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Competition in the market and better choices go side by side. With huge options available it is like living in a paradise for a customer, as one can select based on whatever major or minor feature or characteristics they need.  Just take the example of a cellphone. Start counting the names of the companies and you will be amazed.

Just imagine the different models of phones offered by just the top2 or 3 cellphones companies and you will be thrilled.

I don’t know if it’s about the simpler feature, more safety or privacy, or anything else but Apple company and its product like android appeal the teenagers.

  • com states that according to a survey of 7000 Us teenagers (who were on average 16.1 years old),88% own an android.
  • Not just that the figure is expected to rise higher as 90% want their next phone to be android.

Top 5 Myths Busted:

Well, teenagers want android then what do the parents want. Apart from raise in the salary, well we want the best parental control app for android.  Tech generation is fast so we should be even faster. They want the best technology in the teenage than it means we should be prepared enough to make sure that we can keep up without kids and their taste in technology and gadgets.

The OgyMogy spy app offers the best parental control features for android. Believe it or not, this will be the mandatory thing shortly. I was not a big fan of such things in the near past, but the experience with the Ogymogy spy app proved it to be one of the best parental control apps for android. So if you are the one who believes in too many myths just like the past me here are the top 5 myths unbusted about the use of parental control apps for android.

  1. They Make You Bad Parent:

First No, second A big No. This kind of pessimistic thinking is one of the reasons parents suffer more these days. There is nothing wrong to take help from technology to take better care of your kid. Spy apps like OgyMogy the best parental control app is used for

  • Assuring the safety of the minor
  • That Make sure, they are not bullied, blackmailed, or harassed both online and in real life.
  • To keep them healthy both mentally and physically
  • To minimize the drastic effects of advanced technology on their life

Now tell me what’s wrong if the parent wants these things for their Childers.

  1. You Need To Be Good With Technology:

No, it is one of the big misunderstandings that stop those parents to use spy apps who are not that good with technology. Well, the spy app doesn’t make you accomplish a complex mission. All you need to do is install the app on the target device that does not take more than 5 minutes and you are done. Spy app is responsible for all the work, you are just there to keep a check on the recordings and videos saved on the online web portal.

  1. This Spy App Thing Is Beyond Affordability:

I thought it will be a costly deal to get a spy app for my kid. But I was wrong. It’s not true. Moreover, different kind of packages makes it much easier for parents like us who want to keep it economical yet efficient.

  1. Different Packages Offer Different Features:

Just take the example of OgyMogy the best parental control app for android. The package details are

  • Basic $12 per month
  • Standard $69 for 6months
  • Extreme $90 For 12 months

Divide it into monthly, seasonal, or yearly packages and don’t need to worry about the feature as all the packages contain the same features.

  1. Legal Complexities Attached:

No legal complexities are attached, as it s the right of us parents to make assure the minor safety and wellbeing. Just check your country’s law before buying the app if you are outside of the US.

It is not just a complete package only for android. The android version of the android spy app can be used to keep a strict eye on the android gadgets of teenagers. Don’t think too much. Just give it a try for once and you will love this technology.

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