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Craftsman cleaning – we remove dust and dirt:

Have you had visits from craftsmen at home? Or should the new construction be completely sharp? It is inevitable that craftsmen will dust and partly mess. It is a part of their work tasks that they can not get around.

But, when they are done, it should of course look good again. And if you or you do not have the surplus to do it yourself, because it is a renovation of the entire home or major new construction, our specialized department is happy to step in.

We have an entire department in Jacobsens Rengøring, which takes care of professional craftsman cleaning on both a smaller and larger scale. This can be anything from cleaning for masons and construction companies to cleaning for private individuals who have had their entire home renovated.

No matter how large a scale it is, the cleaning is always professional and top-notch. For nothing less can do it if even the fine dust has to be removed.

Feel free to contact us for craftsman cleaning.

 Different customers – Different routines

How we perform craftsman cleaning depends on the type of task and in a way the type of customer. Because you are a private customer, we make sure to clean in all corners and on all surfaces at once.

Are you instead a business customer, and are we booked in for cleaning a larger area – e.g. in connection with new construction -, we often take the cleaning over twice. The first round is typically carried out before the review by the client, where we remove the cardboard and other loose parts, vacuum, and take a light wipe of the furniture.

When the client has no more to put on the construction, we start the second round, which we call the final cleaning. Here we clean all surfaces including windows before delivery so that the premises are in principle ready to be used immediately.

Craftsman cleaning on a smaller scale:

Do you need help cleaning in sheds? Or in smaller areas? When you book us in for craftsman cleaning, it does not have to be on a large scale for us to take on the task. Therefore, if you need a team to come and clean the craftsmen’s sheds every day or a couple of times a week, we are also very happy to do this.

Our experience is very broad and our tasks include:

  • Cleanup
  • Wiping
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor washing
  • Disposal of waste
  • Vacuuming
  • Delivery of soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • Cleaning refrigerators

Cleaning is important, whether it is 20,000 m2 or 25 m2. Our task is simply to listen to and understand what you as a customer want and then deliver just that.

All craftsman cleaning is performed with environmentally friendly and gentle cleaning agents so that both the environment and our staff are protected. It does not go beyond the quality of the cleaning as this is the same. It is just with a greater responsibility so that we can clean with a clear conscience.

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