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Senior secondary learning plays a very important role in the educational lives of the students. From here students select which stream and subject they want to study in their eleventh and twelfth to develop a bright and successful future for themselves. Among the three streams humanities, science, and commerce, students have the choice to select and pursue. 

Many students go for the science stream and choose physics, chemistry, and mathematics as the academic subjects to study. These subjects are detailed and applicative and require effective studies. Let us discuss some tips for effective study of PCM subjects and becoming a successful science learning student. 

PCM study tips for students 

1. Make a balance in learning between all the subjects 

Physics, chemistry, and mathematics are all three subjects that are quite detailed and applicative. All these three subjects require equal time for learning and practice. Many students fear physics and prefer avoiding it. And some students have the same problem with maths. But this must be avoided for sure. 

Don’t only study the subject that you enjoy learning. All subjects need to be learned and practiced. Make an effective timetable that includes time to study all three subjects. Make a balance between learning all three subjects. This will help you to become an effective science learner. 

2. Note making 

Note-making is very important to understand and comprehend the subjects better. Physics, chemistry, and maths lessons are full of formulas, units, and derivations along with other theories.  To make your learning systematic, and more effective, all students must ensure note-making.

 Actively listening to the teachers and making notes in the class or making them while self-studying, both help students to understand better, write and retain the topics for a longer time. The students who opt for computer science too along with physics, chemistry, and maths, remember to make computer notes of the coding, applications, and other lessons being taught to you. 

3. Practice, practice, and practice more 

Physics, chemistry, and mathematics all are applicative subjects. Understanding and becoming effective at applications needs time and cannot be done in a single day. Hence all students must focus on practicing as much as possible.

 Make a proper study timetable that along with learning and doing other activities have some time to have a practice session. During this time, solve questions, do numerical problems, write and solve the derivations, equations, maths questions, and more. With this, you will become better at PCM subjects. 

4. Use technology

Physics, chemistry, and maths are slightly difficult and complex subjects. Other than theory, the applicative portions become challenging learning for the students. But this problem can be solved by using technology. Sometimes understanding every topic from the textbooks and guides is not that effective and therefore students must go for audiovisual technical tools. 

With the help of visualization, students grab the concepts better and quicker. With the help of online teaching apps and sites, students can access tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, quizzes, and more to understand better. Also, students can find here several practice exercises too. 

5. Revise regularly

Don’t simply move from one lesson to another. Revisions are very important. Only single-time learning of the lessons is not enough to hold a proper command of the PCM subjects. Many students keep delaying their studies for the last and are left with no time to revise. 

This affects their science learning and performance. Revisions are very important. All students must complete their syllabus and lessons timely so that they get enough time to revise the lessons. Read the topics, revise your physics notes, solve, and practice questions. 

6. Don’t stress too much 

We all know that science subjects are detailed, lengthy, and complex to understand. Hence students find dealing with it a  little challenging and feel stressed. While a little stress is fine to keep you effective but excessive amounts of stress must be avoided. Keep giving your best, keep studying effectively and take help from teachers. Reduce your stress levels to study better. 


PCM subjects comprise physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It is a  science stream that is quite applicative and is found difficult for many students. But every subject has different ways to be studied effectively. By following the above-mentioned tips, which are practicing more, using technology, note-making, maintaining a balance between learning all three subjects, and revising regularly, students can understand, comprehend and perform well in physics, chemistry, and mathematics study. 

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