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The Gojek clone app is one of the most popular on demand multi service apps in the market. With the advent of this single unique application, the unorganised sector of on demand services turned into a smooth sailing. People could simply turn their smart phones on and find the service provider that they need at the moment.


The Gojek clone app works by allowing service providers to list their expertise and experience on the app along with their availability. When the user needs a service provider, they can select the service that they want and that would take them to a landing page with that service on it.

There are various categories within every service. The users can select the particular service and then see a list of all the service providers there. There is a radius of action that the app owner can set using the admin panel, therefore, whoever is available within that radius will be shown in the list. Now, the user can see all the available service providers and their experience, expertise and the prices that they have quoted for the same.

The user can select the service provider and the app automatically generates a request that is sent across to that particular service provider. The service provider now gets the request and has the opportunity to accept the job or they can simply reject it. If the request is rejected, the user is notified of the same. The user can select another service provider and the request gets sent again. The user is free to do this until a service provider of their choice accepts the request.

If the service provider accepts the request, they are notified of all the details of the job along with the address of where the services need to be delivered. The service provider can then go to the service request location and deliver their services.

Once the services are delivered, the app automatically generates an invoice and deducts the payment (in case the user has chosen online payment, else they can pay using cash at the end of the services rendered). The app also deducts the commission percentage for the app owner and passes on the remainder to the service provider.


If you have been looking for the perfect Gojek clone app that will suit your business and all its custom requirements, here’s a checklist to help you do just that. Take a look:

  1. Testing

If you have to make an investment on the app, it is best that you only invest in something that you have tested thoroughly before. For this, make sure that you download the testing version on Android as well as iOS devices so that you know exactly what you are putting your money in it.

  1. Licensed Source Code

The licensed source code of the application is the basic essential that you need in order to make any kind of update or modification to the app. For this, it is important that you only purchase an on demand Gojek clone app that has been built by developers who are willing to offer the licensed source code of the application that is licensed particularly to your domain.

  1. CoVid 19 Features

The present times have been hard on the whole world. This is why; it is important that you put your money down in an application that is feature rich and particularly caters for the pandemic and the tough times during the CoVid 19 outbreak.


White labelled apps are the best solutions for you. You can simply get your readymade Gojek Clone App white labelled to your own logo, brand name, custom colour theme, integration of the choice of your own local currency, integration of the choice of your own local language and more in just a matter of 5 to 7 working days.

The Gojek clone app is one of the best on demand multi service solutions available in the market today. If you have always wanted a solution that can help in putting your business on the map, then you must make sure that you step in at the right time into the market and buy your own Gojek clone app from a reliable on demand mobile app development company that has launched at least a thousand on demand apps on the Google Play store and the iOS app store.

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