Real Estate Agent: 10 Proven Lead Generation Ideas

It can be difficult for marketers and brokers to find the right lead generation strategies in the highly competitive real estate market. We have covered ten incredible real estate lead generation strategies for the constantly changing industry. These will help the real estate agent Bentonville to keep your game plan in order.

Google Ads

Google Ads will help you market your realty company through Google’s vast search network, display network, and Google shopping ads.

It is one of the Google advertising formats that can be used to generate leads. Google Lead extension forms are designed to draw users by providing a responsive form under the ad. For example, the form could be an inquiry form that your customer fills out. Then you will get back to him with the solutions to his inquiry.

The extension of the lead form is created in Google Ads and attached to a video, search, or discovery campaign.

Facebook ads

The National Home Buying Survey shows that 97% of all house buyers started their search online in 2020. According to research, 79% of real estate agents use Facebook. This is an excellent resource for real estate agents who is looking to find new clients.

Facebook ads can be used to target the right audience based on their interests, geography, and demographics. You may find the ideal clients for any property you are trying to sell via Facebook.

You may utilize the Facebook tool – 277% better at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn is a network that’s open to all professionals. It’s also more effective than Twitter and Facebook at generating leads.


LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are similar to the extensions for Facebook and Google Lead Gen form extensions. They allow advertisers to collect leads through LinkedIn without having to refer them to other landing pages.

It also contains a pre-filled form that holds the user’s personal information. When a user clicks on the advertisement, a form will appear that they can fill out and send. This increases the user experience, reduces friction, and improves lead generation.

Videos are a great marketing tool

It’s not enough to post pictures on social media. Real estate leads generation ideas are more than that. While posting pictures is a great way to show what you are selling, did know that real estate listings with videos get 40% more inquiries than those without videos.

You can increase your reach and attract more people by posting a video to your social media. You can post a variety of videos such as live tours, question-answer session videos, neighborhood tour videos, and real estate listing videos.

A community page

A community page on your website is essential to fully utilize SEO tools. This section includes all information regarding your work, localities, and listings. You can even find details such as the location, history, and cost of living.

People searching for homes in your city or area will find your website when they search for your address. This allows you to get more traffic through search engines. Once they click on your website, you can turn them into customers or leads by offering free services in return for their email addresses.

This allows the real estate agent to keep them informed about new listings and offers in their preferred areas, as well as turn them into potential customers.

Make your app: A powerful idea for real estate lead generation

Your real estate app can help you generate more leads. You can send push notifications about new listings, promotions, and other things to increase your leads by creating your real estate app. Potential leads are more likely than others to click on push notifications instead of open links in email marketing campaigns.

Even if the app is not possible to create, an expert can help you. They can customize it to fit your company’s strengths. You can also use free app builders to make a basic app that has personalized features. A robust, personalized application can help you increase your marketing and generate more leads.

To say thanks, send out gifts and cards!

It’s a great idea to send thank you notes to potential clients. Sending out handwritten notes? Even better. You can retain loyal customers by sending thank you notes, seasonal greeting cards, and gifts.

Your referrals will increase and your sales will improve if you nurture your sphere of influence. Your SOI is people you know and trusts enough to recommend you to their friends and family. It is important to take care of them in order to keep your company’s name alive.

They will be touched by your thoughtful and meaningful gifts and will think of you often.


Retargeting is a method of marketing that targets website visitors continuously until they become customers. This is a great way to generate real leads through real estate. Targeting people who are already interested in you means they have higher click-through rates than regular display ads.

A retargeting campaign is supposed to get you 70% more customers, an overall 700% increase in website visitors, and a conversion rate of 150%.

Visit expired listings

You can find great leads by looking at old listings. Real estate owners who fail to sell their property despite trying numerous times can be great customers. You can solve the problem by identifying the reasons they are not attracting buyers. You can make them loyal customers by turning their situation around. This will also result in a lot of referrals.

Host open houses

Open houses are a great way to generate leads for your real estate agency. This is where potential buyers can view the property and make an appointment to see it. To host a successful open house, you need to first create flyers, design door hangers, and distribute postcards in your community. Then, use social media to attract attention to the listing.

Even if your property does not sell, you will have a list to follow up on later. The pandemic is also making virtual open houses on platforms such as Zoom very popular. You should not be afraid to try new strategies and mix them up to get better results. This will help you stand out in the real estate market.

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