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Canon Pixma TS9120 Setup

Canon Pixma TS9120is an all-in-one printer that offers top quality printing, is designed specifically for this purpose. It’s an ideal printer for use at home and in professional settings and so those seeking an affordable printer should consider purchasing the Canon Pixma TS9120.

The Canon Pixma Ts9120 printer can accomplish all printing tasks including print, scan or copying, and many more with ease. Moreover, this printer lets users print documents from their smartphones. To make use of the features of the TS9120 Printer’s Printer, users have to first setup the printer.

For all of our readers, we have here presented the wireless and wired configuration procedure for Canon Pixma TS9120. Thus, all users need to be sure to go through the steps below regarding the Canon Pixma Ts9120 setup. Once the setup is finished users can print their entire work.

Download Canon Pixma TS9120 Driver

To utilize the Canon Pixma printer, it is imperative to download the driver Canon Pixma. We have provided the steps to help you download the driver.

  • The users are suggested to download printer drivers from “ij.start.cannon” on their system for use with the printer.
  • The user can install the driver for their printer from the CD or download it on the official website.
  • Make sure you clear any temporary files prior to downloading the driver for your printer. In the course of installation users should also be able to agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Additionally, users are advised to select the mode of connection at the time of the process of installation.
  • Once the driver gets installed on the system, move on to the installation process.

Wireless configuration for Windows

Follow these steps to configure the Canon Pixma TS9120 wireless network.

  • If your printer is “OFF” switch it “ON”.
  • Users then can press the wireless icon, and choose “LAN Settings”>”Wireless LAN>”Wireless LAN configuration”>”Easy Wireless Connect”>”Yes.”
  • Install the driver that you downloaded, and then install it.
  • You will then go through the screen steps.
  • After that, click the checkbox that is associated with the terms and conditions.
  • Now, select the connection type “Wireless Connection” during the connection.
  • Once you have done this, give the name of your network and then complete the setup procedure.

Setup wireless on Mac

Follow the below prompts for Mac users.

  • Then, turn the printer “ON” by pressing the “Power” button.
  • The wireless connect option can be enabled by clicking on the printer touch.
  • Next, go to “LAN Settings” and then select the “Wireless LAN” option.
  • Then, under the “Wireless LAN” option, select the “Easy Wireless Connect.”
  • Next, on the window then, click “OK.”
  • After this, open the Mac system, and then select the “Next” option on the screen for setting up.
  • Users are then asked to enter their username and password.
  • Then select the “Install Helper” option.
  • Choose “Start Canon Pixma setup TS9120″ and then set the settings.
  • Now the printer status is then verified. Following this, users are advised to choose the “mode of connection.”
  • Next, choose the router they would like to join.
  • Log in with your credentials, and then click the “Next” button.
  • Once the installation is completed After the installation is complete, click on the “Add Printer” option to connect the printer.
  • Once the printer is installed to the device, the user is able to close the TS9120 configuration on a Mac device.

This is the Canon Pixma setup process. We hope the set-up process for the Canon Pixma printer was easy thanks to the steps above.

Instructions for Canon Pixma TR7520 Setup

The Canon Pixma Tr7520 is the ideal printer to boost home or office productivity and is packed with many advanced printing capabilities. Users can use the printer to scan, print, copy and fax with ease. Furthermore, the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup procedure is easy and straightforward to complete. However, users who fail to finish the setup procedure should adhere to the instructions below.

Note: The user can carry out the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup procedure on the official website or via the CD.

Note: It permits users to select whether they would like to connect their printer using the USB connection or through a LAN connection.

Be aware that when using the printer with an internet connection then the Canon PixmaTR7520 setup is required. If the setup procedure is already complete the connection will be immediately confirmed. If the printer setup process isn’t completed you must follow the instructions below to complete the setup process.

  • To start the printer, press “ON” in the beginning, then push the button to power it up.
  • Then go to the preferred web browser.
  • After that, type in the Official URL for the website, ij.start.cannon to the browser’s search bar.
  • The official webpage will get shown on the screen.
  • Users will now be asked to choose the device they wish to set up.
  • Then, select one of the printers from the selection that follows, or you could also type in the model of the printer in your search box.

The user can complete the setup process following the steps listed below.

  • Connecting to Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet
  • Making Fax Ready for Use

Option 1: Connecting to Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet

  • To begin the setup process Users are advised to press the “Download” button.
  • This download process of the “.exe” file will now start.
  • After that, wait for the download process to finish and then start the “.exe” file.
  • Users are now encouraged to select a preferred option for a language in the “Language” menu.
  • Press”Next. “Next” button.
  • Following that, users must choose the method of connecting to the printer.
  • Note: There are two options: “Wireless LAN Connection” and “USB Connection.”
  • Users are advised to choose their preferred option from there.
  • To finish the setup process you must follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Be aware that during the setup stage, ensure that your printer is turned “ON.”

Option 2: Making Fax Ready For Use

Anyone looking for steps to set up the Fax must follow the steps given below.

  • Select the configuration for your telephone line.
  • Following that, users will have to choose between “Easy Setup” and “Various Settings” to determine how they would like to receive the faxes.
  • Users are now able to choose the “Start” button from the drop-down menu.
  • Note: Those who purchased the printer in China or Canada must select the printer that is most suitable for their needs.
  • Users are then directed to complete the setup procedure using the on-screen instructions.

By following the steps outlined in the previous paragraphs, every user can complete the Canon Pixma T7520 setup procedure with no difficulty. However, if a user is having trouble setting up the printer, they should speak to Canon support experts.

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