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Do you want to buy new bedding products? You will be overwhelmed because the choice is unlimited to choose from. You can buy bedding items online and offline. The bed sheets are available from $30 to several hundred dollars. The qualities of pure cotton king size bedsheet vary as the prices of bed sheets vary.

A buyer has to consider different aspects to select a bed sheet. These include thread count, material and quality of the cotton. A buyer can make a wise decision if he or she has knowledge about the bed sheet, thread count and material etc. The most popular weaves in bed linen are Sateen, Percale, Twill, Jersey Knit, Flannel and Satin.


Sateen weave is woven on Jacquard looms. This fabric is silky and smoother than other types of fabrics. In sateen weave you can have higher thread counts. It gives softness and quality to the fabric.


It is the strongest weave of the all. You can feel velvet like touch in percale weave. It is an ideal fabric for hot sleepers. These bed sheets are breathable. A thread count of about 800 can be achieved in this type of weave. It is not recommended in low thread counts because best percale sheets 2020 with lower thread counts are not durable. But keep in mind that quality of cotton is important than the thread count.


The pattern of this weave is diagonal parallel. It is commonly found in bed linen. It looks rough on touch so their sale is not as good as that of cotton.

Jersey Knit

This fabric looks like the fabric of a T-shirt. These bed sheets are stretchy. This fabric is not much durable so it is not expensive.


These bed sheets are woven with a nap. They give soft and hot feeling so people mostly use them in winter. This is the nap, due to which people feel that flannel sheets create friction more than the other sheets. These are not much durable bed sheets. These bed sheets are not expensive ones.


Satin is not a weave. This fabric is clingy and slippery. This fabric looks hot and it is manufactured with synthetic material. It is not breathable like natural material. This fabric is not wrinkle free and melts with hot iron. The color of these bed sheets is mostly red and black. You can feel problem with these bed sheet easily. The thread count is important but mostly the quality or grade of the cotton is important.

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