According to SD Times report, there is a sudden surge in the job requirement for the DevOps Training Engineers by around 224%. This job description has been ranked at 2nd position among the top 50 jobs in the USA.

According to the report on salary by Glassdoor, the basic salary of a DevOps Engineer is estimated between $138,000 and $181,000. Due to this high demand for DevOps Engineers with a good salary package, individuals are seeking to get insights about this course. For this purpose, we will discuss how a person can become a DevOps Engineer. Also, we will discuss some eligibility criteria.

Who are DevOps Training professionals?

DevOps professionals are engineers who understand the Software Development Life-cycle, including various DevOps automation tools and CI/CD pipeline tools. DevOps Engineers are not limited to a single field only. Instead, they evolve themselves to fit in multiple positions, like System Administrator (SA), System Operation Engineer (SOE), Development Operation Engineer (DOE), etc. 

The responsibility of a DevOps professional is to enhance the outcomes of the business process by bringing automation to different processes. This thing results in minimizing the cost of operation and also assists in providing alternate solutions to the organization’s other issues. The engineers are also responsible for managing the server and testing various applications. Due to this reason, it is essential for DevOps professionals to have a deep knowledge of the Software Development Life-cycle.

Eligibility To Become A DevOps Engineer

Any fresher, Quality Assurance guy, operation in-charge/developer can become a DevOps engineer by undergoing DevOps online training provided by the Teksands learning platform. Through this DevOps training, individuals can acquire knowledge regarding the implementation of multiple tools. Also, individuals acquire the ability to deploy various testings on several progressive technologies.

To get a deeper insight on all DevOps operations, it is good to opt DevOps online course from India’s top education platform Teksands. Teksands is renowned for providing various online certification courses on advanced software learning. The learning offered by Teksands is designed specially to cover the entire syllabus ranging from basics to advanced learning.

Special Emphasis On The Foundation

Individuals who are willing to become DevOps engineers are required to get familiar with the essential foundational technologies of DevOps. These foundation technologies include AWS, Python, and Linux. These skills are considered the dominant pillars of the advanced IT industries. It is also considered good that the DevOps engineers always keep themselves updated with all the technological up-gradation to effectively implement various plans and methods. 

This was the description of the eligibility. Now, let us discuss the important technologies sequentially.

  1. Amazon Web Series (AWS)

Individuals aspiring to get the know-how of DevOps training are required to have an excellent understanding of the working of various public clouds like Amazon Web Series (AWS). No one can become an exceptional DevOps Engineer by keeping aside the learning of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Service (AWS) is considered the best public cloud to learn from because this cloud service provides the most productive set of tools on which individuals can work.

  1. Linux

Linux is the sole OS on which the entire technological framework depends on. An individual cannot be considered an expert DevOps Engineer if he does not have knowledge about Linux functioning. Linux learning is a must for an engineer to master the DevOps working.

  1. Python

Python is a programming language and one of the most dominant languages for the functioning of the current technologies worldwide. A person who has acquired the working knowledge of the Python language can shift his career to other fields including Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. 

Requirement Of Skills

  1. Understanding of Cloud Service Platforms:Individuals aspiring to become DevOps experts are required to have knowledge regarding various platforms which provide cloud services, like Azure, GCP, AWS, and others. These platforms are considered essential for the entire DevOps operational functioning.
  2. Good Understanding of Fundamental Concepts: Individuals are expected to have a good knowledge of all fundamental concepts relevant to various computer science technologies infrastructures like coding.
  3. Experience On Working Over Digital Pipelines Development: Currently, industries prefer individuals who have outstanding skills and working experience in the development of various Digital Pipelines like CD pipelines and CI pipelines. These pipelines are very necessary for the effective functioning of various operational works.
  4. Experience On DevOps Tools And Technical Knowledge: Individuals are required to have excellent knowledge in the field of deployment, testing, and development of various DevOps technologies. They must also have knowledge of tools, like Splunk, Nagios, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Git, and others.
  5. Basic Knowledge Of Linux: Linux is considered the advanced Operating System (OS) on which advanced developers work. Due to its simplicity and the ability to handle various complex operations, this OS is preferred among the developers’ community. This is the reason why individuals aspiring for the DevOps online trainingare required to have a fundamental knowledge of scripting on Linux.

Road-map For DevOps Training Online Course

  1. Getting Aware About The Functioning Of Cloud Service Platforms

DevOps learning includes the functioning of cloud service platforms because modern industries are using their infrastructure on the cloud. So, it is required to acquire all those skills which are necessary to understand the functioning of the cloud services. 

  1. Knowledge Regarding The Implementation Of Various Tools

Implementation of the latest advances in various technologies at the earlier stage is considered an essential skill for DevOps Engineers. For this purpose, knowledge regarding monitoring tools such as Splunk, Nagios, and others is necessary for DevOps Engineers.

  1. Knowledge About Deployment Of Various Applications

DevOps engineers are expected to acquire knowledge regarding the deployment of applications over the servers of production. The knowledge includes implementing tools like Docker and Puppet, which is considered beneficial. 

  1. Understanding Of Continuous Testing, Delivery, And Integration

Experts are required to understand the automation process at the earlier stage of the testing. The designed codes must be less complex so that they can run excellently in both development and testing environments. The knowledge of tools like Chef, Puppet, and others assist engineers in the replication of the Development environment on the testing server.

For this very purpose, Docker is an essential tool that engineers must learn. Post committing, individuals should also learn to test the codes continuously. Individuals should also know about the integration of tools like Selenium with Jenkins for the purpose of automatic testing.

  1. Knowledge Of Tools For The Source Code Management And Tool Building

Individuals are required to understand the building of continuous commits. There are certain automation servers that DevOps Engineers must know, like Jenkins working. 

  1. Source Code Management Skills 

An engineer must be proficient in at least one source code management tool like Git. Companies prefer individuals who are experienced in the workflows of Git and have knowledge about its functioning.

Conclusion | DevOps Training

Devops Training

Individuals who are new to the field of DevOps must focus on acquiring new skills. Ordinary developers can easily become DevOps engineers by enrolling in the Teksands’ DevOps online course. The course  is  preferred because an experienced developer can effectively co-relate the developer’s fundamental needs and requirements.

Also, if an engineer previously belongs to a developer community, he will be able to further enhance the efficiency of developers by using his experience. This help individuals to spend their time building tools instead of building software to earn some preferred practical experience in the field of software development. 

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