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As you know to secure your window you need to select the window stay and fastener. When it comes to selecting durable ironmongery products like stays and fasteners from a variety of styles and finishes. You need to learn about them before going to purchase. Otherwise, the wrong selection of window furniture may create issues for you in the near future. For this, you need to determine whether your window has a multipoint locking mechanism or requires traditional fasteners. There are so many options to select the right window fastener design that is an exciting part of your home. Along with the importance of material and colour selections, dimensions, style, and glazing, don’t overlook the important aspects.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you a few pointers when selecting or designing your windows. They are useful for any house construction or restoration project, it requires careful consideration of window size and style. Your right decision can completely transform a building, while the poor choice can completely damage the aesthetic of any property.

Useful Window Stays and Fasteners to Secure your Window

  1. Casements Windows 

In the casement windows, there are one or more hinges on the side of a casement window. In addition, before the introduction of sash windows, casement windows were popular in the UK. They were mainly composed of metal with leaded glass. Moreover, they were made of wood and covered with practical outside shutters from the start of the Victorian era.

  1. Sash Windows

Sash windows are from the Georgian and Edwardian periods. They can move up and down to open and close from both the top and bottom. They are generally known for their ornamental qualities among the users. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. Engineered wood, GRP composite, UPVC flush-fitting, and aluminium coated timber are the materials and colours.

  1. Handles with Multipoint Lock

In order to increase security, multipoint locking mechanisms are commonly installed in windows. The spindle powers the multipoint lock, and is able to secure at three spots within the frame. This locking mechanism requires an espagnolette handle. With this, the window can be locked by wrapping up the grub screw on the handle. Moreover, you can also use window stays in place of espagnolette handles.

  1. Windows Fasteners

It is a traditional timber window without an internal locking mechanism that can be secured with fasteners. You may be surprised to know that the majority of fasteners are held in place by a mortice plate. They recessed into the window frame, which is paired with matching window fastener. For this, a fastener and hook plate is used on windows with a central mullion. 

A wedge plate is used on fasteners with a night venting facility that helps to keep the window open. There is a tightening grub screw that holds the fastener in a closed position, so fasteners can be locked. Window bolts or locking stay pins are used to enhance the security of windows because there is no locking fastener. In terms of styles and finishes, you will get a vast selection of high-quality fasteners and stays.

  1. Sash Furniture

You can also use the specific Sash Furniture collection as per your need. Moreover, on the mid-rail, a Sash hook fastener is required to attach the top and bottom sashes. These sash lifts are used to help in the lifting and shutting of the bottom sash of this product.

Generally, they are normally installed in pairs and can be pulled down using a sash eye. Moreover, Sash fasteners, sash handles, sash pulleys, and sash window cords are also available.

  1. Casement Windows that open Outwards

These casement windows include the casement stays, casement fasteners, and espagnolette handles. In order to match the decor of your window, they come in a variety of patterns, finishes, and sizes.

If we talk about casement stays, they keep casement windows in a proper position while they are opening or closing. In addition, this enables the best possible ventilation process. In terms of popularity, brass reeded casement window stays and beeswax monkey tail casement stays are popular casement stays. 

They are truly ideal solutions for holding windows in place and closing them. You can also discover the popular window fasteners for your home. These products are such as black rosehead, black monkey tail, and stainless steel square, to adorn and secure your windows.

Ironmongery World recommends you right-hand window espag handles if you need more security. Furthermore, they are available in left or right-handed versions that can be used to lock your windows safely. There is a large selection of furnishings, including pewter sash lifts that are able to slide up and down to sash windows. Furthermore, they are able to keep sash windows open to allow for ventilation. 

  1. Casement Stay

A casement stay is really necessary for casement windows to keep the window in a semi-open position. This casement stays needs to attach to the window frame or the bottom of the window. While positioned on the pins you need to screw to the window frame. There are many holes throughout the length of the casement stay that can be utilised to keep the window open.

In general, common lengths for casement stays are available in 203mm, 254mm, and 305mm. Overall, there are a variety of distinct designs that are very appealing to you. They are screwed to the window’s edge and are often closed or semi-open to allow ventilation to a mortice plate. You will get them in a variety of finishes, locking, and non-locking patterns.

  1. Windows with a Fanlight

You can explore the variety of fanlight catches with a number of features. They are such as satin chrome fanlight catches and brass fanlight catches. All are capable of securing your inward opening windows. Fanlight windows and bottom hanging windows can also be outfitted with fanlight stays. They include a fanlight window screw opener, which is used to operate your fanlight windows while using this.

  1. Fasteners & Handles for Sliding Sash Windows

A sash lift, sash handle, or sash pull are required to open your sliding sash windows. They have an upside-down hook shape so you can place your fingers and press up or down. This will allow you to open or close the window on a regular basis. In addition to this, they have a straight design that is raised by inserting fingers beneath the lift. 

Furthermore, they are curving handles that are used to open and close windows in the conventional form. You may know a sash pull also known as a flush pull. Even more, they are available in a rectangular shape with an indentation for your fingertips. It’s normally installed into the window frame such that the pull’s exterior frame is flush with the frame.

Styles of Window Stay that need to Consider

  1. Wherever possible, keep the styles symmetrical.
  2. You should install the dummy sashes on fixed panes to produce a symmetrical effect and make it a storm-proof window.
  3. It is important to consider utilising glazing bars. They are vital to strike the appropriate proportion of bars to glass.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, these window stays and fasteners come in a variety of finishes and required features. You can select the best from polished brass, polished chrome plate, and more. Moreover, they provide a clean look, and also provide security as per your need for your house. So, you should match the colour and design of your existing window furnishings with your window fastener.

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