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From interiors to exteriors, staples to dairy products, today, everything is available online and Germany represents a very wide and diverse landscape when it comes to online shopping. Name one thing which is an important item for daily living and is not available online. 

There are a number of options when it comes to buying any home utility item online, today in this blog we will provide light on some of the websites which you can consider to do daily utility item shopping online.

We have researched and analyzed a 5 factor measurement matrix to shortlist these websites which you must consider for various daily utility items online, which are given below:

  1. Delivery Charges
  2. User Reviews
  3. Usability and Experience
  4. Product Prices
  5. Deals and Offers

Based on above given matrix, we have compiled 5 websites from various categories related to home utilities

So, without wasting much of the time let’s jump directly on to the topic of the day – 

Best Daily Utility Items Shopping Websites in Germany

To provide you with the niche based top websites we have shortlisted the following categories which are needed in day to day life:

  1. Home Improvement
  2. Grocery
  3. Handyman services
  4. Medicine and Healthcare

Home Improvement

Your home’s interiors and exterior comes under the home improvement category, we have further divided it into segments to provide you with the best websites related to the niche.


#1 Houzz.com

Houzz.com is a one stop solution for all of your interior related problems, Houzz lets you discover interior design ideas from millions of inspirations, shop best quality interior products like furniture, decoration items etc, and also allow you to hire professionals for your home’s interior renovation. Our experts and Houzz users indicate the following rating to our measurement matrix for Houzz.com

Factor Rating
Usability and Experience 5/5
Delivery Charges 4/5
User Reviews 4.2/5
Product Prices 3.5/5
Deals and Offers 3/5


#2 Xbau.eu

A perfect home means solid, durable and beautiful builded structure. As discussed earlier in this blog,everything is available online. Customers are also looking online for exterior related products like building blocks, moulding and casting materials etc. Xbau.eu solves this problem by providing end to end materials and solutions for the construction and building of your house. 

Factor Rating
Usability and Experience 4/5
Delivery Charges 3/5
User Reviews 4/5
Product Prices 3.8/5
Deals and Offers 3/5

Electronics and Appliances

#3 Amazon.de

Amazon is the world’s most trusted online store for everything and when it comes to electronics and appliances amazon.de is the most authentic and trusted choice of users. Availability of a wide range of products and brands in best prices and fastest deliveries have helped Amazon scale up their operations and user trust in Germany for nearly every home utility item shopping. 

Factor Rating
Usability and Experience 4.5/5
Delivery Charges 5/5
User Reviews 4/5
Product Prices 5/5
Deals and Offers 4/5

Personal Needs and Groceries

#4 Dookan.com

Grocery and kitchen items are considered as a critical object when it comes to online shopping, as the quality of products and prices are a major factor of decision. Dookan is an all in one online store for grocery online in Germany. Apart from this, dookan holds a reputable position when it comes to delivering groceries at doorsteps in Germany. Quality products and best market price make dookan a preferred choice for ordering Indian grocery online in Germany. Dookan is also the top vegetable and fruit delivery option if you want to farm fresh fruits and veggies delivered at your doorstep. 

Factor Rating
Usability and Experience 4.5/5
Delivery Charges 5/5
User Reviews 4/5
Product Prices 5/5
Deals and Offers 4/5

Handyman Services

#5 Hanyman4u.berlin

Finding a reliable handyman for plumbing, carpentry, electricity, home cleaning etc, is a tough task in this fast and lockdown prone era. Handyman4u.berlin solves this problem by providing best services related to any of the handyman services. There are a number of options when it’s about hiring a handyman agency but handyman4u.berlin stands good on our list of best home utility shopping websites. 

Factor Rating
Usability and Experience 3.5/5
Delivery Charges 4.5/5
User Reviews 3.5/5
Product Prices 4.5/5
Deals and Offers 3/5

This brings us to the conclusion of our list of best home utility shopping websites in Germany that make life really easy and can be trusted with daily goods and services. 

Medicines and Healthcare Products

#6 Docmorris.de

Ordering medicines and healthcare products online is a critical task as it sometimes is a matter of life and death if the products are delayed or are not appropriate for the user. Among  hundreds of pharma eCommerce websites available online, DocMorris.de has proved that it is surely the most authentic and trustworthy medicine or healthcare products online shop. 

Factor Rating
Usability and Experience 4.5/5
Delivery Charges 5/5
User Reviews 4.6/5
Product Prices 3.5/5
Deals and Offers 3/5

A few tips which you should consider before buying any item online

  • Always refer to user reviews before buying any item online. Unlike offline mediums online mediums are often prone to duplicate items and frauds.
  • Always make transactions to a https secured website only. 
  • Compare the prices and offers available on other websites.
  • Check manufacturer and distributor warranty guidelines while purchasing an electronics item online. 
  • Look for available offers and deals in the applicable coupon code section.
  • Always compare the delivery charges on various platforms before buying. 
  • Never ignore the return and replacement policies, if it’s not provided on the shopping page, consider contacting the customer support before making the purchase decision. 
  • Always check time to deliver, compare it with other sellers and then make a decision.
  • Keep the tags and other packaging items for at least 7 days with you, in case you want to return the product, tags and packaging might be needed by the seller.
  • Always look for payment offers. There are high chances that your credit card company is offering a deal in terms of cashbacks or discount on the platform you are ordering from.

Disclaimer: All websites provided in this blog are thoroughly examined buy our experts, but this article and the website does not hold any responsibility of the purchase order you make on the respective website. Always consider the above given points before finalizing any online shop for your daily utility item shopping in Germany. 

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