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We all know how easy it is to ingest excessive amounts of sugar. Sugar lurks in every corner: soda, juice, a tablespoon of honey in a cup of tea, a jam and brie sandwich, a little candy bar at the bank. As we eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages and processed foods from our diets, we must acknowledge that we occasionally crave something sweet after supper. We’ve compiled a list of delicious dessert recipes that exclusively employ natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables. Carrot cake, chocolate mousse, apple tart, sesame cookies, frozen fruit pizza (what?!), and more are among the items on the menu. Yum. You can Order Online Cake and enjoy its delicious taste with your family.

What we mean when we say “no added sugar”

Before we get started, let’s define “no sugar added”: it’s not the same as “sugar-free,” but it simply means we didn’t add anything other than plant-based sugars. These recipes will still elevate your blood sugar if you have diabetes. If you’re watching your carbs, you’ll need to tally the grams of carbs in the fruits and vegetables precisely like you would if they contained white table sugar. Keep in mind that you should do everything in moderation. The overall amount of sugar consumed daily, like anything sweet, should be kept to a minimum for optimal health. We don’t want you to have the impression that “no sugar added” means you can eat as many cookies and brownies as you want.

Chocolate treats with no added sugar.


Is it possible to make a chocolate cake without sugar? It’s possible when puréed dates and unsweetened baking chocolate collide. There is no sugar added to these luscious, fudgy squares. Our BFF avocado lends richness to this dairy-free mousse, which is sweetened with dates. This fluffy delight has just the proper amount of Himalayan sea salt to balance it out.

Homemade peach ice cream with only two ingredients:

When ripe, juicy peaches are in season, make this frozen treat. Coconut milk is the only additional ingredient in this dairy-free dessert. There’s no need for an ice cream maker. Combine frozen peach slices and coconut milk in a food processor, then freeze. Isn’t that simple? Yes, frozen peaches from the grocery store can be used, albeit they may not taste as sweet.

Fruit pizza that doesn’t require baking:

This frozen dessert contains a cashew-date crust, a layer of Greek yogurt, and seasonal fresh fruit. It’s even better the next day, so it’s a great treat to make ahead of time for friends and family.

Apple tart with no added sugar:

This dessert may appear elegant (if the apple slices are arranged in a pleasing pattern), but it’s as simple as filling a pre-made all-butter pastry crust with sweet Honey Crisp apples tossed in unsweetened applesauce.

Gluten-free date bars:

Dates are known as “nature’s sweets” because they are inherently sweet. Figs are used to sweeten the nutty, oatmeal crust and provide a thick, gooey caramel-like topping. This is a dessert that you should share.

Chia pudding in the shape of a creamsicle:

Forget about your childhood memories of overly sugary creamsicles with artificial flavorings. Clementines and coconut milk flavor this grown-up version of chia pudding. Toasted, unsweetened coconut flakes are sprinkled on top. The natural sweetness of the flakes is brought out by toasting them.

Sesame biscuits from Greece:

Date paste sweetens a tahini-based biscuit studded with sesame seeds rather than honey, a frequent sweetener in Greek pastries. These are great to snack on in the afternoon or after supper with a small espresso. There’s no need for cane sugar because date paste, agave nectar, and coconut crystals are natural sweeteners but use them sparingly.

Carrot cake with no additional sugar:

Carrots, everyone’s favorite vegetable in cakes, benefit from the natural sweetness of dates. The icing in this recipe is made with real cream cheese and sweetened with dates or applesauce.

Truffles are made with sweet potatoes:

These truffles are made with sweet potatoes and rolled in nuts, seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, or cocoa powder. It may sound a little “out there,” but consider it. When you roast sweet potato, the syrup bubbles up through the holes, you poked in the skin, caramelizing the tender flesh? That is pure sugar. You can choose Online Cake Delivery In Gurgaon to your sweet tooth loved ones if you live away from them and make them feel special. 

In conclusion:

“Everything in proportion,” as the old saying goes, is something we believe in. We love cane sugar, but why not try date paste or coconut crystals instead if you don’t mind sacrificing flavor? What nature can accomplish is genuinely remarkable. Use the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables to balance your sugar intake while satisfying your sweet desire. 

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