glorious Australia is to hop on a cycling adventure. There are a lot of challenging and beautiful cycling routes all across the country, however, the terrain is not equally suitable for kids as it is for experienced cyclists. If you are looking for your next family fun endeavor, here are some of the best cycling routes that each family member will enjoy.

Embrace all the sea delights in Hervey Bay, Queensland

As Australia is surrounded by sea, you can search the map for the best beach to go cycling to, and still, you will have a hard time choosing. If your kids love to take breaks, have a picnic, and rest more often rather than peddling constantly, head to Hervey Bay. Besides having the opportunity to ride the bike along the Hervey Bay Recreational Trail, you would be able to spend a marvelous day with your kids at the coast. The best thing is that you can go whale-watching and see other majestic sea creatures.

Muscle-up at Kosciuszko National Park, NSW

Whether you live near Canberra, Melbourne, or Sydney, going to Mt Kosciuszko for a fierce cycling adventure with your kids will be worth the trip. The Thredbo Valley cycling track is perfect for kids aged 11 and up, and it’s an ideal trail to test your mountain cycling expertise. Starting from Thredbo Diggings campground to Bullocks Flat, which is around 5,4 km return, will make the kids go crazy. You will be passing huge rock formations, splendid sceneries, and amazing water features. Get prepared for an active day out and make sure you get quality kids bikes. It’s of utmost importance that the bike is sturdy, super-light, safe, and suitable for mountain biking as kids will be twisting, turning, passing bridges, and cycling through invigorating mountain terrain.

True delights for the whole cycling family at Swan Valley, Western Australia

If you are in for loads of fun, pack only the vital amenities and set the route for Swan Valley. Located around 25 km northeast of Perth, this charming valley has a great cycling route adaptable for the whole family. The trip would be utterly worth our time and money, as you can rent the bikes and then explore the Swan Valley Heritage Cycle Trail which comprises three routes at various distances: 4km, 30km, and 32km. Along the shared-use path, you could expect wildlife encounters, make pit-stops at some of the valley’s dazzling wineries, and try local gourmet foods at summer markets.

Blend with the nature at Musgrave track, Queensland

Much of the Musgrave Track is filled with lush plants, planters, and other sprucing greeneries. This old logging trail is around 6km long and it goes through the famous World Heritage rainforest of Djiru National Park just inland of Mission Beach. The route is adaptable for walking and intermediate cycling, ideal for families with small kids. Along the wide and smooth route, you would go through thick Licuala Fan Palms, pass various river crossings, and many other riveting rainforest delights. What’s more, kids would get absolutely stunned by the sight of Cassowary who roams around the route.

Ease up at Royal National Park route, NSW

One of the most popular cycling routes is located an hour south of Sydney. It is at the Royal National Park. This nature heaven is a real cycling gem as it has around 70km of magnificent tree-lined roads that swirls through notable one of the oldest nature reserves in entire Australia. For an easy family cycling adventure, you could be cycling in mild tempo on the path beside Bola Creek and the Hacking River. This is ideal for kids as it’s a 4,4km loop. If you are up for a mountain biking experience, you could go to Manly Dam Mountain Track.

Explore the awesome Murray Valley, Victoria to NSW

The Murray Valley is defined by Australia’s longest river, the Murray River. It’s no wonder that this cycling destination is loved by so many people. Going cycling on the Five Mile mountain bike trail, which is a 7km purpose-built mountain bike trail, would be a memorable experience for the whole family. You will have the chance to see the greatest natural wonders this region has to offer alongside the grand Murray River. The most amazing thing is that you could bring your dog along! Also, if you get tired, you could take a break. You can have a picnic at the Five Mile Picnic area of the regional park.

A historic city trail, Victoria

If the road brings you near Victoria’s highlands, you simply must visit the quiet country town of Yea. Make sure that you bring your bikes. This way you could all cycle on Australia’s longest continuous rail-trail. It’s called the Great Victorian Rail Trail. There you can enjoy rolling pastures and picture-perfect sceneries. This cycling route is perfect if you wish to show some history to your kids. You would have the opportunity to go through the historic Cheviot Tunnel (which is currently closed but opens in May). Also, you could take a mini-break in the city and have a joyous city tour. You can see other historic buildings and later chill out at a country pub.

A perfect Sydney’s family gateway

If you don’t want to go distances, and you live near Sydney, there is an abundance of cycling routes. The entire family can enjoy these. Ride alongside the city’s famous harbour and experience its wonderful azure blue waters. The most famous harbour-side track is the Bay Run. Here you can see many locals and tourists. They usually enjoy walking, running, cycling (obviously) around the 7km loop route, and simply enjoying the city’s awesome sights. On the other hand, you could go to the picturesque Centennial Park. It’s located in the east part of the city. This is an enclosed 3,7km loop track. And it’s ideal for family cycling adventures. You can hire bikes in the park, or bring your own. In any way, expect to have loads of fun riding along with bombastic city areas.

A variety of marvels at Brisbane Water National Park, Queensland

There are many cycling routes for keen cyclists. However, most Central Coasters love to explore the Brisbane Water National Park and take all the nature has to offer. Here you could go along the 10km mid-grade cycling route Warrah Trig cycling loop. It follows the ridge between Patonga and Pearl beach. You can have the chance to have a picnic on some of the park’s gorgeous lookouts. Or, the entire family could have a cycling competition as the route is ideal for fast rides.

Add these amazing family-friendly cycling routes to your itinerary list and get prepared to see the numerous wonders this lovely continent has to offer along your ride.

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