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A common misconception is that corrugated cardboard is the same as cardboard, but this is not the case. These two packaging models are very different in terms of materials and advantages.

The preferences and properties of cardboard and corrugated boxes can also be found here. Different products require different levels of performance, for example.
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Here, you’ll learn how these boxes work and why they’re preferred by companies and brands for shipping and transportation of both light and heavy items.

We’ll explain the differences between the two packaging structures so that you can make the right choice for your custom boxes in the future.

Cardboard as a Literal Term

Cardboard, or cardstock, is a type of cardboard, because of its significant thickness and sturdiness, it is frequently recommended for use in retail packaging.

Heavy paper is used in the production of cardboard. This formation strengthens this material. Both retailers and consumers widely use them due to their ability to hold normal weight and provide reliable support and storage for any product.

Packaging made from cardboard includes cereal, snack, and beauty product folding cartons. Due to the uniformity of the cardboard packaging, many cosmetics companies use it.

People should be aware that a brown shipping box is not made of cardboard but of corrugated material, a material known for its durability. Both boxes appear to be made of the same material, but they are actually distinct objects.

Despite the many advantages of using cardboard for product boxes, it isn’t usually as strong as other materials for shipping products. As a result, businesses commonly use corrugated boxes to transport goods.

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Corrugated as a literal term

There are three basic layers of paperboard in a corrugated material, also known as fiberboard stock. Flutes, which create air pockets in the middle, are used for the outer two layers.

Because of their resistance and ease of handling, air pockets are incorporated into the design. When it comes to shipping and delivering goods around the world, corrugated cardboard boxes are the way to go.

Aside from being convenient and affordable, these packaging boxes are also reasonably priced. Consumer goods are protected from damage during transit thanks to the structural support provided by these packaging structures.

The thickness properties of corrugated boxes allow for a wide range of customization when it comes to packaging. They are, however, distinguished from cardboard boxes by their use of printing.

But that doesn’t mean this box won’t allow any artwork or printing themes on its surface. Instead, corrugated boxes cannot bear the higher effects of sharp and advanced paintings as cardboard.

On the other hand, corrugated boxes can be customized using simple printing techniques and die-cutting equipment.

Illustration for basic and advanced discrimination

Even if we know everything there is to know about the properties and forms of cardboard and corrugated material, there is still a lot of room for confusion. There are two boxes to choose from, and we’ll go over how you can make better decisions.

Typically, cardboard boxes can be customized in a variety of ways, including color schemes, printing themes, and various artwork. Compared to a corrugated nature box, their texture is also a lot softer. In addition, cardboard boxes are lighter and more flexible in terms of product size than other packaging options.

Because of this, cardboard boxes are the most popular packaging option for consumer goods. One example is a thin cardboard mailer box used to transport a stack of documents.

A corrugated box may be the best option for wholesale businesses. However, these packaging boxes are preferred during shipping hours because of their greater tensile strength.

Corrugated boxes are better able to withstand the effects of the elements. Boxes made of cardboard are also ductile, so they can withstand the weight of other boxes on top of them without breaking.

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When selecting corrugated or cardboard boxes, careful consideration is required.

There are a few tricks to look at both boxes closely in order to make the packaging successful and efficient. If you’re going to ship your products in a corrugated box, don’t skimp on the thickness of the cardboard. The following are examples of the tests that are administered:

Mullen test

Edge crush test

Boxes for shipping can be tested using either of these methods. Both materials are abrasive to moisture and the environment because they are made of hard materials. So, in the event of a catastrophic transport failure, it is recommended that alternative plastic coatings be used to protect against the dangers of moisture and the environment.

It’s important to use packaging models that are made from high-quality materials. Therefore, it is best to ensure that cardboard and corrugated raw form is of a pure and organic nature in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Corrugated and cardboard boxes are available in a wide variety of forms from many packaging companies. When it comes to finding affordable packaging models that are both effective and safe, there are a number of good packaging companies that can assist you.

Corrugated Is More Durable

This thicker and heavier version of paper stock or pulp is commonly referred to as traditional cardboard. When it comes to a cereal box, cardboard is used. Whereas cardboard may be used in the construction of corrugated, this material’s overall strength and design make it far superior.

Corrugated fiberboard differs significantly from cardboard in that it has three layers. Between the two layers of cardboard is a ruffled, fluted material that provides exceptional strength to withstand severe wear and tear during the packaging, storing, transporting and retail display processes.

The Environmental Advantages of Corrugated Packaging

Biodegradable and dye-free, corrugated cardboard is ideal for composting and recycling. Among the supply chain vendors we work with at Fruit Growers Supply is one that gets its raw materials primarily from managed forests. Because corrugated cartons can be reused multiple times, so by these boxes you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

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