Not all is lost if you still do not have a credit history, what’s more, everything is yet to be built, it is your best opportunity to be visible and build your financial image that, without a doubt, will be your cover letter for the rest of your life, Economically speaking. 

For everything that is built-in life, you have to take the first step. Therefore, if you are between 18 and 24 years old and you fear managing a loan or do not request it because you consider that it will never be given to you, this information may be useful. 

We will tell you how to manage your credits and loans even without having a credit life, but we will also tell you why it is important to create it and how to maintain it to make your life project and your dreams come true. 

 Credits with no credit life 

If this is the first time you are going to apply for a loan, surely you will not be able to start by requesting large amounts of money. Now, believe it or not, it may be that there is information about you in the credit information centers.  

Even the best way to build a credit history is by saving. Having a savings account is the first step, and using it constantly allows you to get to know yourself better. In addition, having a cell phone or having a well-managed educational loan are also points in favor that, even if you don’t know it, are adding to your history.  

Another point to take into account is that the more years of credit experience, the less risk it will present for the financial sector, as this indicates to these institutions that you know better how the products and services they offer work.

It should be noted that Data credit scores range from 150 to 950 points, in which scores close to 150 are those associated with people who have a high probability of falling into default, while people with a score of 950 are those who have a very low probability of default.

Credit cards for students or young people are also a strategy that counts as a “biography” within the financial obligations that are acquired. The really important thing is the good repayment behavior: small unresolved debts can turn into negative reports that will affect the possibility of loans of a greater amount, such as down payments for a motorcycle, car, or apartment. 

How to get credit without a credit life? 

As we said before, it may be that you already have a history in the credit information centers. However, you can start with low-amount loans, which help you create your credit risk profile, and then you can access larger ones. 

To access, you can contact us through our website or go to one of our branches, where one of our advisors will provide you with all the necessary information and if you agree, start a study or credit analysis, in which we indicate what is the approximate quota, requirements and feasibility. 

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